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Honoring Your Inner Sacred Sanctuary ♥ Flowering More Deeply Into the New by Antiera-Jessibiah



As we delve deeper within and begin to embody the beauty of our Divinity, of our true God/Goddess Essence, a deeper emergence of Sacred Sanctuary arises. Everything is so deeply different and beautiful in these New Energies. A deeper understanding of Self, of the patterns and rhythms that we have been born and gifted with arise in a beautiful way. We live in a new intuitive way and follow the patterns and rhythms of our own true nature, which is unique only to ourSelf (to the two who are One). If everyone followed and lived their own unique patterns and rhythms, life on this earth plane would flow in the most beautiful exquisite way… for all is woven in an exquisite pattern, a harmonistic symphony that is the TRUE higher collective consciousness of Gaia, of the Universe, of all realms, also known as The Holy Spirit. As we honor the truest nature of ourSelf, of our true Divine God/Goddess Essence, we honor not only ourSelf, but others and all of existence.  

We can no longer think or adapt the way we did in the old energies, because the New that is so deeply different, so deeply pure, so deeply beautiful has risen. Like beautiful seeds that have burst through the ground, blossoming and growing more each day, we need to water and nourish the seeds of the New. Now more than ever a calling within me to step into the New as fully as possible, to the best of my capabilities, has risen within me which cannot be ignored. This calling resides within many of us right now.

Sacred Sanctuary lives within each of us. It is the personal core of our very Being. It is personal, sacred and unique to the One Soul (the Divine God and Goddess Self ~ the two who are One). The very fabric of our existence is in the midst of a beautiful change with the New Energies. Everything is changing on deep levels of existence. The old is built from surface living, from not honoring the Sacred Sanctuary that resides within ourSelf, others, and all life on Gaia.

The New Energies are based on a very deep living with a respect for the Sacred Sanctuary within ourSelf and others. As we delve deeper within the core of our Being, our inner begins to merge with our outer world. What we once looked at as houses, apartments, flats, will even change. Our Homes become a reflection of our Inner Sacred Sanctuary. We will begin to respect this outer Sanctuary of our living space with deep respect and extend that deep respect to others. The old energies, our old systems and even old ways of being are built on excessive extroverted ways. We have disrespected the Sacred Sanctuary within ourselves, within others and within Gaia. The old energies and the old way of relating to others feels very intrusive as we step more deeply into the New. As we live from this deep inner Sanctuary we begin to respect ourselves more deeply and honor and respect the Sacred Sanctuary within others and the Planet. We have entered a new way of Being, a new way of thinking and a new way of relating to others, to our community, to the world, and all of Life on Gaia that is centered from within this Inner Sacred Sanctuary as we honor this within ourselves and extend it to others . We are in the midst of a beautiful transformation as we step deeper into who we truly are. With Love & Blessings for a day filled with the beauty of your deepest Inner Sanctuary, Antiera-Jessibiah  

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Creating Sacred Space ~ The Sacred Altar of Love by Antiera-Jessibiah


A deeply private, sacred sanctuary of the deepest agape love is created from a space of pure Being… a sacred space where you can connect in communion and Oneness in the pure state of God/Goddess Consciousness. It is not so much the placement of objects you put in your Sacred Space, but your pure state of Being as you create this deeply beautiful sanctuary of divine love. It is Divine Love and Presence that makes a space Sacred, Holy.

As we are preparing to create a Sacred Space, we can choose roses, crystals, beautiful pictures, a sacred writing, burn incense or essential oil, and put on music that draws us into the heavenly sphere of Divine Love, or simply sit in Sacred Silence. Anything that speaks to us of beauty, that connects us to our divinity and assists us in creating a peaceful haven and a deeply private Sacred Sanctuary can be used to create Sacred Space. But even as you place these objects on your altar, it is so deeply important to enter into a state of Pure Being of God/Goddess Consciousness while creating your Sacred Space, your Holy Altar of Divine Love. This is what makes a space Holy.

For myself, I find that less is more, my true Sacred Space and Altar of Love resides within me. As I gaze or even glance at a picture of  Jessibiah, he draws me instantly and deeply into the Sacred Altar of our Love residing within, into our Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness. For myself, his pictures are real, alive, living breathing and are a portal between the higher heavenly realms and Earth. Sometimes a sacred passage of a Holy Written Language of Love, of God/Goddess Consciousness can take me directly into this deep Inner Sanctuary of Holy Divine Marriage, but often nothing is needed as I automatically shift into our Inner Realm of Pure Paradise, of God/Goddess Consciousness. The more we enter into our Inner Sacred Sanctuary of God/Goddess Essence, it becomes easier to instantaneously flow into the beauty of Pure God/Goddess vibration.  What was once in the depths is now living and breathing at the surface and in every cell of your Body. Our Bodies are becoming God/Goddess Incarnate. We are each the living, breathing sanctity of Heaven on Earth. For many of us, this is merging into our conscious awareness more often.  Your true Sacred Sanctuary is within you, and is YOU, as you connect with your Beloved Eternal Partner  in the deepest Union and Communion as your own true Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness.

