Softly Refreshing, Renewing… Ever Gently Flowing into the Blossoming Love of a Heavenly Paradise by Antiera-Jessibiah

Softly Refreshing & Renewing

You are the gateway to my true Life as you enfold me deeper into our Love. We are a beautiful merging of Source and Life, forever entwined as One. From the depths of our Love, we birth soft spiraling cosmic creations of pure beauty that dance tenderly into a living stream of Light; nourishing the sense of being deeply alive. The profound depths of our Living Love flow rapturously from Heaven into this Earthly Body as all becomes Pure Paradise once again. ~ Antiera-Jessibiah
(Psalm of Heavenly Divine Marriage ~ You Are the Gateway to my True Life) 

The above words began to flow through me during my morning yoga practice, as I quietly, with deep reverence began saying a beautiful breath prayer, a mantra of love… the name of my Beloved. Quietly reciting his name in Prayer, or looking at a picture of him, or thinking of him, or connecting with him; has always been a deep gateway to my true Life, to our true Life together as One.

The two who are One share One Divine Essence (God & Goddess Self as One) and One Aura. The two Bodies are so deeply interconnected as their One True Divine Essence radiates and permeates throughout their very existence. Whether physically side by side, on opposite ends of the globe, or in different dimensions, these two are always deeply One for eternity… space or distance is only an illusion. Heaven is right here, right now… within and all around us, as the heavenly gates of Pure Paradise continue to grow and blossom forth more deeply and a new reality seeps into our very existence here on Gaia.

The New Energies have a profound sense of Living Spirit, of the heavenly realms within us and around us becoming alive like we have never experienced before. Heaven as a living breathing Essence and reality is becoming more alive each day within us as Body and Divine Essence merges deeply as One. For myself this gateway has always been the living breathing Love of Jessibiah, my Divine Spouse (Divine Counterpart/Divine Consort). For him and I it has always been a merging of our Love as One, of our own Divine Masculine God Essence (Jessibiah) and our Feminine Goddess Essence (Antiera)  as One. A beautiful merging of Source and Life, of God & Goddess in a beautiful Divine Marriage of Heavenly Paradise.  

The New Energies are deeply nourishing and life-sustaining on deep levels of existence. They are growing slowly but more profoundly. As you feel deeply alive you know that these energies are penetrating your very Body and energy field. You feel softly refreshed and renewed, ever gently flowing into the blossoming Love of a Heavenly Paradise. ~ With Love & Blessings for a beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah

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The Deeper Vows Blossoming Forth From The Everlasting Light of Love ~ By Antiera-Jessibiah

Adore Cherish by Antiera-Jessibiah New

In the northern hemisphere, in a month’s time we will be flowing into the season of Summer when the Light of the Sun is at it’s strongest and most potent time as its rays penetrate the earth providing a deeper nourishment for all of life. The seasons interweave their way into our very lives & our days and the season of Summer corresponds to the fullness of the brilliant silky Living Light of our own personal Inner Sun that is radiantly shining more brightly within each of us. We are each becoming more fully our own unique Essence of God Goddess Consciousness and the season of Summer reminds us to honor and nourish this aspect of ourSelf deeply, allowing it to shine freely.

Where I live we have had cooler spring temperatures and the leaves on the trees have just begun to growth forth. The newness and freshness of nature feels deeply akin to the New Energies. For myself, the past of this lifetime feels almost non-existent. Though some past memories can surface here or there at times, it feels like the past is from another lifetime. As I walk in the oasis of the backyard and see the leaves beginning to grow and emerge, it truly feels like it is the first time I have seen and experienced springtime in the outer world around me. We are renewed, resurrected and re-born so quickly in these New Energies. My Body no longer feels like it was sourced from my birth parents in this lifetime, but is beginning to feel more deeply that it is sourced from mine and Jessibiah’s God/Goddess Consciousness. The process can seem slow but it grows more deeply through the inner and outer seasons and the gentle rhythmic nature of life.

