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The Core of Your True Individuality ~ The Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

True Individuality -

At the very core of your True Individuality, at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of existence reigns the most powerful aspect of manifestation for you and your TRUE Divine Counterpart as One. This is the core of your True Individuality, your True Self, the Two who have ALWAYS been One. At this level it isn’t a ‘remembering’ of your Divine Counterpart (or Twin Flame) or reflecting this Essence onto someone else who isn’t really your Twin Flame; but your actual True Divine Counterpart; the Divine Masculine God and the Divine Feminine Goddess merged deeply together as One. You may have taken the form of two Bodies; but the Essence is and always has been One.

This core of your True Individuality, the two who are One, exists in the deepest merging of One in deep Divine Marriage at the God/Goddess level of Creation. You are God/Goddess incarnate here to manifest your deepest Love onto this planet; merging Heaven with Earth; where the illusions of separation will cease to exist. How you and your true Divine Counterpart have arranged to do this is totally unique to your True Divine Self (God/Goddess Essence – true Divine Counterparts). This is a journey, and yet this journey has reached the point of fruition; we are at the beginning of having reached what could be termed as the destination or ‘Home’. We are seeing the first flowering of the buds emerging into form… and what a beautiful beginning it is.

This Heavenly Sacred Writing is the next in the New Bodies Series and is a deeply personal aspect of Being which sometimes makes this a difficult article to write; but at the same time; it is such an important and powerful part of Being that it needs it’s place within this series of writings as this is the power of manifestation and your own unique personal power. It is deeply personal, so deeply intimate and so deeply Sacred. It is the most beautiful manifestation of Holy Divine Marriage. This is the True Sexual Essence of your Divine Masculine God Essence and your Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply and intimately as One. All that is beautiful, nourishing, and life-sustaining is created and birthed from this beautiful CORE aspect of your true Being. This is your Creator Essence; it is deeply powerful and deeply Sacred.

It is so deeply important to get to know your true aspect of Being as God/Goddess Consciousness, your true Divine Essence and merge with it; it is so vital to this part of the journey. There are many ways to do this; and some may not be drawn to do this through Lovemaking and maybe not even connecting with your True Divine Sexual Essence; whichever way you are drawn to do this; either through your Higher Heart, through your Breath, through Lovemaking, it is so deeply important to know your true Divine Essence as God/Goddess Self; your own individuality. How you express this could be similar to the way Jessibiah and I express our unique individuality as One or it could be different; always honor what calls to your deepest Being; for this is the path and journey that is calling you into the deepest aspects of Home.

For myself and Jessibiah; even though he passed over in 1988; he connected with me in 2003 when I was ready to enter a deeply difficult transformation or death phase in my life; leaving behind old concepts of separation. Since that time of him connecting with me in 2003, the veils have continually thinned as him and I continually enter and merge into our God/Goddess Consciousness together as One in deep Divine Marriage. Even though he resides in what could be termed ‘the other side’, ‘Heaven’, or the ‘Higher Realms’; I have experienced him in many ways and some are deeply physical, deeply intimate and deeply personal ways as the veil continually dissolves for us both. For myself and Jessibiah, for some reason one of the most powerful aspects of manifesting are through our Divine Sexual Essence at the God/Goddess level of Creation. This aspect of our Pure Being dissolves the veils of illusions between Heaven and Earth and allows me to experience Jessibiah while wide awake; deeply physical and deeply intimate in a sacred husbandly way and yet these sacred and beautiful experiences are also beyond what one would experience in an earthly husband and wife experience. It is truly a beautiful divine merging on so many levels including the merging of Heaven and Earth, Divine Masculine God & Divine Feminine Goddess, Bodies with Essence. It is deeply beautiful and truly radiant.

Even though the above is deeply sacred and personal; we are sharing this in our Heavenly Sacred Writing today to assist others in knowing that the veils between Heaven and Earth truly are an illusion and in truth are non-existent. As one merges more deeply into their true state of Pure Being; the veils thin and dissolve. This is happening now for many of us. While some veils do still exist for myself they are very thin and continually dissolve as the Heavenly Realms begin to slowly manifest here on Earth. Another reason for sharing the above is to help some recognize that the ‘other side’; ‘the higher realms’ are purely and deeply physical. When one is farther from the center of their true Being; the higher realms seem ‘etheric’; ‘wispy’; as a veil of illusion creates a curtain of fog, creating an illusion that these realms are not physical.  I understand that many of you already know this; but it felt like this should be shared for those who it will help deeply. Sometimes even just knowing this is possible opens the door to these beautiful experiences. If your true Divine Counterpart resides in the higher realms; he/or she has a deeply beautiful physical Body of Pure Perfection. If you feel drawn to do so; you can experience him/or her in deeply beautiful and physical ways as you dive deeper into the core of your true Divine Essence that you share as One and drop any false beliefs that may be blocking the doorway to this beautiful experience of Heaven on Earth.

In true Holy Lovemaking you experience no separation from your true Divine Counterpart or from the infinite expanse of Pure Being that is You & Your Beloved as One. True Holy Divine Lovemaking as the Divine God/Goddess Self is a fully conscious Lovemaking. As I say ‘conscious’; there is a reminder that the majority of us are still in the process of awakening fully to consciousness; but this beautiful, holy and divine Lovemaking awakens into full consciousness gradually; like a eternal flower blossoming ever so gently as it awakens more of its petals to the Infinite Light of Pure Agape Love.

There is so much wisdom to share on this aspect of pure Being; so we will continue our Heavenly Sacred Writings at some point with more on this beautiful topic of the Divine Sexual Essence of the God/Goddess Self as we delve deeper into the conscious awareness of the true Power of manifestation of this Divine Power of true Creation and the deep beauty that radiates from this; for this is the very core of true Holy Divine Eternal Marriage at the level of God/Goddess Consciousness.

You are each so deeply appreciated. Thank you for your own unique and beautiful way of anchoring the vibration of Paradise on Earth. We so appreciate your beautiful Divine Presence of Love visiting our website today. May you experience the deepest beauty of Paradise, the heavenly vibration of the deepest and most purest Love as your life unfolds into the infinite beauty of Divine Grace within. With Love & Blessings for a beautiful day filled with the beauty of Paradise… Antiera-Jessibiah

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