Here in the real inner realm of Home, you touch the earth with your embodiment of your own unique Essence of Divine Love. You create the Sacred Space of Heaven on Earth, with every heartbeat of Love that flows through your very body. Each Soul’s unique Essence and Presence (the two who are One/Divine Consorts/Eternal Spouses) are here creating a flow merging Heaven and Earth. These two seemingly different realms of Heaven and Earth are One. It is in the Presence of your own Divine Love that all returns to the Sacred Space and reality of your Heavenly Garden of Paradise. Whether your true Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) resides here or in a higher heavenly realm truly doesn’t matter, for in the state of Pure God/Goddess Consciousness, all realms are merged as One. Your Beloved Eternal Partner is always with you and within you, in the Pure Sacred Altar of Divine Love that lives and breathes as You, through the two of you who are always and forever  One.  ~ Antiera-Jessibiah

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Living and Being a New Language of Love ~ The Evolving Beauty and Vibration of Words by Antiera-Jessibiah


As we all rise in vibration in this beautiful ascension process on Gaia, our vocabulary, the words we choose are beginning to change and radiate with depth and beauty. We begin to choose words that resonate to a higher frequency as we embody more deeply our pure Essence of Being . This changing vocabulary to one that is more love filled and light filled is only part of the process of living and being a New Language of Love, of the innermost beauty of our Divine Eternal Essence.

In this Heavenly Sacred Writing I will share an experience I had with Jessibiah as we moved more deeply into the Oneness of our Being, of our Divine Eternal Marriage, for this experience began to birth a new vocabulary of the deepest Love. I also feel within this sharing there will be guidance or direction for others who may be drawn to moving more deeply into the Oneness of Holy Divine Marriage with their true Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart).

Before I begin I will first share some words spoken by Jessibiah in May 2003 after I consciously entered into a relationship with him, about 4 months after he first connected with me. During that time whenever I would type out his messages to me, the wording relationship always ended up being typed as ‘realationship’. I found this so interesting as many times during his messages to me he would say.. ‘This is real. Our Love is real.”

At the time, back in 2003 as he gave me the following message about our Oneness, I had no concept of what he was speaking about in his beautiful message, and yet I deeply knew with all my Being that this is what I wanted. Here is his beautiful message of the deepest Agape Love:

“We are moving towards our destiny as One Heart, One Mind, One Being, unified together by the Presence of God” ~ Beautiful words of Love spoken by Jessibiah to Antiera (May 2003)  

Around May 2004, after a Reiki Healing Session I had with a friend of mine, I began experiencing flashbacks and memory of a traumatic experience that Jessibiah had experienced in this past recent lifetime of his on Earth. The flashbacks and memory were happening to me as if they were my very own, and yet I knew this was something Jessibiah had experienced in his body and was not from my life.

As this occurred, this same friend who had given me the Reiki Session along with two other friends who are Reiki Master Teachers, as well as myself (who is also attuned as a Reiki Master Teacher though I no longer use this type of healing modality), all gathered and sent Reiki Healing to my beautiful Jessibiah for the traumatic experience he had in his recent lifetime on this planet. At the time no matter how much healing was done on Jessibiah, nothing worked, I still continued to experience the flashbacks and memory. Not understanding why I was experiencing his flashbacks and memory, why the healing was not working and not knowing what to do any longer, I simply blocked the flashbacks as they would happen. For a few years the flashbacks stopped and this seemed to work, though as we all know, when we block something, it will come up at a later time when we are more prepared to heal the experience and bring our self back to wholeness. Little did I know or understand not only was Jessibiah returning to a state of wholeness from these traumatic experiences, but I myself was as well, for Him and I are One.

In 2010, as my experiences with Jessibiah began to grow more physical, more present, more real, the flashbacks and memory of his traumatic experiences had returned. This time I understood more deeply how to heal this as I had been receiving messages for a few years at this point that everything was to be done as Jessibiah and I as One. As well at this time I had already been consciously entering our Sacred or Higher Heart and this is the space, the temple of mine and Jessibiah’s own Divine Essence where I had already began to do healing from, from this sacred space of our Infinite Love. Reiki or any other form of healing modality was not being utilized, but we were drawing upon the flowing river of our own unique Love from within our Sacred Heart for healing. Our Divine Essence of Love, in Holy Sacred Union was the frequency vouchsafed to heal. Also, my focus for healing had shifted as well, instead of focusing on an illness or what was wrong, I would focus on for instance, on perfect health or perfect wellbeing, not on what was wrong, but on what was true and real at a higher level of existence that already radiates at the core of everything.