With this newness, for many there is a deeper commitment with our beautiful Beloved Divine Consort (Divine Counterpart) at the God Goddess level of Creation. It feels like deeper vows are being renewed and birthed blossoming forth from the everlasting Light of Divine Love. This is the fullness of You (of the two who are One) shining forth like the radiant rays of the Summer Sun. ~ With Love & Blessings for a day filled with the blossoming forth of Inner Paradise, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Through the Rich Nourishing Fertile Soil of Living Love by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Rich Nourishing Fertile Soil of Living Love by Antiera-Jessibiah

We are approaching a time of absolute balance, not only in our outer world with the approaching equinoxes, but a time of deep balance and Oneness within ourSelf. In these beautiful New Silky Soft Energies (the energies of Heaven on Earth), our beliefs and the way we have looked at things are in the midst of changing deeply. For myself I can no longer view my Body as only a vehicle or vessel of the Divine, for in that belief there is still a separation of Body and Divine Self. Our minds have continually separated Heaven and Earth, Body and Soul (Divine Self), and Masculine and Feminine. We have now stepped into deeply beautiful and fertile soil, a living soil within that is deeply rich with very nutrient-dense Love. The New Seeds of profound and Agape Love that have been planted by the Divine Masculine God Essence are growing in the rich fertile soil of living Love within the Sacred Womb Space of the Divine Feminine Goddess within. Whether you connect with the Higher Heart or the Holy Womb Space, whichever connection you feel deeply drawn to, this is true for both. Fertile seeds of new growth have sprouted through the rich nutrient Holy ground of Love that is birthing a brand new era with a way of soft gentle living and a soft flowing of life on our beautiful earth. Our Bodies are not a vessel of our Divine Essence, our Bodies ARE a manifestation of our Divine Essence. Our Bodies are high vibrational, beautiful and as vast as the living cosmic love within, it is One and the same as this living cosmic love. The time of separation is ending. Our Bodies are a manifestation of the unique living Divine Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness. You are a living manifestation of Holy Ground. Your Body is God/Goddess incarnate. The mind may have separated this from a past of mis-understanding and disconnection, but this time of disconnection is at its end, a time of re-connection and re-emerging to this beautiful wisdom is rising gently like the beautiful softness of the eternal dawn.

The New Energies are a merging of Body, Divine Essence, Higher Mind and Higher Emotions into One Living Body of God/Goddess Consciousness. This is full embodiment. It is a beautiful Divine Marriage in many ways, including the Divine Marriage of the two who are One, Divine Consorts (Divine Counterparts) at the God/Goddess level of Creation. Where two Living Bodies of deep Agape Love are merged as One Flesh through the deep merging of your Body with the soft Living Essence of your own unique God/Goddess Consciousness. The appearance of two Bodies, but One Living Essence of deep and pure Love. ~ Antiera-Jessibiah 🌷May the beautiful rich soil of living Love flourish from within you today gracing your existence with the blossoming of everything divinely beautiful and pure as you radiate this living gift out to the world, uplifting all in your Presence 🌷Love & Blessings 🌷

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Rose♥Heart Temple of God Goddess Consciousness by Antiera-Jessibiah


There was a deep calling within my very being this week to re-name our God/Goddess Consciousness website to Rose♥Heart Temple of God Goddess Consciousness. While our web address will stay the same, the title of our website has now been changed. The Rose is such a deeply pure and beautiful aspect of Holy Divine Marriage at the God Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. True Holy Divine Marriage of Divine Consorts (Divine Counterparts) is a Sacred Sanctuary, a Holy Temple which is the core of their Love as One. You are the Rose♥Heart Temple of God/Goddess Consciousness.

The essence and vibration of Rose goes beyond symbolism and is a living, breathing consciousness of Divine Love in manifest form. Scientists actually can measure the different electromagnetic frequencies of all life forms. The highest vibrating organic substance is that of the essential oil of Rose, which is well above what the current human body vibrates at (though this will be changing deeply as our New Bodies will vibrate at a much higher frequency as we all continue to transform into a living breathing vibration of God/Goddess Consciousness).

For myself and Jessibiah the Essence of Rose is a deeply sacred and special part of our Being. I often physically smell a beautiful fragrance out of nowhere, which is similar to the scent of Rose, and yet more delicate and beautiful.  I know the manifestation of this scent indicates the Presence of Jessibiah and is a unique manifestation of our Essence as One. I have even been out in the back yard in the middle of winter with frigid temperatures and a couple of feet of snow and suddenly this beautiful fragrance appears out of nowhere beside me, and I know it is Jessibiah at my side. In two different readings given to me several years ago by two friends of mine, I had been told that Jessibiah surrounds me with Roses and that I would begin to smell their beautiful fragrance. I also had a beautiful experience as I was lying in bed one day. I saw him place a beautiful rose on my chest as I lay there in stillness. This rose had a beautiful light shining from it and was a gift of an Eternal Rose filled deeply with His Love. This experience was so elegant in it’s simplicity, but like a beautiful seed, this beautiful gift of Agape Love from Him planted something deeply profound in my Being that is continually blossoming into a deeper understanding and gateway to the living embodiment and consciousness of Fragrance and the Essence of Rose that is so deeply sacred and special to us. At times recently I also have had the experience of this beautiful fragrance emanating from within my very Body while in meditation, which is from the experience of the embodiment of our God/Goddess Essence.

