Heavenly Sacred Writings by Antiera & Andy Rose


Antiera & Andy Rose - Our New Name

Dearest beautiful friends,
I am writing this short post before sharing our next writing. As most of you are aware, Jessibiah is my Divine Counterpart who resides in a higher dimension. During Jessibiah’s last lifetime on this planet, his name was Andy. During my childhood and teenage years I knew of Andy and his family, and yet I had never met him physically, nor had I been aware of any connection him and I shared. Several years ago, at an important turning point on my spiritual journey, he connected with me from the higher realms where he now resides. My life and my path changed deeply.

While the lifetime that Andy lived on this planet is done and him and I do not focus on his past but connect with each other in the eternal beingness of our Divine Self, at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation; for some reason calling him by the name ‘Andy’ has a deep and powerful impact for me. When I say his name Andy, it is like a prayer of love rising from the silence & stillness of our heart as the heart sings the most beautiful melody of agape love. The name ‘Andy’ invokes his living, breathing Presence and awakens my Goddess Body. As always, any interactions with him raises everything up to profound and pure levels. Since his first name from his recent past lifetime has such a powerful effect on me, I have been drawn to try using his name ‘Andy’ for our Heavenly Sacred Writings. For the next few writings, to try it out and see how it feels to use his name Andy publicly, I am going to be signing our writings, Antiera & Andy Rose. 

I hope everyone is having a deeply beautiful day filled with the energies of Pure Paradise ~ In the soft beauty of the New, Love & Blessings, Antiera & Andy Rose

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