For the sacred healing of Jessibiah’s traumatic experiences, Jessibiah and I entered into our Sacred Heart, and from the place of pure Perfection, saturated love into the traumatic experience that he had endured during this lifetime. We also focused on the ‘love’ that is at the root and core of the ‘illusionary traumatic experience’.

A beautiful friend of mine Selina, who was also giving healings from her Sacred Heart connected with distance healing at the same time as Jessibiah and I did the healing. She also sent the distance healing to both Jessibiah and I together as One. This is also how Jessibiah and I did the healing on our end as well, the healing was done by Jessibiah and I as One, for Jessibiah and I as One.

Doing this healing together as One and as well the healing being received by both Jessibiah and I together as One made such a profound and beautiful transformation. The wings of beautiful Agape Love spread throughout the traumatic experience returning both him and I to a state of beautiful Oneness in our true Holy Divine Marriage.  

During this beautiful healing, I was shown that even though Jessibiah and I lived thousands of miles apart at times during his lifetime here on this planet, and even though we were not aware of each other as we had lived our lives, I was shown that him and I had always been One, there had never been any separation between us. What he lived and experienced, I lived and experienced with him as well, I was simply unaware of it. Because him and I are One Essence, we share BOTH bodies, and yet each of us were only ever conscious (barely) in the one body, him being conscious only of the male body and me the female body. Yet every experience we lived, we lived it as One. The traumatic experiences he had endured in his lifetime were also lived by me even though it was his body that had experienced these traumas; and even though I was unaware of these experiences, they had affected me as deeply as they had affected him.  As I was shown this through the healing I also deeply knew this was true. We had always and will always remain One regardless of any illusionary states of separation, of any illusions of distance or realm.

The way I began to view and understand life from this point on changed so deeply. This was a change that catapulted me into a new awareness and a new dimension of living. I began to shift out of the death phase I had been living for several years, and to me I would say this was the beginning of the birthing of the New Energies. What was also  interesting regarding this healing for Jessibiah and I as One, is that my friend Selina who was also sending distance healing at the exact same time, with the healing being done on Jessibiah and I together as One; she called me later after the healing to share what had been shown to her and what had come through to her during the healing and told me exactly what I had been shown and known so deeply throughout the healing. The same information was given to her during our healing.

Once this healing was done on Jessibiah and I together as One and also from a state of Love, the flashbacks and memory ceased to exist. This beautiful healing began returning Jessibiah and I to a state of our original Oneness and I began at times being conscious in Jessibiah’s body.

As the returning to our beautiful state of Oneness began, the wording ‘Twin Flame’ suddenly didn’t resonate with me any longer. Even though the correct understanding of Twin Flames is One Soul in two Bodies, and while this meaning resonates deeply with me, the vibration of the wording Twin Flames does not accurately describe the depth, beauty, and true intimacy of this Oneness of Holy Divine Marriage.

As well, you often hear that the Twin Flame Soul has split into two… I can assure you, the One Soul has NEVER split… it has taken the form of two bodies, but it still always remains ONE forever, on each and every level of existence.

As I say that the wording ‘Twin Flames’ doesn’t resonate with me to describe this deeply beautiful intimacy and Oneness in Holy Divine Marriage with Jessibiah, this wasn’t something that happened as a mind oriented aspect but it was something deep within me that knew this wording (Twin Flames) was not the right vibration for this level and depth of Oneness, and I now understand this more deeply, especially as we enter into the deep beauty of God/Goddess Consciousness.

To this day, I am still really unsure of what beautiful words to describe the Holy Eternal Divine Marriage of the God/Goddess Self of pure Agape Love in words that others will know what I am referring to. The wording God/Goddess Consciousness, God/Goddess Self and Eternal Divine Marriage or Holy Divine Marriage deeply resonates, it is just that many people may not understand or recognize this new wording to explain the deep beauty and love that resonates with true Twin Flames at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. So it is for this reason that at this time I have chosen to use the terms Divine Consort and Divine Counterpart along with God/Goddess Self, and Eternal Divine Marriage. The terms Divine Consorts and Divine Counterparts are terms that are known more at this time and to me at least temporarily replace an older vibration of the wording Twin Flames. As well there has been so much misunderstanding of Twin Flames that has come from the old energies of a mind-generated reality, that it has also lowered the vibration of the wording ‘Twin Flames’. There is no judgement or blame put onto anyone for this, as what is referred to as the Twin Flame journey, especially in the beginning and early stages of the journey is so confusing until we get to deeper levels within ourSelf. I deeply understand how difficult and confusing this journey is at the beginning as we begin awakening from within to the Twin Flame journey and yet our mind often tries to understand or explain it with the only reality it knows, and that is the illusionary world in front of our eyes. This journey of the awakening to the Oneness of the Holy Divine Marriage of our God/Goddess Self, two bodies but One Essence deeply and intimately for Eternity, is such a beautiful but different reality as the realms of Heaven merge deeply with Earth, as Bodies merge with Divine Essence, and Masculine with Feminine, in the most beautiful orgasmic rapture of pure Life lived deeply in Divine Eternal Marriage.

As I am in the beautiful experiences and states of Pure Being with Jessibiah the only word I can describe for this level of Consciousness is ‘God’… I know deeply that this IS God, and yet it is not a concept of God generated by the mind, but the true living reality of God Goddess Consciousness.

It is with the deepest love that we share this Heavenly Sacred Writing with you today as all of us step more deeply into the beautiful and unique Essence of our pure Being and radiate Love into this world. Your Presence is so deeply appreciated. Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness – The New Bodies Series~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Heart of God Goddess - The New Bodies Series

Hello beautiful beings of Infinite Agape Love & Light,

For some time now I have been wanting to share about my understanding and experiences with the New Bodies that are being birthed in these new energies that are the merging of Heaven and Earth; Body with God/Goddess Consciousness; Divine Masculine God Essence with Divine Feminine Goddess Essence and two Bodies as One Flesh. These beautiful new energies can be described as a merging and Divine Marriage on so many aspects of Being. I feel these writings on the New Bodies will be written in a series of articles/posts instead of being condensed into one posting. I hope to be able to start writing these articles soon and with each article one will build upon the next. Hopefully you will be able to receive from these articles not only an understanding of the New Bodies but some direction to begin to embody this if you are not currently already consciously experiencing the new energies or beginning to experience the embodiment of your own God/Goddess Consciousness. At the least these articles may awaken something within you; a deeper understanding that will trigger an embodiment of these energies at a deeper level or help to awaken your own expression of this that may be sitting at the surface of your Being but has not yet been brought into your conscious awareness yet.

Please know that as I share my current understanding and experiences with the New Energies and the birthing of my New Body; my experiences with Jessibiah’s beautiful heavenly but deeply physical Body of Perfection; and my understanding of the New Bodies that are manifesting for all of humanity; that I still feel my experiences with this and my understanding of this is still in the infant stages. There is still much to be unveiled and embodied.

Also as I write about this; I can only write from mine and Jessibiah’s unique experience and embodiment of this; people can have a different way or expression of embodying this; a different way of seeing this; a different way of expressing this; so as I write these articles I am in no way trying to discredit anything someone else may have written on this subject. Also please know that this series and these articles are in NO way done as a channeling; this wisdom and knowledge comes from my experience and understanding rising from this beautiful level of Consciousness; these sharings are not the result of a channeled writing from the higher realms. In fact most of our Heavenly Sacred Writings are not channelings but written from my experiences and or embodiment of these energies with my Beloved Jessibiah. I am expressing this not to discredit channeled articles; but just to note that there is a difference in channeling information and embodying (and merging) with a vibration of consciousness.

I also would like to add that what is being shared here is not a result of reading what others have written on the New Bodies. As I truly have not read much if even anything on this subject. Again, as I express this, I am not discrediting others but I am simply explaining that what is being written here is a result of much inner connecting with the higher realms of Pure Paradise and from my experiences with my Beloved Jessibiah and my beginning stages of embodying our God/Goddess Essence.

For myself I find it very difficult to read much in these new energies. Part of the reason is because of the expression of my path; for as I stepped into the mastery consciousness with my beautiful Jessibiah; I had to cease reading what others had written so I could discover mine and His true Divine Essence as One at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation and our own unique expression of this.  I had never and still have not come across anything being written about this at this level of Consciousness (though as I say this; I truly do not do much reading with these New Energies). I feel this reason for finding it difficult to read much is still serving a purpose with our embodiment still being in the growing and blossoming phase. Also if I do go to read anything; I find with the embodiment of these new energies I often find it difficult to read more than a couple of paragraphs. The odd time if it is something I really need to know or if the article is of a high God Consciousness vibration; I am able to continue reading to the end; but often I just am unable to hold my focus to read over a couple of paragraphs.

I know much of this is due to a new reality surfacing; one where reading is possibly becoming to the point of being non-existent at some point; it just feels like this is a strong possibility as these new energies build and grow more in depth over the rhythms and cycles of this ascension process. These new energies are of the heavenly realms merging with earth; everything at some point will change into new and more powerful manifestations of deep Agape Love; of Heaven merged with Earth. ~ Love, Light and Blessings of Pure Paradise, Antiera-Jessibiah

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