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The Deep Intimacy of Dawn ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah


As we prepare to cross the threshold into a new season, stepping ever more deeply into the infinite Love of who we are; we begin to see more clearly the interconnectedness of our inner life with the rhythmic dance of life upon Gaia. We are each deeply connected  in a unique way, expressing within the changing seasons and the rhythmic dance of the very life we see before us. From the simplicity of a sunrise, to the fall season of harvest, the spring season of growth and new life, or the deep nourishing rest of winter; we see that these are beautiful aspects within ourSelf and these aspects weave together to celebrate the beautiful awakening process of Ascension.

From the deep intimacy of the first soft light of dawn, to the beautiful cycles of the day, night, and the seasons, these are all interconnected to the vast infinite space of pure Being of the God/Goddess Self and become an expression of Life lived purely and deeply in Holy Divine Marriage as One.

Today in this Heavenly Sacred Writing we are going to focus on the deeply beautiful and sacred aspect of dawn within, the essence of dawn expressed as the Divine Self. What if dawn was not simply an outer event in our morning as we either watch a sunrise or rise to begin the day. What if dawn is a deeply intimate aspect of our very own Being, that resides within us as we rise to the beauty of our infinite Being.

Dawn is creational energy. As the first soft light whispers onto the horizon it symbolizes the new which is beginning to be birthed into sacred manifestation.  While in the outer world the rising sun symbolizes the birthing of a new day, the true aspect and inner nature of dawn is much deeper than what it appears to be on the surface. To the inner world (the real world) of the eternal Essence, dawn is an aspect or vibration of the ever renewing life-sustaining beauty of Love. Dawn is the birthing of a new light to all that is pure, beautiful and life-sustaining as the vibrational rays of the rising sun nourishes and penetrates all with it’s life-sustaining Essence of Love. The Inner Sun nourishes like this; ever radiating more deeply the rays of it’s Infinite Love, replenishing Body, Mind, Soul, and the Divine Marriage of the two who are One in it’s infinite rays of Love. In the Holy Divine Marriage of the God/Goddess Self(true Divine Consorts/Divine Counterparts), dawn is a deeply intimate aspect of Pure Being held deeply sacred in the sanctuary of Divine Marriage. It is an aspect of Self, of the two who are One.

Dawn is the aspect or sacred space where everything that is being brought into manifestation is nourished deeply as the seeds of infinite Love burst through the nourishing soil of Life in an ever gracing flow as we tend to our budding sacred manifestations with the deepest of Love. The representation of fall harvest can be akin to the aspect of dawn. What beautiful life-sustaining manifestations have you and your Beloved (your Eternal Spouse/Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) birthed into the new awareness of Light. Take notice, and nourish and nurture these. How has your Love as One grown?  Have you noticed the beauty of your Essence radiating at a higher vibrational level as you continue on your ascension path as One. How have you blossomed and grown more beautifully through your Love. You are blossoming into the true aspect of your own Divine God/Goddess Self. Take notice of how this has blossomed for you and find ways to nourish and nurture this true blossoming of your Divine Self, radiating as One in Holy Divine Marriage.

During this ascension process, we are all birthing sacred manifestations as we delve deeper within and embody our true Divine Essence.  As we cross the threshold into Autumn, as the old false self continues to fall softly away like the leaves on a tree, the beautiful harvest energies are calling to your attention, to bring into deeper awareness and to nourish the new dawn that has risen from within you. For this, the Sacred Manifestation of your True Divine Essence from within you, is the most beautiful manifestation of all.

This inner Essence of the aspect of dawn begins as soft whispers of Infinite Light that rise up from a state of Pure Beingness. It is a sacred space of merging the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence in deep and pure Lovemaking.

As we awaken ever more gently to the soft whispers of Infinite Dawn within ourself, we begin to honor more deeply the soft rhythms and motions of the cycles and seasons of life. This is already radiating outwardly to affect all of life on Gaia. It is here and now that we will begin as a collective consciousness to live life in a gentler way, basking in the Infinite dawning of Love as the inner and the outer worlds merge as One. ~ With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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