A Holy Sabbatical ~ A Period of Sacred Stillness, Rest, Quiet Personal Retreat by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Living Breathing Heartbeat of Existence by Antiera-Jessibiah

Like a softly spinning galaxy, the two who are One, the Divine Masculine & Feminine (God & Goddess Self), spiral gently throughout Creation birthing and sustaining their true reality of Paradise. The two as One create harmonious rhythms of stillness and motion. These harmonious rhythms of stillness and motion are not separate but are deeply interwoven into One and are the deep foundation of true existence. All of life, including our Soul, our Essence, is built on these rhythms of stillness (Masculine God) and motion/life/growing (Feminine Goddess) that are akin to the seasons of this planet.   

As we become more attuned to our Higher Heart and our Creational Energies (our Sacred Womb of Life, which include both the Holy Lingam and Holy Yoni), we are deeply attuned to these unique rhythms that don’t simply just flow through our Life, but IS our Life flowing and spiraling throughout existence. We become acutely aware of the flow of these innate rhythms of stillness (Source Seed) and motion (Life) that is the very foundation of our Being and who we truly are. In the past we often fought against the periods when our life would move into a time akin to the season of winter, as we grew up in a society that is built on continual expansion that is not in alignment or harmony with the true nature of life. But now we celebrate each of these seasons and rhythms of life, and flow harmoniously with them, seeing the deep beauty that each of these seasons hold within them.  

As we each change deeply, we are building a momentum on our planet where our society and systems that govern our life here on planet earth will become in tune with these true rhythms of alternating stillness and flow that seamlessly create a harmonious balance to all of life. We begin to create a life of deep caring and nurturing of Self (of the two who are One) that not only nourishes our very Being on all levels, but overflows into all of life on this planet, and on a larger scale to all of existence, in all dimensions. Life is deeply connected.

A Holy Sabbatical  ~ A Period of Sacred Stillness, Rest, Quiet Personal Retreat ~ A Deeper Connection to God/Goddess Consciousness

While our lives go through the flow of seasons, just like our planet, the rhythm of our life and ascension process does not always correspond with the current season of the planet. During a gateway around July 19, 2017, I experienced what could be called a letting go, or a gentle release of Autumn, where certain things that were not in alignment with the New Energies were gently released. Surrendering with this beautiful falling away, like the colorful leaves of autumn, I surrendered into a beautiful period of release. As my focus became a deeper nourishment, a more gentle embodiment has been emerging and growing forth. The new energies are so deeply different. Though each of us can experience these new energies uniquely, our brains are wired differently now and we cannot function the same how we would have in the past. For myself I find I need to honor more than ever now my highly sensitive introverted nature that I was born and gifted with in this lifetime. It is highly linked to my ascension process and is an expression of who I truly am. It navigates me through the new energies and IS the new energies. I cannot go against this true gift of Being but honor and flow with it in deep reverence.

Our current society and economic system is built on a constant expansion, a constant doing and a constant going which doesn’t honor the true rhythms of life. Even our social media can be like this, which is why the highly sensitive introvert needs time away from social media, and can need smaller more sacred spaces instead of large profiles with many followers. We are nourished by deeper connections, quieter spaces and a simple gentle flow of life. Nature and spending time outdoors is essential to our wellbeing. Many of us do better in tiny groups of two or three versus large gatherings. We are nourished by depth, and we live deeply. For myself, with the new energies, I find it difficult to be reading posts online daily as our brains are wired differently in the new energies. Everything is different in the new energies. If I read something, it can usually only be a paragraph in a book and I absorb what I read with depth… automatically feeling into it, connecting to this living, breathing part of me that is expressed in the written words. It has to be something that is deeply interwoven into my current journey and something that speaks to me deeply from within. Life spontaneously becomes a living prayer. The New Energies are to be lived, they are not mind-oriented or ego-oriented, but are the living, breathing heartbeat of existence. It is no longer about reading and accumulating information or knowledge through the mind, but life lived deeply in harmony with the gift of life that flows through ourselves and all of existence. When we honor what is right for ourSelf (our True Self), we flow harmoniously and honor all of life. We can no longer go along with others simply out of politeness to please another while disrespecting the change of the living, breathing ascension process within us. It is a time of honoring ourSelf, and serving the God Consciousness within ourSelf and others. This is a profound new level of kindness that breaks through the barriers of a false kindness that is in the disguise of serving other’s egos through politeness, where we go along with others simply to please them while not honoring the God/Goddess Consciousness flowing through ourselves, others and all of life. It is no longer a time to serve ego (our own ego or others egos), but a time of serving the true heartbeat of life and align with the true rhythmic nature of God/Goddess Consciousness within ourselves and others.

My beautiful Jessibiah and I are in the midst of a deeply sacred quiet time that is akin to the season of winter. It is a deeply nourishing time of stillness, of connection, of gentle quiet living that flows with beauty, bliss, joy. Life becomes a sacred prayer; a more gentle way of living. His beautiful seeds of profound Masculine God Agape Love are being planted in the Holy Womb of our Life, where the Feminine Goddess within me gives birth to the beauty of our Love as One. I am deeply honoring this call of a sabbatical, this period of sacred stillness, quiet, personal retreat in my life to honor this profound phase of winter, of stillness, of a deeper nourishment. Because of this I deleted our facebook profile. I deeply apologize to all my beautiful facebook friends, as I did not let anyone know I was doing this. I thought of writing personal messages to the friends I have been closer to, but it just felt so overwhelming to do so. In the past I would have written a post about the closing of my profile to let others know, but even that just seemed overwhelming and not in the flow of things, so I deeply honored this and simply deleted the profile. You each are beautiful, living, breathing Souls of infinite Love and I appreciate the connections we all share. From this sabbatical and sacred pause in my life, the new can grow within me so the beauty of eternity can flow forth when the season of spring arrives; fresh and alive with new life, a new expression of creativity and a blossoming beauty of the God and Goddess Consciousness. ~ Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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