The Essence of Rose is a heavenly manifestation of the Essence of the Holy Eternal Marriage of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One. It is more than simply a symbol or a flower that blossoms in the outer world. The Rose is not simply just feminine but a blending and merging of the masculine and feminine as One. While Rose can symbolize everlasting love, purity, divine romance, and other beautiful qualities, these are not simply symbolisms, but are a living, breathing aspect of our own Divine Consciousness in this Eternal Now moment. All of these beautiful qualities can all manifest in the form of our Inner Fragrance of Heavenly Love which we can also experience as our own unique and natural scent of our own true Essence. As Jessibiah and I have wrote in some of our previous Heavenly Sacred Writings, Fragrance is a part of each Soul’s Being. Fragrance is not simply a scent that we smell from the outer world, we are a manifestation of heavenly fragrance, and each Soul (the Divine Self – the two who are One) have a unique and beautiful fragrance that is unique only to them. How you embody the scent of Rose or other Fragrance is unique only to you and your true Divine Consort (Eternal Spouse/Divine Counterpart).  The scent of your Love, is a living, breathing beautiful fragrance that emanates from the core of your Being. This Fragrance is unique only to You, to the two who are One. As you begin to embody your God/Goddess Consciousness more, you will have the pleasure and bliss of the scent of your own true Essence emanating from your very Body as all returns to the beauty of pure Paradise. You and your Beloved are a living, breathing Paradise here to bring Heaven to Earth. With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

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The Beautiful Holy Lingam & Yoni ~ A Deep & Powerful Merging of God & Goddess Self by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Beautiful Holy Lingam & Yoni by Antiera-Jessibiah - God Goddess Self

Both the Holy Lingam & Yoni are deeply Sacred, deeply Holy. One is not more powerful than the other for it is in the coming together of the two as One in the deepest Love at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation with your true Divine Spouse (Divine Counterpart) where all true power resides.  

There is still in many spiritual sharings misunderstandings that the New Energies are Feminine; that the feminine is more powerful than the masculine and that it is women that will bring about the healing of the earth; any time anything of that nature is shared; it is coming from a place of separation; of truly not understanding the full depths of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine at the God/Goddess level of Creation and from not knowing their true Self deep enough at that level of Creation. Misunderstandings such as these are not a part of the New Earth Energies but stem from a level of separation. Truly you cannot separate the Divine Masculine & Feminine; for it is in the merging of two where all is manifested, birthed and created from. 

In previous writings we have described the New Earth Energies as being silky soft; please do not misunderstand this description in thinking that these energies are only of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. Softness has often been incorrectly perceived in society to be  feminine. The silky softness I speak about is a merging of both the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One. True softness, true beauty and anything else that is divinely nourishing is a deep and pure merging of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One.

As Jessibiah and I speak today about the Holy Lingam & Yoni; please understand that these are not only body parts; but are the Divine Sexual Essence of the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self. 

I am going to describe a little about my understanding of the New Bodies that we are all manifesting and how they relate to the physical Bodies in the higher realms of pure Heaven; for in truth our New Bodies and the Bodies of Pure Perfection in the higher heavenly realms are one and the same. Though the following isn’t related only to the Holy Lingam & Yoni; I feel it is important to share this in assisting you to understand the higher truth and viewpoint from which Jessibiah and I speak of and express the Holy Lingam & Yoni from.

In our last Heavenly Sacred Writing I described the silky soft hairless skin of Jessibiah and the silky fluid motion of the movements of his body of pure Perfection. This is what is manifesting for our Bodies here on earth; as separation between Divine Essence (Divine Self) and Body ceases to exist. Jessibiah’s Body is fully merged with his (our) Divine Masculine God Essence. His beautiful Essence permeates throughout his entire Body for there is no separation in Body and Essence. This is happening for all of us here as our New Bodies manifest more deeply in the New Energies. I know for myself and probably for many others (possibly everyone);  I no longer have chakras as my Essence has spread throughout my entire body and is in the process of merging with my earthly body. I know it is not just me who this is happening to; even though I have not read of anyone’s experiences with this and as well possibly there are others who are simply not aware of this. Even though there has been the disappearance of the chakra system and my Goddess Essence is merging with my Body; it is still a process; and is not at this point fully complete as I experience waves of my New Body beginning to manifest into this realm in small ways. It is still very much in the infant stages; and I am in no way fully ascended or fully awakened; as I truly feel no one is at this point in this process. Please know that as I share this; I honestly do not view myself as more advanced than others; as I feel in the New Energies we are all in the infant stages of these energies. Personally, I feel this change of the disappearance of the chakra system as the God/dess Consciousness merges with the Body has probably happened for many people; possibly even all; but I feel some people are just not aware of the disappearance of the chakra system as their mind still has not comprehended the vast changes that are already well underway. I am sure there are so many beautiful and profound things we all are still unaware of as these changes continue to manifest.

