The Living River of Your Light – Psalm of Holy Divine Marriage – by Antiera Rose

Gently I feel your sacred touch.
The silky motion of spiraling cosmic stardust,
and our inner universe becomes one;
back to the way it was
in the beginning of time.

Like a living river,
your light flows into me.
Pulsating rhythms
of pure harmony;
of spirit & matter,
of masculine & feminine,
God & Goddess;
birthing the new
in a euphoric rapturous beauty.

A living language of Love
known only to you & I.
As we breathe and embody
the true fragrance of our being.

~ Antiera Rose



Our psalms and poetry are created & shared to assist you in connecting in new or deeper ways with your own Divine Counterpart at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. These psalms can be used in prayer practices such as Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), meditation or in other ways you may feel drawn to do so.

With Love & Blessings for a beautiful day, Antiera-Andy Rose

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