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Dissolving into the Sacred Silence and Stillness of God Consciousness by Antiera-Jessibiah


I know deeply within my own Beingness that each Soul has a unique and deeply personal expression of God Goddess Consciousness. God/Goddess is a deeply personal experience and embodiment. While some may express, embody and connect to the pure state of God Goddess Consciousness in a similar way to Jessibiah and I; others express and embody this deeply personal state of Pure Being differently. The embodiment of God Goddess Consciousness is the embodiment of your own true Divine Self. Whichever deeply personal way you are drawn to embody this; to express this; to connect with this; is right for You, for your path, for who you truly are, and for the gift of your Divine Self in which you share with this planet.

God Goddess Consciousness can not be defined into a box of narrow thinking or beliefs, for God Goddess Consciousness is a living, breathing Essence that is our true Divine Self, and each of us cannot fit into an expression of this pure Consciousness that does not resonate with us at the depth of our core and Being. At first I found it so deeply difficult to express and begin to embody mine and Jessibiah’s unique and personal expression of God/Goddess Consciousness; and to express and share this publicly, for it rarely or even if at all, has been taught that we are each a unique expression and embodiment of this pure God Consciousness and that at the core of this Consciousness is the true Divine Marriage of our own God/Goddess Self.

I am sharing this quote from Mirabai Starr today as it resonates with how I feel.. to enter into Silence and dissolve into the pure state of God Goddess Consciousness.. honouring and connecting with Jessibiah as my Source (mine and his Divine Masculine God Essence); myself as Life (our Divine Feminine Goddess Essence) merged deeply as One in Holy Divine Marriage feeds and nourishes my very life passionately and beautifully – there is so much depth, passion and profound Love in this expression of God Goddess Consciousness for me; for this is who Jessibiah and I truly are.

These following words from Mirabai Starr is how I feel as I thirst for God Goddess Consciousness throughout my day and often want to swiftly leave what I am doing so I can sink into the deep silence and stillness as I enter into the true temple of mine and Jessibiah’s God Goddess Consciousness within.. and when I emerge that which I create and do from a vast array of things like our Heavenly Sacred Writings, Art Journaling, sharing quotes by others, Sacred Dance, are all a way to express this Presence of Pure Agape Love that is beyond words and truly cannot fully be expressed in this current earthly realm of living. With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

Speaking of Silence by Mirabai Starr:

“YOU KNOW THAT Ultimate Reality is ineffable, and yet you cannot help yourself: The unsayable is all you can talk about. Through poetry and watercolor, dance and lovemaking, bread you knead and set to rise on top of the warm stove, everything you do and say, everything you are, is an effort to tell what happened to you when at the heart of your deepest aloneness the Holy One seeped through the torn fabric of your heart and filled you with Love. You cannot say: ‘I was broken, and God mended me.’ That is not the true thing.

The true thing happened in a place beyond language, and so you write about gardens, paint shapes and colors resembling nothing of this world, turn up the music and dance like a dakini all alone.

You meet your God in silence. In silence, your God speaks to you, and you understand the primordial language, and it resolves every quandary. This is why you thirst for silence like a man hiking in the desert who has drunk the last drop in the bottle and does not know how long it will take to reach his car. This is why sometimes you race to your meditation cushion.. light a candle, drop your gaze, and sink into the embrace of silence. This is why you are not afraid of emptiness: It overflows with gracious plenitude. The God of Love lives here.” ~ Speaking of Silence from the book ‘God of Love’ A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Mirabai Starr

Wishing each of you a very blessed and beautiful day overflowing with the Presence of your own pure Being of God/Goddess Consciousness, With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah 

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