Honoring the Artists

This page is dedicated to some of the artists who share such heavenly high vibrational artwork. Through their vision and artistic expression they truly bring Heaven to Earth in their beautiful divine creations. The following are links to the artist’s websites. This page will be continuously updated. 

Beautiful Art by Sheranda Ann Kumara

Songbirds from the Jewel of Creation by Sheranda Ann Kumara

You may visit Sheranda’s website and view more of her beautiful art at:


Artist Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

Light Breeze (2)

For more of Irina’s beautiful artwork, please visit her website:


Beautiful Artwork by Meganne Forbes: 

10325722_622693751142592_3267084716057933449_n Meganne Forbes

To view more of Meganne’s beautiful & visionary art, please visit her website at:



Beautiful Eden Art by Ines Honfi

The Path of Love Edenart by Ines Honfi (2)

To view more divinely beautiful Eden Art by Ines, please visit her website at:


Beautiful Art by Dorina Costras

Upon Infinity Dorina Costras (2)

Link for Dorina’s beautiful art:


Beautiful Art by Mark Arian

Mark Arian (2)

To view more of Mark’s deeply beautiful art:


Beautiful Art, Eternal Love by Paul Heussenstamm

Eternal Love by Paul Heussenstamm

To view more of Paul’s art, please visit his website at:


Beautiful Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

Beautiful Artwork by Autumn Skye (2)

To view more of Autumn’s beautiful artwork, you may visit her website at:



Alex Alemany

To view more of Alex’s beautiful artwork, you may visit his website at:


3 thoughts on “Honoring the Artists

  1. paulinebattell says:

    Antiera – Jessibiah,

    I find all these Artists paint so very beautifully and are quite awesome. It is a wonderful idea to have a Page appreciating Artists, and the Art you have chosen complement your posts perfectly. ♥♥

    Liked by 3 people

    • Antiera Jessibiah says:

      Thank you so much Pauline! I agree the artists paint so beautifully! They add such beauty to the world with the gift of their art. I love how each of us, including yourself, contribute to the beauty of this New Earth in unique and profound ways!! Wishing you a beautiful & lovely day dear friend!!! ♥♥

      Liked by 2 people

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