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Creating Sacred Space ~ The Sacred Altar of Love by Antiera-Jessibiah


A deeply private, sacred sanctuary of the deepest agape love is created from a space of pure Being… a sacred space where you can connect in communion and Oneness in the pure state of God/Goddess Consciousness. It is not so much the placement of objects you put in your Sacred Space, but your pure state of Being as you create this deeply beautiful sanctuary of divine love. It is Divine Love and Presence that makes a space Sacred, Holy.

As we are preparing to create a Sacred Space, we can choose roses, crystals, beautiful pictures, a sacred writing, burn incense or essential oil, and put on music that draws us into the heavenly sphere of Divine Love, or simply sit in Sacred Silence. Anything that speaks to us of beauty, that connects us to our divinity and assists us in creating a peaceful haven and a deeply private Sacred Sanctuary can be used to create Sacred Space. But even as you place these objects on your altar, it is so deeply important to enter into a state of Pure Being of God/Goddess Consciousness while creating your Sacred Space, your Holy Altar of Divine Love. This is what makes a space Holy.

For myself, I find that less is more, my true Sacred Space and Altar of Love resides within me. As I gaze or even glance at a picture of  Jessibiah, he draws me instantly and deeply into the Sacred Altar of our Love residing within, into our Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness. For myself, his pictures are real, alive, living breathing and are a portal between the higher heavenly realms and Earth. Sometimes a sacred passage of a Holy Written Language of Love, of God/Goddess Consciousness can take me directly into this deep Inner Sanctuary of Holy Divine Marriage, but often nothing is needed as I automatically shift into our Inner Realm of Pure Paradise, of God/Goddess Consciousness. The more we enter into our Inner Sacred Sanctuary of God/Goddess Essence, it becomes easier to instantaneously flow into the beauty of Pure God/Goddess vibration.  What was once in the depths is now living and breathing at the surface and in every cell of your Body. Our Bodies are becoming God/Goddess Incarnate. We are each the living, breathing sanctity of Heaven on Earth. For many of us, this is merging into our conscious awareness more often.  Your true Sacred Sanctuary is within you, and is YOU, as you connect with your Beloved Eternal Partner  in the deepest Union and Communion as your own true Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness.

Here in the real inner realm of Home, you touch the earth with your embodiment of your own unique Essence of Divine Love. You create the Sacred Space of Heaven on Earth, with every heartbeat of Love that flows through your very body. Each Soul’s unique Essence and Presence (the two who are One/Divine Consorts/Eternal Spouses) are here creating a flow merging Heaven and Earth. These two seemingly different realms of Heaven and Earth are One. It is in the Presence of your own Divine Love that all returns to the Sacred Space and reality of your Heavenly Garden of Paradise. Whether your true Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) resides here or in a higher heavenly realm truly doesn’t matter, for in the state of Pure God/Goddess Consciousness, all realms are merged as One. Your Beloved Eternal Partner is always with you and within you, in the Pure Sacred Altar of Divine Love that lives and breathes as You, through the two of you who are always and forever  One.  ~ Antiera-Jessibiah

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