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The Deep Intimacy of Dawn ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah


As we prepare to cross the threshold into a new season, stepping ever more deeply into the infinite Love of who we are; we begin to see more clearly the interconnectedness of our inner life with the rhythmic dance of life upon Gaia. We are each deeply connected  in a unique way, expressing within the changing seasons and the rhythmic dance of the very life we see before us. From the simplicity of a sunrise, to the fall season of harvest, the spring season of growth and new life, or the deep nourishing rest of winter; we see that these are beautiful aspects within ourSelf and these aspects weave together to celebrate the beautiful awakening process of Ascension.

From the deep intimacy of the first soft light of dawn, to the beautiful cycles of the day, night, and the seasons, these are all interconnected to the vast infinite space of pure Being of the God/Goddess Self and become an expression of Life lived purely and deeply in Holy Divine Marriage as One.

Today in this Heavenly Sacred Writing we are going to focus on the deeply beautiful and sacred aspect of dawn within, the essence of dawn expressed as the Divine Self. What if dawn was not simply an outer event in our morning as we either watch a sunrise or rise to begin the day. What if dawn is a deeply intimate aspect of our very own Being, that resides within us as we rise to the beauty of our infinite Being.

Dawn is creational energy. As the first soft light whispers onto the horizon it symbolizes the new which is beginning to be birthed into sacred manifestation.  While in the outer world the rising sun symbolizes the birthing of a new day, the true aspect and inner nature of dawn is much deeper than what it appears to be on the surface. To the inner world (the real world) of the eternal Essence, dawn is an aspect or vibration of the ever renewing life-sustaining beauty of Love. Dawn is the birthing of a new light to all that is pure, beautiful and life-sustaining as the vibrational rays of the rising sun nourishes and penetrates all with it’s life-sustaining Essence of Love. The Inner Sun nourishes like this; ever radiating more deeply the rays of it’s Infinite Love, replenishing Body, Mind, Soul, and the Divine Marriage of the two who are One in it’s infinite rays of Love. In the Holy Divine Marriage of the God/Goddess Self(true Divine Consorts/Divine Counterparts), dawn is a deeply intimate aspect of Pure Being held deeply sacred in the sanctuary of Divine Marriage. It is an aspect of Self, of the two who are One.

Dawn is the aspect or sacred space where everything that is being brought into manifestation is nourished deeply as the seeds of infinite Love burst through the nourishing soil of Life in an ever gracing flow as we tend to our budding sacred manifestations with the deepest of Love. The representation of fall harvest can be akin to the aspect of dawn. What beautiful life-sustaining manifestations have you and your Beloved (your Eternal Spouse/Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) birthed into the new awareness of Light. Take notice, and nourish and nurture these. How has your Love as One grown?  Have you noticed the beauty of your Essence radiating at a higher vibrational level as you continue on your ascension path as One. How have you blossomed and grown more beautifully through your Love. You are blossoming into the true aspect of your own Divine God/Goddess Self. Take notice of how this has blossomed for you and find ways to nourish and nurture this true blossoming of your Divine Self, radiating as One in Holy Divine Marriage.

During this ascension process, we are all birthing sacred manifestations as we delve deeper within and embody our true Divine Essence.  As we cross the threshold into Autumn, as the old false self continues to fall softly away like the leaves on a tree, the beautiful harvest energies are calling to your attention, to bring into deeper awareness and to nourish the new dawn that has risen from within you. For this, the Sacred Manifestation of your True Divine Essence from within you, is the most beautiful manifestation of all.

This inner Essence of the aspect of dawn begins as soft whispers of Infinite Light that rise up from a state of Pure Beingness. It is a sacred space of merging the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence in deep and pure Lovemaking.

As we awaken ever more gently to the soft whispers of Infinite Dawn within ourself, we begin to honor more deeply the soft rhythms and motions of the cycles and seasons of life. This is already radiating outwardly to affect all of life on Gaia. It is here and now that we will begin as a collective consciousness to live life in a gentler way, basking in the Infinite dawning of Love as the inner and the outer worlds merge as One. ~ With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Living and Being a New Language of Love ~ The Evolving Beauty and Vibration of Words by Antiera-Jessibiah


As we all rise in vibration in this beautiful ascension process on Gaia, our vocabulary, the words we choose are beginning to change and radiate with depth and beauty. We begin to choose words that resonate to a higher frequency as we embody more deeply our pure Essence of Being . This changing vocabulary to one that is more love filled and light filled is only part of the process of living and being a New Language of Love, of the innermost beauty of our Divine Eternal Essence.

In this Heavenly Sacred Writing I will share an experience I had with Jessibiah as we moved more deeply into the Oneness of our Being, of our Divine Eternal Marriage, for this experience began to birth a new vocabulary of the deepest Love. I also feel within this sharing there will be guidance or direction for others who may be drawn to moving more deeply into the Oneness of Holy Divine Marriage with their true Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart).

Before I begin I will first share some words spoken by Jessibiah in May 2003 after I consciously entered into a relationship with him, about 4 months after he first connected with me. During that time whenever I would type out his messages to me, the wording relationship always ended up being typed as ‘realationship’. I found this so interesting as many times during his messages to me he would say.. ‘This is real. Our Love is real.”

At the time, back in 2003 as he gave me the following message about our Oneness, I had no concept of what he was speaking about in his beautiful message, and yet I deeply knew with all my Being that this is what I wanted. Here is his beautiful message of the deepest Agape Love:

“We are moving towards our destiny as One Heart, One Mind, One Being, unified together by the Presence of God” ~ Beautiful words of Love spoken by Jessibiah to Antiera (May 2003)  

Around May 2004, after a Reiki Healing Session I had with a friend of mine, I began experiencing flashbacks and memory of a traumatic experience that Jessibiah had experienced in this past recent lifetime of his on Earth. The flashbacks and memory were happening to me as if they were my very own, and yet I knew this was something Jessibiah had experienced in his body and was not from my life.

As this occurred, this same friend who had given me the Reiki Session along with two other friends who are Reiki Master Teachers, as well as myself (who is also attuned as a Reiki Master Teacher though I no longer use this type of healing modality), all gathered and sent Reiki Healing to my beautiful Jessibiah for the traumatic experience he had in his recent lifetime on this planet. At the time no matter how much healing was done on Jessibiah, nothing worked, I still continued to experience the flashbacks and memory. Not understanding why I was experiencing his flashbacks and memory, why the healing was not working and not knowing what to do any longer, I simply blocked the flashbacks as they would happen. For a few years the flashbacks stopped and this seemed to work, though as we all know, when we block something, it will come up at a later time when we are more prepared to heal the experience and bring our self back to wholeness. Little did I know or understand not only was Jessibiah returning to a state of wholeness from these traumatic experiences, but I myself was as well, for Him and I are One.

In 2010, as my experiences with Jessibiah began to grow more physical, more present, more real, the flashbacks and memory of his traumatic experiences had returned. This time I understood more deeply how to heal this as I had been receiving messages for a few years at this point that everything was to be done as Jessibiah and I as One. As well at this time I had already been consciously entering our Sacred or Higher Heart and this is the space, the temple of mine and Jessibiah’s own Divine Essence where I had already began to do healing from, from this sacred space of our Infinite Love. Reiki or any other form of healing modality was not being utilized, but we were drawing upon the flowing river of our own unique Love from within our Sacred Heart for healing. Our Divine Essence of Love, in Holy Sacred Union was the frequency vouchsafed to heal. Also, my focus for healing had shifted as well, instead of focusing on an illness or what was wrong, I would focus on for instance, on perfect health or perfect wellbeing, not on what was wrong, but on what was true and real at a higher level of existence that already radiates at the core of everything.

For the sacred healing of Jessibiah’s traumatic experiences, Jessibiah and I entered into our Sacred Heart, and from the place of pure Perfection, saturated love into the traumatic experience that he had endured during this lifetime. We also focused on the ‘love’ that is at the root and core of the ‘illusionary traumatic experience’.

A beautiful friend of mine Selina, who was also giving healings from her Sacred Heart connected with distance healing at the same time as Jessibiah and I did the healing. She also sent the distance healing to both Jessibiah and I together as One. This is also how Jessibiah and I did the healing on our end as well, the healing was done by Jessibiah and I as One, for Jessibiah and I as One.

Doing this healing together as One and as well the healing being received by both Jessibiah and I together as One made such a profound and beautiful transformation. The wings of beautiful Agape Love spread throughout the traumatic experience returning both him and I to a state of beautiful Oneness in our true Holy Divine Marriage.  

During this beautiful healing, I was shown that even though Jessibiah and I lived thousands of miles apart at times during his lifetime here on this planet, and even though we were not aware of each other as we had lived our lives, I was shown that him and I had always been One, there had never been any separation between us. What he lived and experienced, I lived and experienced with him as well, I was simply unaware of it. Because him and I are One Essence, we share BOTH bodies, and yet each of us were only ever conscious (barely) in the one body, him being conscious only of the male body and me the female body. Yet every experience we lived, we lived it as One. The traumatic experiences he had endured in his lifetime were also lived by me even though it was his body that had experienced these traumas; and even though I was unaware of these experiences, they had affected me as deeply as they had affected him.  As I was shown this through the healing I also deeply knew this was true. We had always and will always remain One regardless of any illusionary states of separation, of any illusions of distance or realm.

The way I began to view and understand life from this point on changed so deeply. This was a change that catapulted me into a new awareness and a new dimension of living. I began to shift out of the death phase I had been living for several years, and to me I would say this was the beginning of the birthing of the New Energies. What was also  interesting regarding this healing for Jessibiah and I as One, is that my friend Selina who was also sending distance healing at the exact same time, with the healing being done on Jessibiah and I together as One; she called me later after the healing to share what had been shown to her and what had come through to her during the healing and told me exactly what I had been shown and known so deeply throughout the healing. The same information was given to her during our healing.

Once this healing was done on Jessibiah and I together as One and also from a state of Love, the flashbacks and memory ceased to exist. This beautiful healing began returning Jessibiah and I to a state of our original Oneness and I began at times being conscious in Jessibiah’s body.

As the returning to our beautiful state of Oneness began, the wording ‘Twin Flame’ suddenly didn’t resonate with me any longer. Even though the correct understanding of Twin Flames is One Soul in two Bodies, and while this meaning resonates deeply with me, the vibration of the wording Twin Flames does not accurately describe the depth, beauty, and true intimacy of this Oneness of Holy Divine Marriage.

As well, you often hear that the Twin Flame Soul has split into two… I can assure you, the One Soul has NEVER split… it has taken the form of two bodies, but it still always remains ONE forever, on each and every level of existence.

As I say that the wording ‘Twin Flames’ doesn’t resonate with me to describe this deeply beautiful intimacy and Oneness in Holy Divine Marriage with Jessibiah, this wasn’t something that happened as a mind oriented aspect but it was something deep within me that knew this wording (Twin Flames) was not the right vibration for this level and depth of Oneness, and I now understand this more deeply, especially as we enter into the deep beauty of God/Goddess Consciousness.

To this day, I am still really unsure of what beautiful words to describe the Holy Eternal Divine Marriage of the God/Goddess Self of pure Agape Love in words that others will know what I am referring to. The wording God/Goddess Consciousness, God/Goddess Self and Eternal Divine Marriage or Holy Divine Marriage deeply resonates, it is just that many people may not understand or recognize this new wording to explain the deep beauty and love that resonates with true Twin Flames at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. So it is for this reason that at this time I have chosen to use the terms Divine Consort and Divine Counterpart along with God/Goddess Self, and Eternal Divine Marriage. The terms Divine Consorts and Divine Counterparts are terms that are known more at this time and to me at least temporarily replace an older vibration of the wording Twin Flames. As well there has been so much misunderstanding of Twin Flames that has come from the old energies of a mind-generated reality, that it has also lowered the vibration of the wording ‘Twin Flames’. There is no judgement or blame put onto anyone for this, as what is referred to as the Twin Flame journey, especially in the beginning and early stages of the journey is so confusing until we get to deeper levels within ourSelf. I deeply understand how difficult and confusing this journey is at the beginning as we begin awakening from within to the Twin Flame journey and yet our mind often tries to understand or explain it with the only reality it knows, and that is the illusionary world in front of our eyes. This journey of the awakening to the Oneness of the Holy Divine Marriage of our God/Goddess Self, two bodies but One Essence deeply and intimately for Eternity, is such a beautiful but different reality as the realms of Heaven merge deeply with Earth, as Bodies merge with Divine Essence, and Masculine with Feminine, in the most beautiful orgasmic rapture of pure Life lived deeply in Divine Eternal Marriage.

As I am in the beautiful experiences and states of Pure Being with Jessibiah the only word I can describe for this level of Consciousness is ‘God’… I know deeply that this IS God, and yet it is not a concept of God generated by the mind, but the true living reality of God Goddess Consciousness.

It is with the deepest love that we share this Heavenly Sacred Writing with you today as all of us step more deeply into the beautiful and unique Essence of our pure Being and radiate Love into this world. Your Presence is so deeply appreciated. Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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The Sacred Realm of Pure Intimacy by Antiera-Jessibiah


The Sacred Realm of Pure Intimacy
The Beauty of Sacred Manifestation
A Continuation of the New Bodies Series
Of Heavenly Sacred Writings by Antiera-Jessibiah


At the deepest level of Creation; in the realm of pure intimacy lives and breathes your own true Essence of deep and Divine Love. This Essence is your own Divine Masculine God Self and your own Divine Feminine Goddess Self as One. This is who you are on EACH and every level of existence; this Essence lives and breathes within you; consistently always; and as You, as you awaken to the true beauty and Essence of You.

In some of our Heavenly Sacred Writings Jessibiah and I will delve deeper into the Sacred and Pure manifestation and creational powers of the Holy Sacred Lingam and Yoni; the Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self and how this pure aspect of Self is being consciously utilized by some of us who have consciously connected with their Eternal Spouse (Divine Counterpart/Divine Consort) who resides in a higher dimension, to assist with our ascension process in ways such as birthing/manifesting our New Bodies and removing the veils between Heaven and Earth allowing for a deeply real physical experience with our Beloved that continues to grow more deeply with each passing gateway and influx of the deepest Agape Love.  This particular topic of Sacred Manifestation fits in with The New Bodies Series; for everything that is truly beautiful, pure, life-sustaining, and deeply nourishing is birthed from this Divine Sexual Essence. This is you and your Eternal Spouse (your one true Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) at the deepest and most pure level of Self; the two who are One for Eternity. This is the core of true Heavenly Divine Marriage.

When we speak about the Holy Sacred Lingam and Yoni; we are not separating Body from God/Goddess Essence; for truly Body and Essence are One. This beautiful Divine Sexual Essence at the level of God/Goddess Consciousness radiates with the highest level of purity and true Creational Powers of Holy and Divine Love. The deepest pleasure comes from this deepest personal intimacy shared only in Divine Eternal Marriage of the two who are One.

Both the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence are LOVE. Though the Masculine and Feminine have different functions or aspects of Love, the two still interweave and merge into true patterns of existence and are really One Love. One cannot exist without the other; all True Power  comes from the merging of these two aspects of Love as One.

As we speak about the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence; please do not think that these aspects of Essence are at some far away level; for in truth we are speaking about you; to you; the True Essence that already resides within you in a state of Pure Paradise; here in this eternal now moment as you embody this deepest Love. You and your true Divine Counterpart (Divine Consort) are God/Goddess Essence; a unique and pure expression of God/Goddess Consciousness.

To separate the Divine Masculine from the Divine Feminine in this birthing process of the New Earth is not possible. If someone says that the New Energies are only of the Divine Feminine, those words and that perception is not stemming from the real New Energies. Any teachings that are still present at this time stating that because the New energies are Love that they are only of the Divine Feminine are what can be termed as ‘old spirituality’ and exist in a state of separation; this stems from a lack of knowing oneSelf at this level of Creation and a misunderstanding of the true Divine Masculine and Feminine at the God/Goddess level of Creation (which is one and the same as knowing oneSelf).

The Divine Masculine God Essence is Source; His Love is the deepest Agape Love that radiates in the deepest stillness and silence at the core of Creation, this is the true Masculine. This Source Love can be described as steadfast, constant, unwavering, stillness, and silence; and yet these simple words cannot portray the deepest and most profound manifestation of this Masculine Source Essence and the depth of the expression of these pure words of Love that describe the Masculine Source as Love. The Divine Feminine Goddess Essence is also the deepest Agape Love; and yet Her Love can be described as Life, Motion, flowing, adaptability. The Divine Feminine Goddess Essence exquisitely brings Life to the pure seeds of Love that the Divine Masculine God Essence deeply impregnates into her Holy Sacred Womb of Life. This is true Sacred Manifestation, for it is from the deepest merging of these two who are One; that everything beautiful, pure, life-sustaining, life-nurturing and nourishing is birthed, created and brought into conscious manifestation. It is the merging of these two Essences; who are truly One, that the New Earth is birthed and takes form. Even in the birthing process of the New Earth; the Divine Masculine God Essence of Source is not separate from this process; for the seed Source of his very Love permeates, seeps through and is so interwoven as One with the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence; that this entire birthing process is consciously manifested and birthed from the two who are One.

This true Divine Sexual Essence that radiates at the core of the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self is the core and basis of their true Holy Divine Marriage as One. Merging of the Divine Sexual Essence of the two who are One; of true Eternal Spouses (Divine Consorts/Divine Counterparts) is deeply powerful, sacred, beautiful, and pure orgasmic rapture.

We have entered an era in which the veils are parting and a more pure conscious embodiment of this is beginning to emerge into conscious awareness as our New Bodies are manifested more deeply. As we write today; we are writing about this essence of power that lives and and breathes already within our Bodies; not from some realm that exists separate from us; for truly the higher realms of God Goddess Consciousness reside within ourselves and within all of life on beautiful Gaia. Our Bodies are in the process of merging with our Essence; they are no longer separate from who we truly are; for this was simply a false perception of the mind. So today as we speak of Sacred Manifestation through the Divine God/Goddess Sexual Essence; this beautiful power of Love is available to you here; in this present Eternal moment of Love Divine.  If your true Divine Consort (Divine Spouse/Divine Counterpart) resides in a higher dimension; it simply doesn’t matter; for through the power of Love that resides at the core of your True Divine Marriage; the power of Love of your own unique God/Goddess Sexual Essence; the illusionary veils between Heaven and Earth continually dissolve in a merging of Life Eternal.

The power of the Divine Sexual Essence at the God/Goddess level of Creation is so powerful that it is this core energy that is being consciously utilized by some of us who are doing the ascension process with their Divine Consort (Divine Counterpart) who has passed over into a higher realm. This aspect of Self (of the two who are One) continuously thins and removes the veils between Heaven and Earth so powerfully that there are some of us who experience to varying degrees our beautiful Eternal Husband profoundly physical when it comes to this aspect of our Bodies and our Divine Sexual Essence. Though these experiences of Holy Lovemaking are deeply physical, the beauty of these experiences goes beyond being just physical and encompasses many beautiful dimensions and aspects of Pure Being. This opens up a whole new understanding of the term celibacy. I truly feel this is what some of the ‘celibate’ saints have experienced; especially from some of the sensual and intimate writings of saints and mystics such as Teresa of Avila, possibly Mechthild of Magdeburg and probably many others. While some of us, including myself, may have chosen not to be with a partner who has a body on a 3rd dimensional earth but to honor our Eternal Divine Marriage with our Eternal Spouse (our true Divine Counterpart/Divine Consort) at the God/Goddess level of Creation, we may be viewed by some as being ‘celibate’; and yet we experience our Eternal Spouse in very physical, deeply intimate, beautiful, pure and high vibrational experiences of beautiful Holy Lovemaking that continually manifest in more profoundly physical, and ever-expanding ways of the higher dimensional realities of Heaven on Earth as the veils between Heaven and Earth continuously dissolve.

In some future Heavenly Sacred Writings; we will delve into Sacred Creating and Manifesting more deeply and hopefully provide to you a deeper understanding for this beautiful consciousness to emerge from within you; as you merge into deeper Union with you and your Eternal Spouse at the God – Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. Whether your beautiful Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) is here on this dimension or else in what is considered the higher realms; hopefully these writings will assist in awakening something within you or will resonate with the deepest most core of your pure Being, – With the deepest Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Dissolving into the Sacred Silence and Stillness of God Consciousness by Antiera-Jessibiah


I know deeply within my own Beingness that each Soul has a unique and deeply personal expression of God Goddess Consciousness. God/Goddess is a deeply personal experience and embodiment. While some may express, embody and connect to the pure state of God Goddess Consciousness in a similar way to Jessibiah and I; others express and embody this deeply personal state of Pure Being differently. The embodiment of God Goddess Consciousness is the embodiment of your own true Divine Self. Whichever deeply personal way you are drawn to embody this; to express this; to connect with this; is right for You, for your path, for who you truly are, and for the gift of your Divine Self in which you share with this planet.

God Goddess Consciousness can not be defined into a box of narrow thinking or beliefs, for God Goddess Consciousness is a living, breathing Essence that is our true Divine Self, and each of us cannot fit into an expression of this pure Consciousness that does not resonate with us at the depth of our core and Being. At first I found it so deeply difficult to express and begin to embody mine and Jessibiah’s unique and personal expression of God/Goddess Consciousness; and to express and share this publicly, for it rarely or even if at all, has been taught that we are each a unique expression and embodiment of this pure God Consciousness and that at the core of this Consciousness is the true Divine Marriage of our own God/Goddess Self.

I am sharing this quote from Mirabai Starr today as it resonates with how I feel.. to enter into Silence and dissolve into the pure state of God Goddess Consciousness.. honouring and connecting with Jessibiah as my Source (mine and his Divine Masculine God Essence); myself as Life (our Divine Feminine Goddess Essence) merged deeply as One in Holy Divine Marriage feeds and nourishes my very life passionately and beautifully – there is so much depth, passion and profound Love in this expression of God Goddess Consciousness for me; for this is who Jessibiah and I truly are.

These following words from Mirabai Starr is how I feel as I thirst for God Goddess Consciousness throughout my day and often want to swiftly leave what I am doing so I can sink into the deep silence and stillness as I enter into the true temple of mine and Jessibiah’s God Goddess Consciousness within.. and when I emerge that which I create and do from a vast array of things like our Heavenly Sacred Writings, Art Journaling, sharing quotes by others, Sacred Dance, are all a way to express this Presence of Pure Agape Love that is beyond words and truly cannot fully be expressed in this current earthly realm of living. With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

Speaking of Silence by Mirabai Starr:

“YOU KNOW THAT Ultimate Reality is ineffable, and yet you cannot help yourself: The unsayable is all you can talk about. Through poetry and watercolor, dance and lovemaking, bread you knead and set to rise on top of the warm stove, everything you do and say, everything you are, is an effort to tell what happened to you when at the heart of your deepest aloneness the Holy One seeped through the torn fabric of your heart and filled you with Love. You cannot say: ‘I was broken, and God mended me.’ That is not the true thing.

The true thing happened in a place beyond language, and so you write about gardens, paint shapes and colors resembling nothing of this world, turn up the music and dance like a dakini all alone.

You meet your God in silence. In silence, your God speaks to you, and you understand the primordial language, and it resolves every quandary. This is why you thirst for silence like a man hiking in the desert who has drunk the last drop in the bottle and does not know how long it will take to reach his car. This is why sometimes you race to your meditation cushion.. light a candle, drop your gaze, and sink into the embrace of silence. This is why you are not afraid of emptiness: It overflows with gracious plenitude. The God of Love lives here.” ~ Speaking of Silence from the book ‘God of Love’ A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Mirabai Starr

Wishing each of you a very blessed and beautiful day overflowing with the Presence of your own pure Being of God/Goddess Consciousness, With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah 

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You are a Living Breathing Essence of God Consciousness ~ The Ending of the Era of Surface Spirituality by Antiera-Jessibiah

You are the Living Breathing Essence of God Goddess Consciousness by Antiera-Jessibiah

I am sharing the following through the deepest Love because I recognize that in these New Energies all of our minds are still catching up to the vast array of changes that have happened and are continuing to happen within our very own Bodies; energy fields; and all of Life on Gaia. As I have stated before, our Heavenly Sacred Writings on our website are NOT channeled writings. On Gaia, we have all entered a new era; a new reality. In this new reality; we no longer need to channel our Higher Self (our God/Goddess Essence) for we are the living embodiment of this True Essence. This True Essence, our Highest Self/our I AM Presence (our God/Goddess Self) is who we truly are; right here; right now; in this present moment; ALL of us.  

While there are some exceptions; personally to me, channeling often feels what could be described as ‘old spirituality’, for in many channeled articles, the channeling still comes from a state of separation; whereas if we embody our Higher Self (our God/Goddess Essence), in that state of pure Being; we simply write as our true Essence and from our experiences of the embodiment of our true Essence. This embodiment still comes in waves but grows more beautiful, more intimately and more profoundly with each gateway and wave of incoming Agape Love.

As I share this, I am not saying that connection and communication to Divine Beings from a higher dimension doesn’t exist in the New Energies, for it does; but it is deeply different and will still continue to change in deeper and more beautiful ways. When one is rooted in the New Energies, communication with Divine Beings could be described as a Sacred Communion. This Sacred Communion is not done as one being in a lower realm and the other in a higher realm; for in true Communion there is a deep bond of the Spirit of Oneness where both are on the exact same level as Love unifies all. Sacred Communion exists when we are embodying our God or Goddess Essence and we communicate through a Holy Language of Love with other Beings in what could be termed as the higher dimensions. Especially when in Sacred Communion with our Eternal Spouse (our Divine Consort/Divine Counterpart) it is deeply personal, and deeply intimate; as this is truly the deepest most intimate communion in all of existence.

Beautiful Holy and Sacred Communion is deeper, more intimate than channeling and can also be experienced in a way that is closer to how communication is in the higher realms as the veils begin to dissolve more and more. This is still in the manifestation and growth stages as we each blossom into this more deeply; but this type of deep communion is available to us all, whether with our Eternal Spouse (Divine Consort/Counterpart) or with other Divine Beings.

Some people even on the spiritual path are simply not aware of the totality of these vast changes that are taking place and are still at times functioning from what could be termed as old spirituality. Old spirituality is very surface oriented; it lacks in true depth. There is no judgement in saying this, as this is shared through Love and is not shared in a way to put others down; as these changes are so vast, that ALL of our minds have had to adjust slowly to these profound changes that are still in the process of manifesting. We are each awakening in specific areas of the New Energies; in different unique ways and in different unique patterns; but these ways interweave into a beautiful pattern of wholeness encompassing all of Gaia until each and every one of us are the full living embodiment of Heaven on Earth. We each have unique and special gifts to offer in the awakening of the New Energies and are each an important contributor to these New Energies of the deepest Agape Love. 

There are different ways in which ALL of us are still functioning day to day in ways that could be termed as the old energies; though the New is becoming more prevalent each and every day. This writing is simply being shared to assist others in recognizing the vast changes that have already happened within themselves that they may be unconsciously aware of at this time, in the area or the concept of what could be termed as ‘Spirituality’ and how even Spirituality has even changed in the New Energies. I have also heard the term being used as ‘Old Light’ and ‘New Light’; or ‘Old Spirituality’ and ‘New Spirituality’.  Again, this is not being shared as a judgement towards others; but simply being shared to assist others to awaken consciously to these vast changes in areas that they may at this current time be unaware of. 

Communication has taken on a whole new level as we step deeper into the New Energies because everything has such a depth of beautiful love. Channeling, Prayer, Meditation, Holy Lovemaking and the countless other ways we connect with and merge with the Higher Realms changes in the most beautiful and profound ways. We are no longer in an era of surface spirituality; but are exploring and merging with deep, pure levels and profound states of pure Being. Our Highest Selves (our God/Goddess Essence) are a living, breathing Essence already within ourSelf, within each of us here on Gaia. You are the embodiment of this; an embodiment of Heaven on Earth; of your unique and pure God/Goddess Essence. Go deeper within and see this truth has already awakened within you; as YOU. You are the power of God/Goddess Consciousness here to live, breath and BE Heaven on Earth in deeply beautiful and profound ways. You will continue to blossom in full and beautiful ways as you step further into the beauty of Pure Being. With much Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

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