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Through the Rich Nourishing Fertile Soil of Living Love by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Rich Nourishing Fertile Soil of Living Love by Antiera-Jessibiah

We are approaching a time of absolute balance, not only in our outer world with the approaching equinoxes, but a time of deep balance and Oneness within ourSelf. In these beautiful New Silky Soft Energies (the energies of Heaven on Earth), our beliefs and the way we have looked at things are in the midst of changing deeply. For myself I can no longer view my Body as only a vehicle or vessel of the Divine, for in that belief there is still a separation of Body and Divine Self. Our minds have continually separated Heaven and Earth, Body and Soul (Divine Self), and Masculine and Feminine. We have now stepped into deeply beautiful and fertile soil, a living soil within that is deeply rich with very nutrient-dense Love. The New Seeds of profound and Agape Love that have been planted by the Divine Masculine God Essence are growing in the rich fertile soil of living Love within the Sacred Womb Space of the Divine Feminine Goddess within. Whether you connect with the Higher Heart or the Holy Womb Space, whichever connection you feel deeply drawn to, this is true for both. Fertile seeds of new growth have sprouted through the rich nutrient Holy ground of Love that is birthing a brand new era with a way of soft gentle living and a soft flowing of life on our beautiful earth. Our Bodies are not a vessel of our Divine Essence, our Bodies ARE a manifestation of our Divine Essence. Our Bodies are high vibrational, beautiful and as vast as the living cosmic love within, it is One and the same as this living cosmic love. The time of separation is ending. Our Bodies are a manifestation of the unique living Divine Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness. You are a living manifestation of Holy Ground. Your Body is God/Goddess incarnate. The mind may have separated this from a past of mis-understanding and disconnection, but this time of disconnection is at its end, a time of re-connection and re-emerging to this beautiful wisdom is rising gently like the beautiful softness of the eternal dawn.

The New Energies are a merging of Body, Divine Essence, Higher Mind and Higher Emotions into One Living Body of God/Goddess Consciousness. This is full embodiment. It is a beautiful Divine Marriage in many ways, including the Divine Marriage of the two who are One, Divine Consorts (Divine Counterparts) at the God/Goddess level of Creation. Where two Living Bodies of deep Agape Love are merged as One Flesh through the deep merging of your Body with the soft Living Essence of your own unique God/Goddess Consciousness. The appearance of two Bodies, but One Living Essence of deep and pure Love. ~ Antiera-Jessibiah 🌷May the beautiful rich soil of living Love flourish from within you today gracing your existence with the blossoming of everything divinely beautiful and pure as you radiate this living gift out to the world, uplifting all in your Presence 🌷Love & Blessings 🌷

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Spring Equinox ~ Birthing & blossoming into the beautiful reality of Heaven on Earth by Antiera-Jessibiah

The beautiful rhythms and seasons of our ascension process are tied deeply into the seasons and rhythms of our beautiful planet Earth. The equinoxes and solstices that mark the seasons on our planet coincide with the rhythms of our own unique and personal ascension. Through periods of the deep rest and stillness of winter, to the new growth and blossoming of life in spring, these seasons of life are not only tied into our ascension process but are linked to the deep merging of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply as One. There is a much deeper truth emerging from the Oneness of the Divine Masculine and Feminine as we embody higher states of pure Being. These two seamlessly merge throughout all life as true existence. Within these seemly two who are truly One, is a pure harmony that interweaves into their very life and Essence as One. We cannot separate the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine as in true reality they form the beautiful weaving of true existence. One does not have power without the other, for together as One, true power resides. The mind separates these two, but to one who is attuned to the higher levels of existence will know the true power of the merging of these two as One back to their true state of harmonistic existence.

With the approaching Spring Equinox, a new season of growth and blossoming is upon us, not simply for the earth, but for ourselves as well. We are all deeply connected to our precious Gaia. Our beautiful planet’s seasons are often misunderstood and as a society we have disconnected from these rhythms within our own life. It is now through these new energies, as a deep merging is happening with our true Divine Self that a deeper connection to our beautiful Earth and a deeper understanding of the beautiful seasons and patterns of life emerges.

It is from the deep, nourishing rest and stillness of the Divine Masculine God Essence that is linked to the deep stillness and nourishing rest that life on our planet goes through in the season of winter. This is true for all of life, including our own lives, for we are all deeply connected to life on this planet and to our own unique and beautiful Essence of the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self merged deeply as One. It is from this deep, rich and beautiful stillness of the Divine Masculine God Self that the Divine Feminine Goddess births new life as new growth blossoms and springs forth from the very stillness of Being.  As the Spring Equinox energies arrive, these potent energies are penetrating your very Being, as the beauty of New Growth emerges from within. You are birthing a new Body, and a new reality of Heaven on Earth. The spring equinox energies are potent energies that move us more deeply into true states of pure Being and a deeper recognition of how deeply merged our own Divine Masculine God Essence and our Divine Feminine Goddess Essence are as One. All true power is from the merging of these two as One. As you go deeper into your Being during this powerful gateway, begin to notice the new growth and beautiful blossoming that is springing forth from this beautiful Divine Marriage, of you and your Beloved God Flame (Divine Counterpart), birthing beautiful new growth on your path as One. You, together as One are blossoming into the beautiful reality of Heaven on Earth as the dimensions merge seamlessly together as One. With Love & Blessings for a beautiful love-filled day, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

Beautiful Art by Markova Dasha
Beautiful Art by Daria (Dasha) Markova