Divine Eternal Marriage

Can you feel the deeply intimate Agape Love envelop you ~ by Jessibiah & Antiera ♥♥

Feel the deeply intimate Agape Love envelop you as you settle into the very stillness of your deep Heart of God.  Here within this deeply personal, sacred and intimate Love is the Love you & your Beloved God (or Goddess) Flame share as One for Eternity.  This Love is who you are, your radiant Life as One.

Love at the God/Goddess Consciousness vibration is deeply different, radiantly pure and beautifully intimate.  There is a depth of sacred intimacy in this Love that is deeply different and so deeply beautiful.  This is true intimacy at it’s deepest.

Can you feel this deeply intimate Agape Love envelop you, letting it emerge from within you as you enter your deep Heart of your own God/Goddess Flame.  Within this Sacred Space, you truly know & can feel your Beloved God Flame with you, and within you for Eternity.  This Sacred Space is You.  Where the two are merged deeply as One in a deep & Holy Agape Marriage for Eternity .  With Love & Blessings, Jessibiah & Antiera ♥♥

Beautiful Art ~ Another Kind Of Rhapsody by Dorina Costras