The Sacred Gift of Sensitivity

Highly Sensitive People are deeply connected to the natural rhythms of life. They blossom in nourishing and nurturing environments and are here to assist in ushering in a New Earth reality of caring and loving. Our sensitivity is a gift to be nurtured and cherished. As sensitive people heal they blossom into a life of balance, beauty, and a heightened awareness of Heaven on Earth.

Everyone’s heart and soul is deeply sensitive to life. The Soul innately communes with the essence of life. Those with heightened sensitivity are already in a deep communion with the higher realms of Heaven on Earth. We find it difficult to fit in and function in the harsher energies of disconnection, of the monetary and political systems on this planet, and with the current way of life. We feel more at home in energies that are deeply nourishing and life sustaining. We need a higher level of loving self-care and alone time to refresh and recharge. We are deeply connected to the true beauty of life and care deeply about a better way of life for all. Heightened Sensitivity is a gift to be nurtured and treasured, it is the foundation of the silky soft energies of the new, of who we each truly are. Those with heightened sensitivity deeply care. Treasure your sacred sensitivity, for it is the gateway to Paradise on Earth. ~  Antiera-Andy Rose