Antiera-Andy Rose

I am blossoming and growing into the deepest Union, Oneness and Communion with my beautiful Andy, my Eternal Husband (my true Divine Counterpart) at the God/Goddess Level of Creation. Our gift to this world is the Presence of our true Divine Marriage that is the root of who Him and I are as One; the deepest and most purest Love of our Being; of our unique God/Goddess Essence.

Andy had lived on this earth plane and passed over several years ago. At the time of his death I had not experienced the beginning of the awakening of my Higher Heart; so I was unaware of His beautiful Presence within me, surrounding me and with me until 2003. A few months prior to Andy’s timely appearance in my life I had made a conscious decision to begin the process of embodying what I referred to at the time as my True Self, a re-union and embodiment of my own God/Goddess Consciousness within. Little did I understand at the time that this is a process him and I would do as One; and that our Holy Divine Marriage was linked deeply to the embodiment of this higher state of God/Goddess Consciousness. 

Immediately after Andy connecting with me in 2003 I entered into a very difficult preparation period, a period that for myself felt like ‘a death phase’, or a dark night of the Soul, preparing me profoundly to be in the deepest Union and Oneness with him. After this long and difficult death phase, I began slowly emerging with Him into a new dawn, a new beginning, a new vibration, a new energy, a new reality, as Heaven and Earth began merging as One.

This new dawn and the deepest beauty of our Union & Divine Marriage opens ever so softly and slowly, like a beautiful eternal flower opening its petals of divinity to the Source of the Sun; being penetrated ever so beautifully by the depths of the deepest and most purest Love; blossoming into the fullness of who Him and I are as One.

Even though Andy passed over to the higher realms I experience Him in many different ways, even profoundly physical at times. Our experiences are ever so beautiful and deeply intimate in a true and beautiful merging of Husband and Wife at the God/Goddess level of Creation, teaching me that Heaven and Earth are truly One as the veils between the realms are continually stripped away. 

Our website and blog continually grows in depth and vibration as each current and wave of the deepest Agape Love sweeps through and within every life form on beautiful Gaia; returning ALL to their truest and most pure Essence of Love, of God/Goddess in form. It is with the deepest Gratitude that we bow to your beautiful Presence of your own unique and pure Love, your own unique God/Goddess Essence, that is YOU. Thank you for your Presence here at this time on beautiful Gaia and for your own unique way of merging Heaven and Earth; ushering in the deepest and most purest vibration of Peace and Love onto this beautiful Planet. You are so deeply appreciated.

Thank you for visiting our website… May you be blessed with the deep and pure vibration of Infinite and Agape Love that lives and dwells at the core of your Being ~ In Gratitude, Antiera-Andy Rose (also know as Antiera-Jessibiah) 

Sacred Rose of the Beloved - Sacred Psalms

Sacred Writings about the Heavenly Divine Marriage of two who are One – Divine Counterparts at the God Goddess level of Creation – the beauty of Heaven on Earth

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