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The Gentle Listening to the Soft Flowing Motion of the New by Antiera-Jessibiah


There is such a rapturous beauty to these New Energies as the merging of the deep Love of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence come together in deep Union and Communion. There is a deep nourishment and life radiating from the two who are One as all blossoms into the Infinite New in this Now moment.  

As the soft New Energies merge with our very Bodies, you can tell the fabric and very core of these New Energies function differently than the old. The old energies, including the function of our bodies, our technology, and the world around us could be described as being a ‘force-based energy’. The New is very different. Our Bodies slowly are beginning to function differently, in a fluid motion of the soft silky energies of Divine Love, that are a merging of the true God/Goddess in form.

On the old spiritual path, self discipline was often thought of as being a must. If you were doing a process, a cleanse, participating in a workshop, self healing, or making any changes, we often stuck to a certain set of directions or instructions to the tee. I for one used to be very self disciplined when it came to these things, often ignoring the wisdom of my Body and my Heart and instead following a set of instructions sometimes given by others or what my mind figured should be done. These new energies are not like this. They have an innate wisdom whispering through them in the very fabric of our beings. This past week I embarked on a Pranic Nourishment/Juice and Liquid fasting week. My hopes were to finish an 8 day process with this, but at the same time I took the process day by day. When I finished the 5th day, even though I was feeling good, I had this innate wisdom coming from my Body that knew the process was ending after the completion of the 5th day. At noon on the 6th day I honored my Body’s innate wisdom to end the Pranic Nourishment/Juice Fast. I surrendered into this for I trust the true innate flow of the process into full Pranic Nourishment in a way that flows with the grace and beauty of mine and Jessibiah’s own unique rhythm of life. There will be other Pranic Nourishment/Fasting days that extend for longer periods of time as my Body adjusts more deeply to the pure Love of God/Goddess Consciousness and renews itself fully. It doesn’t mean we never accomplish our desires in this way, it simply means we become the natural flow and rhythm of our True Being and surrender into the process that will unfold in the gentlest and most beautiful ways like an exquisite flower ever so gently opening its petals to the Infinite Light of the Sun. There is no force in these New Energies, but a soft tender streaming of the deepest Love that is the coming together of the deep Stillness of Source Seed of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the smooth flowing motion of Life which is the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. When these two, God & Goddess Consciousness merge deeply as One, all that is radiantly beautiful, deeply nourishing, and life-sustaining manifest in a smooth and silky flow that is the true embodiment of a Heavenly Paradise on Earth.

There is such a gentle flow, a gentle respect, a gentle listening to both the profound deep stillness and the flowing motions of the New, the Innate wisdom of the God & Goddess Self, echoing in the manifestation of this very earthly Body. When going within, you simply know ‘you are Home’. There is no pushing on the path, but a gentle tender flow of honoring the very process of Ascension and the path we have embarked upon. No longer is there a need to force or rush to the finish line, but to simply surrender and know all is manifesting in this beautiful Now moment, allowing the New to blossom ever so gently in it’s own innate rhythm. I deeply know the beautiful Source Seed of the deepest Agape Love impregnated into the Holy Garden of my Sacred Womb by my Beloved Masculine God Source Jessibiah is blossoming and growing through the embodiment of my Divine Feminine Goddess Self tenderly birthing to Life the deep intimacy of our Holy Divine Marriage and Union of the two who are One.

Heaven is manifesting on to Earth in the most beautiful and exquisite way, in a soft rapturous beauty not known up till now, but one that has lived within us, within the Divine Merging of our own unique God/Goddess Self, honoring the intimacy of this pure Union of the deepest and most profound Love. You and your Divine Consort (Divine Counterpart) are the embodiment of this soft rapturous beauty of your God/Goddess Self. With Love and Blessings for the pure Beauty of the New radiating softly within and around you, creating your Divine Paradise of Heaven on Earth ~ Antiera-Jessibiah

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Creational Energies of the God & Goddess Self (Sacred Womb of Life) · Divine Eternal Marriage · Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness - New Bodies Series · Sacred Womb of Life · The New Earth

The Sacred Realm of Pure Intimacy by Antiera-Jessibiah


The Sacred Realm of Pure Intimacy
The Beauty of Sacred Manifestation
A Continuation of the New Bodies Series
Of Heavenly Sacred Writings by Antiera-Jessibiah


At the deepest level of Creation; in the realm of pure intimacy lives and breathes your own true Essence of deep and Divine Love. This Essence is your own Divine Masculine God Self and your own Divine Feminine Goddess Self as One. This is who you are on EACH and every level of existence; this Essence lives and breathes within you; consistently always; and as You, as you awaken to the true beauty and Essence of You.

