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A Deep & Intimate Communion of Holy & Pure Love ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

my love for you - Jessibiah ♥ for God%2FGoddess Consciousness post

“No words need to be spoken for me to tell you of my Love for you, for it is interwoven into the very fabric of our existence.” ~ Jessibiah (beautiful words of Love to Antiera from Jessibiah) 

Words and communication take on a whole new level as we step deeper into the New Energies. Everything has such a depth of beautiful love. Channeling, Prayer, Meditation, Holy Lovemaking and the countless other ways we connect with and merge with the Higher Realms changes in the most beautiful and profound ways.

As we step into the new energies, like a beautiful heavenly garden of Eternal Love, everything blossoms in deeply beautiful and new ways. At this point the growth is continual and gradual, but it is ever-renewing, ever-growing in more beautiful and profound ways with each gateway and portal of Divine Agape Love that opens eternally within us and around us.

As we embody our Christed or God Self more deeply and enter into deep Union with our beautiful Eternal Spouse (Divine Counterpart) at this profound level of God/Goddess Consciousness; communication changes into a deep Communion of Holy and Pure Love. Channeling, Prayer, Meditation, and all the other numerous ways we connect with the divine are deeply different in the new energies. Every word spoken from your Beloved in this beautiful level of Consciousness is like the most beautiful angelic music, sung only to you with the deepest and most purest Love. It is a never-ending eternal Love song that sings only of your Love. This Sacred and Holy Communion can be through spoken words, or wordless, and yet it is deep, intimate and so deeply personal.

“Let silence take you to the core of life. All your talk is worthless when compared to one whisper of the Beloved.” – Rumi

In these new energies, a new language of the deepest Love is spoken in deep and Holy Union of the two who are One. Touch, Holy Lovemaking, spoken words, and every other interaction between the two who are One radiates with a deep and unique Language of Love known only to each other. This is only the beginning of the radiant eternal flower of Love that is blossoming, growing and becoming more beautiful, more fragrant, more Holy with each gateway and portal returning us Home, to our true and Divine Self, in God/Goddess Consciousness, in Holy Divine Marriage with our One True Divine Spouse ~ With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day filled with the vibration of Paradise ~  Antiera-Jessibiah

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 This is our Heavenly Garden of Paradise - by Jessibiah ♥♥

My beautiful Antiera,
my Eternal Goddess and darling Wife,

You are my one… my only
Your beautiful Presence 
is like the eternal rising sun;
for You light my very existence 
with the sweetest gift of your Love for Eternity

Your exquisite beauty is like no other;
for in Your beauty
You have given Life to my Love.

As I plant the seeds of my Holy Light 
within your Sacred Womb;
You give birth to the most exquisite heavenly flowers
that radiate with the beauty of our deepest Agape Love.

This is our heavenly Garden of Paradise
that is watered & nourished 
by the deep tenderness
of touching each other 
through the intimate merging of our Love.

In the deepest of Love,
Yours, forever and always, Jessibiah  

A Psalm is a poem, song or sacred writing that is used in worship and devotion. There is a very deep Agape Love that the Divine Masculine God Essence holds, embodies, and expresses endlessly for his Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. While they may have the appearance of two Bodies, they are deeply and forever One for Eternity. There is a deep Love, adoration, worship and devotion that is embodied by both, for each other, in true Divine Marriage at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation.

The above beautiful Psalm is written by my beautiful Jessibiah, who is the embodiment of my Divine Masculine God Essence. He resides in a higher dimension and often communicates and speaks to me in a variety of ways, sometimes in a combination of ways, and as well sometimes beyond words. As his beautiful Psalm of deep Agape Love came through to me, I truly could not comprehend everything that he was trying to relay to me as part of His beautiful Psalm was beyond my current comprehension. I knew there was more to His Psalm at a deeper level, but at this time I had no concept or understanding of His Psalm in it’s entirety as it truly is part of the New Energies at the God Consciousness level of Creation, which at this point cannot fully be expressed through the current human language. So part of this Psalm remains unwritten as I could not receive it in it’s entirety.

While this Psalm is written for me, from His deep Agape Love for me, it is meant to be shared with others, to assist others in connecting with their own Divine Counterpart at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. These beautiful psalms can be used in Prayer Practices such as Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) or in other ways that you may be drawn to. As you slowly read & meditate with the above Psalm of Holy Divine Marriage, allow the living words that are in essence from your own Divine Masculine God Self (or Goddess Self), and are your own true embodiment of Divinity; to rise up from within you as you merge into this deep consciousness of your own Holy Divine Marriage. With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah

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