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In the deep Stillness of Winter ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

The seasons & cycles of our beautiful planet interweave themselves into our very life patterns.  These seasons & cycles reside in our lives and in our ascension process as well. As we connect with and honour these cycles deeply we allow ourSelf to step more radiantly into our true shining God/Goddess Essence.

In the deep stillness of winter resides the deep, pure & nourishing Love of the Divine Masculine God Self. It is in this season of deep nourishing stillness & rest that His very Love penetrates deeply his Divine Feminine Goddess Self. The two are forever One and interweave beautifully together into the very fabric of existence. One cannot exist without the other, but are merged deeply as One for Eternity.

It is only from the deep & nourishing stillness of the Love of the Divine Masculine God Self that New Life & Growth is birthed by the Divine Feminine Goddess Self from this period of deep rest & nourishing stillness.  In these words that are being written, New Life does not necessarily mean the birthing of a baby, but refers to the New Life being birthed in this ascension process, as you birth yourSelf more deeply into your own unique God/Goddess Consciousness.

As we honour these rhythms, cycles & seasons within our own life and ascension process, we connect more deeply to our own Divine God & Goddess Essence.  This pure Essence of deep Agape Love is who you truly are.

The ascension process at times can be very tiring, but when we see this part of the ascension process as a signal of a period of deep, nourishing rest & stillness, the process becomes one of deep beauty.  If you carry the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence, and you experience times of exhaustion on this ascension process, begin to find within this period of tiredness the deep Agape Love that you are being penetrated with by your Divine Masculine God Essence. This is so deeply beautiful.  You are being prepared for New Growth and New Life as you rest in the Stillness of his Deep Agape Love. There is so much Love that resides within these periods of exhaustion and tiredness. When we recognize & feel the core of these deep and nourishing rest periods,  and recognize the deep & pure Agape Love of our own Divine Masculine God Essence that we are being deeply penetrated with, it makes this process one of deep & pure Beauty.  It becomes a deeply personal, intimate and beautiful ascension process.

I hope from these words you find within yourSelf more deeply, the deep connection to your own unique God/Goddess Essence and a deeper connection to Life Eternal.

With Divine Love & Blessings… Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

Zindy S.D. Nielson Peaceful

Beautiful Art by Zindy S.D. Nielson

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Higher Frequency Communication ♥ A beautiful language beyond words… by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

In the higher dimensions a beautiful language of the Divine Self, of deep Agape Love is spoken. This beautiful language is beyond words and yet is deeply understood at the very core of Being. These beautiful higher frequencies of communication are awakening on Earth as we begin to embody our true Divine Self.  How humans communicated with each other and with the higher dimensions is changing deeply as the veil between Heaven and Earth continually dissolves ~ Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥ Wishing you a very blessed & beautiful day! ♥♥

Beautiful Art by Meganne Forbes
Beautiful Art by Meganne Forbes
Divine Eternal Marriage

One Divine Essence for Eternity, your Holy Agape Marriage by Jessibiah & Antiera

Your beloved God (or Goddess Flame) is everywhere you are.  He (or she) lives deeply within you and deeply surrounding you always.  The two of you are never separated but always and forever One.  This vast, endless Love is so deeply different, so beautifully pure.  There is no place where the two of you can ever be separated, for you both exist within the very breath of each other.  This deep Agape Love resides on the purest levels of Paradise, but also exists at the core of every realm of your existence.

If you embody the Divine Feminine, finding this Love within you & knowing your own Goddess Essence brings you deeply close to your Beloved Eternal God Flame.  If you embody the Divine Masculine, finding this Love within you & knowing your own God Essence brings you deeply close to your Beloved Eternal Goddess Flame, your true Divine Eternal Partner.  You & your Beloved Flame share One Divine Essence at the God/Goddess level of Creation. One Essence will feel Feminine & the other Masculine, but the Essence will feel exactly the same, the Essence matches identically & beautifully, intertwining in a beautiful harmonic resonance, in a deep, perfect balance and union with each other, a beautiful Divine Marriage residing as One for Eternity.

This Divine Love is a deeply intimate Love that can only be experienced through higher states & embodiment of pure Being.  This is a radiant pure Agape Love at the God/Goddess level of Creation in true Holy Marriage, it is who you truly and deeply are at the very core of your very existence… It resides here, in this embodiment, on this Earth plane, for you to discover in your very own Beingness, it also surrounds you here in your earthly life always.  It is deeply & intrinsically your own divine Nature for Eternity.  This is the unique & pure beauty of your own Divine Union, in the realms of Pure Paradise, here to be embodied and lived in a heavenly vibration of a New Earth emerging.

