The Soft Gentle Spirals of a New Dimension of Time by Antiera-Andy Rose


As I looked at our website the other day and saw that we hadn’t posted anything since December 9th, I realized how much I have stepped out of chronological time. The website felt new and fresh, not as if it had been sitting dormant for months. The experience of time continues to change beautifully and profoundly in these New energies. 

Like a soft silky spiralling motion we have entered into a new dimension of time. This new dimension of time resides in the essence of Now, of eternity, and is deeply connected to the true divine rhythms of life, of Gaia, and the cosmos. In this space of the eternal now, Heaven and Earth are One. 

Last year I began reading bits and pieces of the book ‘Music of Silence – A Sacred Journey Through the Hours of the Day’ by David Steindl-Rast and Sharon Lebell. This book is a beautiful writing on the monastic tradition of praying the canonical hours and poetically expresses stepping into the Now dimension of time. The authors express: 

“For now does not occur in chronological time, but transcends it. Here, time is not conceived as running out, but as rising like water in a well, rising to that fullness of time that is now.” ~ from Music of Silence – A Sacred Journey Through the Hours of the Day

While I had already began experiencing a new relationship with time beforehand, this book assisted me in deepening this experience in more profound and conscious ways. 

Each day we can have a more conscious experience of the feeling or essence of dawn, of mid-morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night; from the subtle changes of light, the subtle differences in the feeling and essence as the light of day rises, peaks and then descends into darkness. As we become more consciously aware and sense the subtle feelings and changes throughout the day of the earth, air, atmosphere and light, we step out of chronological time and into the flow and motion of a new dimension of time. We slip out of our minds view of the Gregorian calendar of  chronological time and step into a new dimension of time that softly spirals with the gentle flow and motion of the cosmic cycles and true rhythms of life. We gently enter into the eternal Now where our own Soul, our God/Goddess Self resides. 

Love & Blessings in this beautiful Eternal Now moment, Antiera-Andy Rose 

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Entering the Soft Gentle Spirals of a New Dimension of Time by Antiera-Andy Rose