In some of our Heavenly Sacred Writings Jessibiah and I will delve deeper into the Sacred and Pure manifestation and creational powers of the Holy Sacred Lingam and Yoni; the Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self and how this pure aspect of Self is being consciously utilized by some of us who have consciously connected with their Eternal Spouse (Divine Counterpart/Divine Consort) who resides in a higher dimension, to assist with our ascension process in ways such as birthing/manifesting our New Bodies and removing the veils between Heaven and Earth allowing for a deeply real physical experience with our Beloved that continues to grow more deeply with each passing gateway and influx of the deepest Agape Love.  This particular topic of Sacred Manifestation fits in with The New Bodies Series; for everything that is truly beautiful, pure, life-sustaining, and deeply nourishing is birthed from this Divine Sexual Essence. This is you and your Eternal Spouse (your one true Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) at the deepest and most pure level of Self; the two who are One for Eternity. This is the core of true Heavenly Divine Marriage.

When we speak about the Holy Sacred Lingam and Yoni; we are not separating Body from God/Goddess Essence; for truly Body and Essence are One. This beautiful Divine Sexual Essence at the level of God/Goddess Consciousness radiates with the highest level of purity and true Creational Powers of Holy and Divine Love. The deepest pleasure comes from this deepest personal intimacy shared only in Divine Eternal Marriage of the two who are One.

Both the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence are LOVE. Though the Masculine and Feminine have different functions or aspects of Love, the two still interweave and merge into true patterns of existence and are really One Love. One cannot exist without the other; all True Power  comes from the merging of these two aspects of Love as One.

As we speak about the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence; please do not think that these aspects of Essence are at some far away level; for in truth we are speaking about you; to you; the True Essence that already resides within you in a state of Pure Paradise; here in this eternal now moment as you embody this deepest Love. You and your true Divine Counterpart (Divine Consort) are God/Goddess Essence; a unique and pure expression of God/Goddess Consciousness.

To separate the Divine Masculine from the Divine Feminine in this birthing process of the New Earth is not possible. If someone says that the New Energies are only of the Divine Feminine, those words and that perception is not stemming from the real New Energies. Any teachings that are still present at this time stating that because the New energies are Love that they are only of the Divine Feminine are what can be termed as ‘old spirituality’ and exist in a state of separation; this stems from a lack of knowing oneSelf at this level of Creation and a misunderstanding of the true Divine Masculine and Feminine at the God/Goddess level of Creation (which is one and the same as knowing oneSelf).

The Divine Masculine God Essence is Source; His Love is the deepest Agape Love that radiates in the deepest stillness and silence at the core of Creation, this is the true Masculine. This Source Love can be described as steadfast, constant, unwavering, stillness, and silence; and yet these simple words cannot portray the deepest and most profound manifestation of this Masculine Source Essence and the depth of the expression of these pure words of Love that describe the Masculine Source as Love. The Divine Feminine Goddess Essence is also the deepest Agape Love; and yet Her Love can be described as Life, Motion, flowing, adaptability. The Divine Feminine Goddess Essence exquisitely brings Life to the pure seeds of Love that the Divine Masculine God Essence deeply impregnates into her Holy Sacred Womb of Life. This is true Sacred Manifestation, for it is from the deepest merging of these two who are One; that everything beautiful, pure, life-sustaining, life-nurturing and nourishing is birthed, created and brought into conscious manifestation. It is the merging of these two Essences; who are truly One, that the New Earth is birthed and takes form. Even in the birthing process of the New Earth; the Divine Masculine God Essence of Source is not separate from this process; for the seed Source of his very Love permeates, seeps through and is so interwoven as One with the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence; that this entire birthing process is consciously manifested and birthed from the two who are One.

This true Divine Sexual Essence that radiates at the core of the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self is the core and basis of their true Holy Divine Marriage as One. Merging of the Divine Sexual Essence of the two who are One; of true Eternal Spouses (Divine Consorts/Divine Counterparts) is deeply powerful, sacred, beautiful, and pure orgasmic rapture.

We have entered an era in which the veils are parting and a more pure conscious embodiment of this is beginning to emerge into conscious awareness as our New Bodies are manifested more deeply. As we write today; we are writing about this essence of power that lives and and breathes already within our Bodies; not from some realm that exists separate from us; for truly the higher realms of God Goddess Consciousness reside within ourselves and within all of life on beautiful Gaia. Our Bodies are in the process of merging with our Essence; they are no longer separate from who we truly are; for this was simply a false perception of the mind. So today as we speak of Sacred Manifestation through the Divine God/Goddess Sexual Essence; this beautiful power of Love is available to you here; in this present Eternal moment of Love Divine.  If your true Divine Consort (Divine Spouse/Divine Counterpart) resides in a higher dimension; it simply doesn’t matter; for through the power of Love that resides at the core of your True Divine Marriage; the power of Love of your own unique God/Goddess Sexual Essence; the illusionary veils between Heaven and Earth continually dissolve in a merging of Life Eternal.

