The Beautiful Holy Lingam & Yoni ~ A Deep & Powerful Merging of God & Goddess Self by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Beautiful Holy Lingam & Yoni by Antiera-Jessibiah - God Goddess Self

Both the Holy Lingam & Yoni are deeply Sacred, deeply Holy. One is not more powerful than the other for it is in the coming together of the two as One in the deepest Love at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation with your true Divine Spouse (Divine Counterpart) where all true power resides.  

There is still in many spiritual sharings misunderstandings that the New Energies are Feminine; that the feminine is more powerful than the masculine and that it is women that will bring about the healing of the earth; any time anything of that nature is shared; it is coming from a place of separation; of truly not understanding the full depths of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine at the God/Goddess level of Creation. Misunderstandings such as these are not a part of the New Earth Energies but stem from a level of separation. Truly you cannot separate the Divine Masculine & Feminine; for it is in the merging of two where all is manifested, birthed and created from. 

In previous writings we have described the New Earth Energies as being silky soft; please do not misunderstand this description in thinking that these energies are only of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. Softness has often been incorrectly perceived in society to be  feminine. The silky softness I speak about is a merging of both the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One. True softness, true beauty and anything else that is divinely nourishing is a deep and pure merging of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One.

As Jessibiah and I speak today about the Holy Lingam & Yoni; please understand that these are not only body parts; but are the Divine Sexual Essence of the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self. 

I am going to describe a little about my understanding of the New Bodies that we are all manifesting and how they relate to the physical Bodies in the higher realms of pure Heaven; for in truth our New Bodies and the Bodies of Pure Perfection in the higher heavenly realms are one and the same. Though the following isn’t related only to the Holy Lingam & Yoni; I feel it is important to share this in assisting you to understand the higher truth and viewpoint from which Jessibiah and I speak of and express the Holy Lingam & Yoni from.

In our last Heavenly Sacred Writing I described the silky soft hairless skin of Jessibiah and the silky fluid motion of the movements of his body of pure Perfection. This is what is manifesting for our Bodies here on earth; as separation between Divine Essence (Divine Self) and Body ceases to exist. Jessibiah’s Body is fully merged with his (our) Divine Masculine God Essence. His beautiful Essence permeates throughout his entire Body for there is no separation in Body and Essence. This is happening for all of us here as our New Bodies manifest more deeply in the New Energies. I know for myself and probably for many others (possibly everyone);  I no longer have chakras as my Essence has spread throughout my entire body and is in the process of merging with my earthly body. I know it is not just me who this is happening to; even though I have not read of anyone’s experiences with this and as well possibly there are others who are simply not aware of this. Even though there has been the disappearance of the chakra system and my Goddess Essence is merging with my Body; it is still a process; and is not at this point fully complete as I experience waves of my New Body beginning to manifest into this realm in small ways. It is still very much in the infant stages; and I am in no way fully ascended or fully awakened; as I truly feel no one is at this point in this process. Please know that as I share this; I honestly do not view myself as more advanced than others; as I feel in the New Energies we are all in the infant stages of these energies. Personally, I feel this change of the disappearance of the chakra system as the God/dess Consciousness merges with the Body has probably happened for many people; possibly even all; but I feel some people are just not aware of the disappearance of the chakra system as their mind still has not comprehended the vast changes that are already well underway. I am sure there are so many beautiful and profound things we all are still unaware of as these changes continue to manifest.

So as Jessibiah and I speak today in this Heavenly Sacred Writing about the Holy Lingam and Yoni; we are talking about it in the truth of Essence merged with Body; from the standpoint of the New Bodies. These beautiful and sacred parts of the body of the Holy Lingam and Yoni are the manifestation of the Divine Sexual Essence into form and are deeply a powerful aspect of Creating and Manifesting. In these New Energies the Divine Masculine God Self and the Divine Feminine Goddess Self births all that is deeply beautiful, pure, sacred, life-sustaining, life-nurturing from their Divine Sexual Essence as One.

For our next Heavenly Sacred Writing we will delve deeper into this aspect of the Holy Lingam and Yoni; of the Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self (true Divine Counterparts/Eternal Spouses), and how the two as One can already consciously manifest from this beautiful aspect of powerful Love through Divine and Holy Lovemaking; regardless of whether your Divine Counterpart is in a higher realm or on this Earth plane. This powerful aspect of the Two who are One knows no illusionary barriers or veils between Heaven and Earth as the power of Love merges all back into the Oneness of True Sensual Divine Marriage.

The true Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self is a pure higher vibration of sensuality, of very beautiful heightened enraptured arousal at a pure and high level of vibration, and a deeper more pure level of pleasure than in the old earth energies. It is the true core of Holy Divine Marriage and is deeply personal, treated with the deepest respect, is held deeply Sacred and is shared only between the two who have always been One in the deepest of Love; staying only ever within their true Divine Marriage. With Love and Blessings for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah

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