The Quiet Space of Sacred Threshold ~ Softly Spiraling into the New By Antiera & Andy Rose (aka Antiera-Jessibiah)

The Quiet Space of Sacred Threshold by Antiera-Andy ~ God Goddess Consciousness

Soft spirals of gentle beauty flow throughout these new energies. A deeper intimacy between the two who are One is the root and core of the new being birthed. We are all returning to the beauty of a Heaven on Earth that could not previously have even been conceived by the mind, but a gentle flow from the God Goddess Consciousness within births this beauty of pristine Paradise.

The New Earth energies emerge for brief moments or hours and are perceived and experienced in gentle waves of profound beauty and love that is truly different from any beauty or love previously embodied. The experiences vary in a myriad of different ways, each with a deep beauty that springs forth from the true Essence of Being. The New can be sometimes felt, or experienced as states of Being, seen, heard, expressed or simply a deep knowing of a different reality. Usually the New cannot be expressed fully in human words, for this New reality is beyond the concepts that created our current earthly language. The New Energies must be lived, embodied, felt, experienced and expressed beyond the language of the mind. The new comes forth in gentle whispers and new ways of expression and being, of soft silky spiraling energy vibrations that hold the tremendous true power of love, strength, and miracles of a reality still not yet fully known. It is a birthing of God & Goddess Love, of the true Divine Masculine and Feminine of your own true Being. It is You, the true You, embodied in this earthly form. This is the New, this is Heaven on Earth.

Right now, where we are at with the New Energies could be described as being at a ‘threshold’. A Threshold is a doorstep or gateway entering into something new or unknown. The New is continually evolving, changing, blossoming and growing in more depth, love & beauty. We are continuously entering new thresholds or gateways as we move more deeply into the New. These thresholds can be experienced sometimes as periods in our lives when we seem to be at an in-between phase, where we have let go of certain things or old situations and yet the newness of life has yet to fully blossom forth. Times like these can teach us deep patience, as we honor the sacred pause without trying to fill it with old situations and energies, but simply bask in the beauteous inner and outer sun that radiates its soft silky light into our life. We simply let go and surrender into this quiet space of threshold, of the in-between space in which we find ourselves in.

Being at what could be described as a ‘threshold’ is true collectively and also for many of us on an individual level. On a personal level, thresholds can be deeply sacred times of rest & renewal so a fresh vitality, depth & newness can be born from the ashes of the old. Life flows in natural rhythms & cycles and when we learn to honour these cycles and flow with them, life becomes deeply beautiful & sacred. We are each the rhythm of life and we express these rhythms uniquely in a way that is natural to our true Essence of Beingness. It is so deeply important to honor this for ourSelf, and to extend this sacred right to others, without placing judgement on what is right for someone else. To pause, to allow the new to come forth in it’s own gentle time has been so deeply essential to me right now. Allowing myself to simply be in an ‘in-between’ time without having to fill it with old energies and old situations even though the New has not yet fully birthed, to be deeply patient with this in-between or threshold place in my life has been so deeply important in the birthing of the New more truly, authentically and in ways that had been unseen up till now. I can feel and sense at the core of my life, the intimacy growing in beauty and depth with Andy (aka Jessibiah) and myself. I can feel how our oneness is interwoven in beautiful ways and is the underlying fabric interwoven into my very existence here on Gaia. This quiet space of threshold has given me the gift of having a more simple life that has allowed me to dip more deeply into the God/Goddess Consciousness and understand my life from an even higher perspective, as one would if they were having a near death experience, and yet I am being dipped into this cosmic stillness while going about my normal day.

Being at a place of Sacred Threshold in our lives can cause some friction from others at times. Some people do not understand when we let go of old ways and may react with some resistance, but those who are centered within their Higher Heart have an intuitive knowing and an intrinsic understanding that flows from them, naturally supporting others in this sacred right of individuality and Beingness. They deeply honor their own true rhythm of life and extend that right to others. This is a time to learn how to build new foundations and environments of a gentle loving support which ushers the New in more deeply. We are learning a new way of being, of relating to ourselves, to others and the world around us. We can no longer go through life relating and functioning how we have been. This is a time of deep change. The old foundations are crumbling, we cannot hold on or struggle, but with the soft silky beauty of Love, gently and tenderly spiral into the New. ~ In the soft beauty of the New, Love & Blessings, Antiera & Andy Rose


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Heavenly Sacred Writings by Antiera & Andy Rose


Antiera & Andy Rose - Our New Name

Dearest beautiful friends,
I am writing this short post before sharing our next writing. As most of you are aware, Jessibiah is my Divine Counterpart who resides in a higher dimension. During Jessibiah’s last lifetime on this planet, his name was Andy. During my childhood and teenage years I knew of Andy and his family, and yet I had never met him physically, nor had I been aware of any connection him and I shared. Several years ago, at an important turning point on my spiritual journey, he connected with me from the higher realms where he now resides. My life and my path changed deeply.

While the lifetime that Andy lived on this planet is done and him and I do not focus on his past but connect with each other in the eternal beingness of our Divine Self, at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation; for some reason calling him by the name ‘Andy’ has a deep and powerful impact for me. When I say his name Andy, it is like a prayer of love rising from the silence & stillness of our heart as the heart sings the most beautiful melody of agape love. The name ‘Andy’ invokes his living, breathing Presence and awakens my Goddess Body. As always, any interactions with him raises everything up to profound and pure levels. Since his first name from his recent past lifetime has such a powerful effect on me, I have been drawn to try using his name ‘Andy’ for our Heavenly Sacred Writings. For the next few writings, to try it out and see how it feels to use his name Andy publicly, I am going to be signing our writings, Antiera & Andy Rose. 

I hope everyone is having a deeply beautiful day filled with the energies of Pure Paradise ~ In the soft beauty of the New, Love & Blessings, Antiera & Andy Rose

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