The power of the Divine Sexual Essence at the God/Goddess level of Creation is so powerful that it is this core energy that is being consciously utilized by some of us who are doing the ascension process with their Divine Consort (Divine Counterpart) who has passed over into a higher realm. This aspect of Self (of the two who are One) continuously thins and removes the veils between Heaven and Earth so powerfully that there are some of us who experience to varying degrees our beautiful Eternal Husband profoundly physical when it comes to this aspect of our Bodies and our Divine Sexual Essence. Though these experiences of Holy Lovemaking are deeply physical, the beauty of these experiences goes beyond being just physical and encompasses many beautiful dimensions and aspects of Pure Being. This opens up a whole new understanding of the term celibacy. I truly feel this is what some of the ‘celibate’ saints have experienced; especially from some of the sensual and intimate writings of saints and mystics such as Teresa of Avila, possibly Mechthild of Magdeburg and probably many others. While some of us, including myself, may have chosen not to be with a partner who has a body on a 3rd dimensional earth but to honor our Eternal Divine Marriage with our Eternal Spouse (our true Divine Counterpart/Divine Consort) at the God/Goddess level of Creation, we may be viewed by some as being ‘celibate’; and yet we experience our Eternal Spouse in very physical, deeply intimate, beautiful, pure and high vibrational experiences of beautiful Holy Lovemaking that continually manifest in more profoundly physical, and ever-expanding ways of the higher dimensional realities of Heaven on Earth as the veils between Heaven and Earth continuously dissolve.

In some future Heavenly Sacred Writings; we will delve into Sacred Creating and Manifesting more deeply and hopefully provide to you a deeper understanding for this beautiful consciousness to emerge from within you; as you merge into deeper Union with you and your Eternal Spouse at the God – Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. Whether your beautiful Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) is here on this dimension or else in what is considered the higher realms; hopefully these writings will assist in awakening something within you or will resonate with the deepest most core of your pure Being, – With the deepest Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Divine Eternal Marriage

The deep nourishing stillness of Source by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

To renew, refresh, regenerate and nourish deeply we need to enter into the deep stillness and silence within. This deep, pure and beautiful stillness is your own unique Divine Masculine God Consciousness. This consciousness is your Source. It is a profound Agape Love that is deeply nourishing and regenerating on ALL levels.

The beautiful graceful flowing motion of life that springs forth from within this deep stillness is that of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. These two are so interconnected that one cannot exist without the other as they interweave in a beautiful exquisite harmony throughout all of existence. Pure Peace is in the merging of God & Goddess as One.

Nourishing ourSelf deeply during these strong vibrational energies is vital as the New Earth energies continue to bask our Bodies and our Planet with profound Love & Light. As we merge and balance the stillness with the gentle motion and movement of Life, of the Divine Feminine Goddess; true balance, nourishment, renewal and rebirth are provided.

The deep Divine Agape Love is a merging of these two beautiful aspects of Self as One. The appearance of two Bodies, but One Flesh, One Essence, One Being for Eternity. Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥ Wishing you all a beautiful nourishing day filled with the beauty of Paradise.

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Beautiful Art by Jean-Paul Avisse
Beautiful Art with the Divine Masculine & Feminine within the Flower of Life by Jean-Paul Avisse
Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

The beautiful flow & motion of our New Bodies, as Heaven merges deeply with Earth ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah

From the deep stillness of the Divine Masculine God Essence springs forth the beautiful motion and flow of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence, bringing to life their deep Paradise as One. 

This deep, beautiful flow & motion is deeply different from the movement experienced here on this Earth Realm at this current time.  From what I have experienced with my Beloved Jessibiah, his Body moves in a deep perfection and pure grace.  It is deeply beautiful & truly beyond words.

As the Heavenly realms of Paradise merge more deeply with earth, we will all experience a deep beauty & grace within the very movements of our New Bodies. Fully connected to Source, movement becomes fluid, graceful and in a state of pure perfection.  True motion springs forth from the deep well of Agape Love within. As Paradise emerges deeply from within, the grace, beauty, flow and motion of the Heavenly realms will be the true movement of our Bodies & Beings.  With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥ 

Upon Infinity Dorina Costras (2)Beautiful Artwork ~  Upon Infinity, A Heaven for Two by Dorina Costras