Blessings on your path of returning to your very own Source, to your own Holy Agape Marriage, to your own unique & beautiful God/Goddess Essence with your beloved God (or Goddess) Flame for Eternity.  With Love, Jessibiah & Antiera ♥♥

Beautiful Art by Anna Ewa Miarczynska
Beautiful Art by Anna Ewa Miarczynska
Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

As the beauty of the Heavenly Realms merge deeply with Earth by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

In the depths of the Soul lives & breathes the beautiful Divine Masculine & Feminine aspects of deep Agape Love united as One.  The beautiful Divine Essence of the God & Goddess Self merged deeply together as One births the new reality of Heaven on Earth.  Each Soul embodies their own unique Essence of the Divine Masculine God & the Divine Feminine Goddess aspects of deep Agape Love as One. The appearance of two Bodies but merged deeply in Holy Agape Marriage for Eternity.   The depths of this beautiful Power of Deep Divine Love has already begun to awaken from WITHIN for many, beginning to merge the beautiful Eternal world of Heaven with Earth. The God/Goddess Flame of the Divine Self merged deeply in a Holy Agape Eternal Marriage is awakening from within, bringing the beauty of heavenly Paradise to the realms of Earth.  Wishing everyone beautiful Blessings of Re-birth as we all soar to the highest realms of Paradise and deep Agape Love, returning Home for Eternity, awakening to Heaven on Earth… In Gratitude for your beautiful contribution to the creation of Heaven on Earth, assisting to return our beautiful planet Gaia to a deep & beautiful Peace.  With Love & Blessings, Antiera- Jessibiah 

Ljubov Toscheva Artwork (2)

Divine Eternal Marriage

The God & Goddess Self shares Life deeply as One… by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

The God & Goddess Self shares Life deeply as One.  There is no place that you can not be together with your Beloved God Flame, for you are eternally One.  As we begin to BE the embodiment of our pure God/Goddess Self, we create a conscious life of deeply intimate Divine Union with our Beloved God Flame. 

Blossoming as One in your shared inner world of Pure Paradise, your vibration is raised together as One.  Connecting & Being with your Beloved Flame in the vibration of Pure Paradise, you raise & ascend together as One.  In this lifetime, conscious unity is being established & embodied allowing this Holy Reunion of your Divine Marriage to exist on all levels of Creation… as Heaven & Earth merge deeply and purely as One ♥ Wishing you a beautiful God-embodied day full of Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah 

10325722_622693751142592_3267084716057933449_n Meganne Forbes

Beautiful Art by Meganne Forbes

Divine Eternal Marriage

The Depth & Pure Beauty of True Intimacy by Jessibiah & Antiera

There is a depth & pure beauty of true intimacy that is only experienced at the highest state of pure Being ~ of the Divine God & Goddess Self in true Holy Divine Marriage. Intimacy in Divine Marriage is deeply Sacred, a bond shared so deeply as One that it is shared only with each other. Deep intimacy exists on many levels & radiates throughout every aspect of this deeply beautiful & pure Eternal Marriage.

Marriage at the highest level of Eternal Paradise consists of a deep merging as One, an embodiment of Being where EVERYTHING is shared in Marriage as One. It is a blending & merging of your Divine God Essence & your Divine Goddess Essence at such deep & intimate levels that your entire Marriage & Life is lived on the deepest & purest levels of bonding, intimacy and pure Oneness.  It is in the depths of embodying & BEING your deep Agape Love that true & deep intimacy lives & breathes in the depths of your God & Goddess Self as One.

At the core of your Being, of your deep Agape Love, of your Divine Marriage as One with your Beloved God Flame you experience the depths of deep, true & pure intimacy… it is the bond of your life together as One embodying your God & Goddess Self merged deeply as One.  Two Bodies, but One Divine Essence, One Aura, One Being enveloped in the vibration of pure and deep Agape Love.   With Love, Jessibiah & Antiera

Mark Arian (2)

Beautiful Art by Mark Arian

Divine Eternal Marriage

The Deep Agape Love of the God & Goddess Essence by Jessibiah & Antiera

Agape is a word to describe the highest state of Pure Being, of deep Divine Love that is the God/Goddess Consciousness of Pure Being. This Love is truly Divine. It is Unconditional, residing above all illusionary conditions of this current earth realm. In the vibration of Agape Love you feel deeply loved, deeply cherished while immersed in the Heavenly vibration of God Consciousness.

This deep & pure Agape Love is the core root of the Pure Divine Marriage of the One Soul at the God/Goddess level of existence. This deep Agape Love is so deeply different than the Love experienced up to now on this Earth Plane. Though this deep Agape Love exists only at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation, it exists in each dimension as well as here on Earth. This beautiful & unique Agape Love is who each Soul is. As we connect within & merge with our unique Divine Agape Essence, we merge Heaven with Earth, Body with Soul and Divine Masculine and Feminine in a deep & pure Holy Divine Marriage that has resided in the realms of Paradise for Eternity.  With deep Agape Love, Jessibiah & Antiera…
Wishing you a deeply beautiful and blessed day… ♥♥

Beautiful Artwork by Irina Vitalievna Karkabi