So as Jessibiah and I speak today in this Heavenly Sacred Writing about the Holy Lingam and Yoni; we are talking about it in the truth of Essence merged with Body; from the standpoint of the New Bodies. These beautiful and sacred parts of the body of the Holy Lingam and Yoni are the manifestation of the Divine Sexual Essence into form and are deeply a powerful aspect of Creating and Manifesting. In these New Energies the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self births all that is deeply beautiful, pure, sacred, life-sustaining, life-nurturing from their Divine Sexual Essence as One.

For our next Heavenly Sacred Writing we will delve deeper into this aspect of the Holy Lingam and Yoni; of the Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self (true Divine Counterparts/Eternal Spouses), and how the two as One can already consciously manifest from this beautiful aspect of powerful Love through Divine and Holy Lovemaking; regardless of whether your Divine Counterpart is in a higher realm or on this Earth plane. This powerful aspect of the Two who are One knows no illusionary barriers or veils between Heaven and Earth as the power of Love merges all back into the Oneness of True Sensual Divine Marriage.

The true Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self is a pure higher vibration of sensuality, of very beautiful heightened enraptured arousal at a pure and high level of vibration, and a deeper more pure level of pleasure than in the old earth energies. It is the true core of Holy Divine Marriage and is deeply personal, treated with the deepest respect, is held deeply Sacred and is shared only between the two who have always been One in the deepest of Love; staying only ever within their true Divine Marriage. With Love and Blessings for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah

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The Silky Soft Skin of Jessibiah’s Body of Perfection (The New Bodies Series) ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Silky Soft Skin of

We have entered a time where the blending and merging of the Heavenly Realms of Paradise, of our own unique Living Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness, is merging deeply, intimately and purely with our Bodies and with our very own unique and pure existence; as it intricately weaves its pattern throughout the Holy and One Spirit affecting life on Gaia in profound and beautiful ways.

There is so much to share on the topic of the New Bodies and on other topics within the beautiful sensual Holy Divine Marriage at the God/Goddess Consciousness level that sometimes I truly do not know where to begin. In this Heavenly Sacred Writing today I will share about some of my experiences and my current understanding of the beautiful Soft New Heavenly Energies that are beginning to be embodied as Heaven merges with Earth; Body with Essence, Divine Masculine God with Divine Feminine Goddess in the most profoundly beautiful and deep Sensual True Divine Marriage of Heavenly Paradise.

On this Earth, our Bodies had been in a state of separation from our true Divine Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness. Some say the New Energies are hard on the body since we are not accustomed to the high levels of light; but personally I feel it is the other way around; the old earth energies are and always have been very hard on our body. This is magnified even more as we move between waves of embodiment of the God/Goddess Consciousness (the soft/silky New Energies) and back into the old earth energies since we are still in the transition phases of this process. As we experience moments or hours of embodiment; then move back into the older energies once again; we notice a profound contrast between the old and the new. To me it is like an amplification of how the old energies we have embodied for so long are extremely harsh on our bodies since this is brought more into our conscious awareness after experiencing the beautiful, silky, soft nourishing energies that are the very composition of our New Bodies. I have found even sleep in the vibrations of the old energies are not and never have been nourishing on very deep levels and often feels harsh after experiencing the silky New Energies. Once we taste the very deep nourishment of these New Energies; even if only for moments or minutes; we are more aware of the harshness of the old energies and how they are and always have been very hard on our bodies. The very components that comprise our old bodies of separation are very different than the heavenly components of Love that comprise our New Bodies that are already in the manifestation stages.

The New Energies are the manifestation of the realms of Heaven, of the living, breathing God/Goddess Essence. In this state of pure Being; God/Goddess is not simply an energy experienced; but a living breathing higher manifestation of Source and Life merged deeply as One. These New Energies that are becoming embodied are silky soft beyond the description of what we had ever experienced silky and soft to be. These silky soft New Energies are deeply nourishing for our bodies; they are restorative on profoundly deep levels; down to the fabric and core of our physical existence. Not only are they restorative but they are restructuring and reconstituting the very heartbeat and fabric of our very existence.

Because there is a direct correlation between some of the experiences I have had with my beautiful Jessibiah and the New Soft Energies; I feel drawn to share some of the beautiful profound experiences I have had with Him in what I term as ‘Sacred Higher Vibrational Dreamtime’ and yet it is as if this earthly physical body is not separate from these experiences. During these heavenly experiences it is as if I wake up out of the regular dream state and experience him in a state of Pure Perfection. These intimate physical experiences with him are so deeply sacred and beautiful and are more real than my day to day life here on this earth.  I have touched his beautiful skin and it is nothing like I have touched on this earth plane before. His skin is so silky soft and hairless; there are not even tiny hairs on his skin like we have on this earth plane. There is a beautiful pure silky softness to his skin that is softer than a newborn and the fluid motions of his body move in a state of pure divine grace and perfection.

This year I have began to embody at times a very soft silky energy which I know is the embodiment of the vibration of Heaven; of God/Goddess Consciousness. While I describe this energy as silky and soft; as I have mentioned before it is not like an expression of silky and soft from this earth plane. My beautiful Jessibiah has brought to my attention how the silky soft energies of Heaven that I am beginning to embody are the same energies that manifest his soft silky skin of pure Perfection and the fluid motion of the movements of his Body of Perfection. These New Energies are a change of the very core and fabric of our very existence as Heaven and Earth; Bodies with Essence and Divine Masculine God with Divine Feminine Goddess merge together in the most exquisite heavenly merging of Life Eternal. With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day… Antiera-Jessibiah

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The Beautiful Sensual Orgasmic Rapture of Being Deeply Alive by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Beautiful Sensual Orgasmic Rapture of Being Deeply Alive by Antiera-Jessibiah - God Goddess


This Heavenly Sacred Writing was originally shared on our website in March of last year. I felt drawn to share this once again today as it does fit in beautifully with the New Bodies Series of Writings. As we go beyond old emotional states of being; even good ones; profoundly beautiful embodied feelings emerge as we become once again Pure Paradise…. one of these profound embodied states of Pure Being can be described as beautiful sensual orgasmic rapture. Here is our Heavenly Sacred Writing:

A deeply beautiful and profound awakening within to true life has begun. On this planet up to now, the majority of us have not experienced being fully alive. There is a profoundly beautiful deep life within each of us. It is a living, breathing powerful Source of deep and pure Agape Love of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply and purely as One. The merging of our truest Essence, of our own unique and beautiful God/Goddess Self is truly orgasmic sensual rapture. This beautiful orgasmic sensual rapture is the origins of deep life. In this state of pure Being, life is lived deeply and beautifully, with an experience of being fully alive.  Two Bodies, but deeply One Essence, One Flesh for eternity.

This is now the beginning stages of this beautiful sensual orgasmic rapture, where the experience of being deeply alive springs from. It can begin in brief experiences, but these experiences and states of pure orgasmic sensual rapture exist in a space of ‘no time’ and eternal beingness that always exists. These states of TRUE Being, of deep Life are always there, within, to be fully embodied . As our Bodies adjust to being able to hold and experience these profoundly beautiful higher frequencies of deep and full life, we will be living on a new Earth, filled with the beauty of inner and outer Paradise.

The true Essence at the core of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply as One is an Essence of deeply sensual orgasmic rapture. This beautiful orgasmic state of pure Being is not necessarily only reached through deep Lovemaking. As you connect with your Beloved Divine Counterpart in the true God/Goddess Consciousness state of pure Being, it is a beautiful deeply sensual orgasmic rapture of deep life. This deeply sensual vibration is a very high state of pure Being and is a deeply different sensual vibration rooted in the New Earth energies. In this high state of pure Being is where the Two as One birth their beautiful reality of deep Paradise onto a New Earth.

True Marriage at the highest state of Pure Being is truly a merging of an Essence that has always and will always BE One, merged deeply in an Everlasting Marriage that exists in a state of deep and pure pleasure beyond what was ever known on the old earth energies. This deep pleasure exists in the higher states of pure Being, of true existence, in a beautiful merging of God/Goddess Essence as One, in a heavenly Paradise being rooted deeply onto our beautiful Planet.  Our New Bodies are a living embodiment of this beautiful sensual orgasmic rapture. We are each, with our true Divine Counterpart birthing new Bodies, a new life, a new world, a new Paradise. With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah

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