The Real Living Reality of Shared Sacred Dreamspace ~ by Antiera & Andy Rose

Shared Sacred Dreamspace by Antiera-Andy Rose (test one)-2

Under a starlit sky,
in the deepest sleep,
I softly spiral upwards
and enter into
the Light of our own Soul.

His touch
is the touch of God on my Body,
His skin,
soft as silk.

Every moment with Him
lasts for eternity,
as we meet in the vastness
of our shared Sacred Dreamspace
~ Antiera-Andy Rose 

Hello dear friends, I had written this poetry and blog post a few months ago and had saved it as a draft. I believe at the time I was thinking I would add some more to the writing, but decided to share this now. I hope each of you are enjoying a beautiful day filled with the beauty of Paradise. Here is our heavenly writing on Shared Sacred Dreamspace.

Divine Counterparts often meet in the sacred reality of higher dimensional dreamspace. These dreams are deeply real, alive, vivid and beautiful. They are more real than our waking moments on this current earth plane. For those of us whose Divine Counterparts reside in a higher dimension, this meeting place of shared sacred dreamspace is a merging of Heaven and Earth.

I noticed in the new energies, there is a softness when travelling through the dimensions to meet in Sacred Dreamspace. In the older energies, traveling through the dimensions in dreamtime could feel very harsh as you travelled at incredibly fast and uncomfortable speeds through upward tunnels, but in these new energies there is a beautiful soft gentle spiralling up through the dimensions. Even the essence of normal night time dreams has changed; there is a soft energy and a soft light that even regular night time dreams exist in now.

The real, vivid experiences in the true reality of Sacred Dreamspace could be described as being at the core or below the surface of regular dreams. When we begin to be conscious at times that these eternal experiences of higher dimensional dreams are ALWAYS going on, we can begin to experience what feels like a waking up out of the regular dream state as we enter into the higher dimensional reality of Sacred Dreamspace. In essence, these are not just higher dimensional dreams, they are the real dimension of heaven, and these experiences continually exist at the core of our day to day daily lives as well, even though we may be unconscious of this. Awake, or asleep, even in your night time dreams,  true heaven lives within you.

These higher dimensional dreams serve a deep purpose in the life path of Divine Counterparts. Distance on this earth, or difference in dimension does not separate Divine Love. Life is lived deeply as One regardless of outer appearance.

We are each planting seeds of the New Energies and are the living flowering blossoms of Heaven on Earth. These higher dimensional dreams are real living eternal moments of Divine Counterparts. Whether you are consciously aware or not of these experiences with your Divine Counterpart in this shared Sacred Dreamspace, know that these sacred experiences are always being lived and breathed by you both, continually, every moment for eternity.

In love & gratitude for the beauty your true essence brings to this earth ~ Antiera-Andy Rose

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When We Honour the Sacred Love ~ by Antiera-Andy Rose


Laying in bed,
I sense him
lying next to me;

… and I can hear him breathe.

The realms of heaven
blend in with this earth,
when we honour the sacred love
that is the heartbeat of our existence.

~ Antiera-Andy Rose



Our psalms and poetry are created & shared to assist you in connecting in new or deeper ways with your own Divine Counterpart at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. These psalms can be used in prayer practices such as Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), meditation or in other ways you may feel drawn to do so.

With Love & Blessings for a beautiful day, Antiera-Andy Rose

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A Redesign of our Website, A New Focus and A New Name for our Writings


Hello beautiful Souls,

This blog post is announcing some exciting new changes. We have finally finished a redesign of our website as we focus on a new direction for our writings. Last year after going through a beautiful season of the soul of releasing & letting go, a new name for our writings, “Sacred Rose of the Beloved” emerged. I knew with this new name a redirection for our writings was also being birthed. It has taken a year for these seeds to grow & blossom. I love honouring the sacred rhythms & motion of life, not rushing or forcing anything, but allowing the beauty of the new to be birthed in its own time.

As the new comes to fruition, we are now shifting our focus towards writing Sacred Psalms & Poetry instead of writing articles. This is a calling that is deep within our being & makes our heart sing with joy. We may still write the occasional longer article, but our main focus for our website will be writing Psalms & Poetry and at times we will share some short writings about a paragraph in length.

I had thought of possibly deleting all of our old writings and starting fresh, but I received the guidance to leave some of the writings. I began going through our old writings to see which ones to delete and which ones to keep, but the task was overwhelming. So for now, several of the old writings have been made private. The ones that I have kept public, I have created new art quotes with the Canva app to freshen up our website and to add to the visual beauty of our site. In time I may make a few of the private writings public once again, but for now it feels right to move forward with the launching of the redesign of our site and to begin sharing some of our new Psalms & Poetry. The gift of our Psalms & writings is still to assist others in deepening the connection & oneness with their own Beloved Divine Counterpart at the God Goddess level of Creation. Each of us on this planet have unique gifts to share as we assist each other in awakening the realms of heaven within us and all around us. Thank you for your beautiful presence and the gifts that your Soul shares, merging heaven and earth. Even quiet beauty is a gift shared with this world on profound levels. Never under estimate the gift of your unspoken Soul beauty that radiates from your presence.

Thank you dear friends. Wishing you a bright & beautiful day filled with the beauty of Paradise. ~ Antiera-Andy Rose

We have created some new pages for our website. Today we will share a link to one of the pages that is called ‘Economy of Paradise’. This is something that we are deeply passionate about. If you feel drawn to do so, you can visit our new page here: