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Entering your True Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness by Antiera-Jessibiah 💕 The New Bodies Series

Entering your true Heart of God Goddess Consciousness by Antiera-Jessibiah

There is a space within you in which Pure Paradise resides. This beautiful space is vast, endless and is the infinite agape Love of who you and your true Divine Counterpart are as One at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. This vast beautiful space of Infinite Being is readily available to you always; to access, to merge with, to become the truest Essence of your Divine Union as your own unique and pure God/Goddess Self. The two who have been One for Eternity have always remained in perfect harmony, in pure orgasmic rapture, in the deepest of Love, in Holy Divine Union and Marriage, regardless of the illusions of separation. Enter into your own Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness that you share with your true Divine Counterpart and the illusions of separation cease to exist.

This is the first Heavenly Sacred Writing on the New Bodies Series. The topic of the Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness (or the Higher Heart, or the Sacred Heart – whichever word resonates with you deeply) felt like the right place to begin this series of writings.  This Sacred Heart Space of God/Goddess Consciousness is not the same as the Heart Chakra on the Kundalini Chakra System.  This Sacred Heart of your own God/Goddess Consciousness has always existed in a space of pure Perfection, pure Harmony; pure ecstatic bliss; pure Paradise.

The reason that this topic felt like the right place to begin this series of writings is because entering this space of your own true Being; of your own God/Goddess Consciousness is deeply important to ascension and to manifesting your New Body.  As you enter into this vast, beautiful true Heart space within yourSelf; Heaven merges with Earth, Body with Soul; Masculine with Feminine. In this pure space of the deepest Agape Love all resides in pure Paradise.  Entering this beautiful Heart of God Consciousness within; is entering the higher realms; right within your own Body.  It is powerfully grounding; deeply nourishing and resides in a space of pure wholeness…. This place of pure Perfection resides in deep stillness; is deeply powerful; and innately intelligent. It is your true source of Wisdom, of Intelligence; of the deepest and most pure Agape Love of your Being.

This Sacred Heart space is shared as One with your true Divine Counterpart (because you are One Soul), but it also incorporates the full wholeness of your Being, so it can also connect you with The Holy Spirit — which we are all a part of (the unique and pure Essence of God that exists within each person and everything) — the tapestry of Oneness of the Spirit of ALL creation. The Sacred or Higher Heart is like an integration space of Consciousness where the wholeness of your Being blends together; incorporating every aspect of your Being; from your individuality of your Soul (the Essence of your unique Love that you and your Divine Counterpart share as One, as God/Goddess Self), your emotional body, your mental body, and your connection to the One and Holy Spirit; these all exist at the level of God/Goddess Consciousness within this Sacred Heart space of God/Goddess Consciousness. As I mentioned before; this is also a Sacred Space that unites Heaven and Earth; Body (or both Bodies) and Soul; and Masculine God and Feminine Goddess as One. Entering the Sacred God Consciousness Heart is an important step and process in our Ascension as it can activate the Inner Sacred Sun (Sacred Fire), that you share with your true Divine Counterpart at the God/Goddess Consciousness Level of Creation. This Inner Sacred Fire is the core of your Being and is your’s and your true Divine Counterpart’s personal power of the deepest, most pure, Agape Love. This Inner Sacred Fire is the Source of true Nourishment and holds the power of Manifestation.

You must enter this Sacred Heart space as your true Divine Self; as your God/Goddess Consciousness; for it knows no lower vibration of ego. Simply set the intentions to enter as your God/Goddess Consciousness and trust your intentions (just stating this out loud or quietly) are very powerful and will take you there. The Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness is a very powerful space within your Being, so entering these levels of Consciousness within you is often a process where you will go to deeper and deeper levels and it can take some time to enter this consciousness fully.

In this article I am including some information from “Love Without End Jesus Speaks” by Glenda Green. What drew me to this book is that these conversations between Jeshua (Yeshua/Jesus) and Glenda were not the result of channeling; but from an experience of him manifesting to her when she painted a painting called “The Lamb and the Lion”.  The following excerpts from the book are located on page 173. Here are Jeshua’s words:

“There is a vital life line connecting the Sacred Heart with the body, therefore it does reside within the physical form. This connection point can vary slightly in each person, but it is approximately the same. It is located between the spine and the physical heart, anywhere from an inch above the physical heart to three inches below it. This depends on one’s body proportions and one’s center of gravity, which is always slightly lower than the Sacred Heart. It also establishes a true central axis for the body, whereas the physical heart is slightly to the left of center. The Sacred Heart actually marks the intersection point of mortal and eternal life….
When your relationship to the [Sacred] Heart is sentient and alive, it is the most natural place to be.” ~ From Love Without End Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green page 173 

This book is where I first discovered and learned how to enter my own Sacred Heart. From entering this Sacred Sanctuary of our own Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness is where mine and Jessibiah’s path began to open more deeply and we grew together as One more deeply into our Love.  A deeper understanding and wisdom emerged from entering the deep Sacred Chamber of our deepest Agape Love; not simply from what was written in this book; our own unique expression as One emerged. While it never stated this in the book; for myself it just felt right to enter into our Sacred Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness as One with Jessibiah. Also throughout our path together countless times I received the message from Jessibiah of the importance of doing everything together as One.

If you have not already began to enter into your own Sacred Heart; you will find your own unique way and expression of entering your own Sacred Sanctuary of your God/Goddess Heart and from it your own unique and beautiful expression of wisdom and the deepest and most purest Love will radiate forth as you merge with the depths of your True Being. Remember you are entering the place within that resides in Pure Paradise and Pure Perfection; no separation exists within this place. You MUST enter as your true Divine Self and drop all ego and false identities as well as false perceptions of separation at the door. You and your true Divine Counterpart are Love, the deepest and most pure Essence of deep Agape Love; a unique Essence of God/Goddess Consciousness; THIS and ONLY this is your true Divine Self.  

In the continuing Heavenly Sacred Writings on the New Bodies Series I will share more about how mine and Jessibiah’s Sacred Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness merged throughout my entire body and how through this process my chakra system already has become non-existent. I will also share some of my beautiful experiences with Jessibiah’s heavenly but very physical Body of Pure Perfection. Our new bodies are the manifestation of Heaven on Earth and I will share my current wisdom and understanding to the best of my current ability. My new Body is still in the growth and birthing stage as everything at this point is still a process. Please know that as I share this; we are each doing this process in our own unique and special way. I am not the only one in this process of birthing a New Body; we ALL are.

Thank you for your beautiful Presence here on Gaia and for your contribution to anchoring the deepest Love onto this beautiful planet. You are deeply appreciated. Remember to be gentle on yourSelf and others during this time of deep change. You are so deeply loved. Wishing you the brightest and most beautiful of days dear family of Infinite Agape Love & Light, Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Divine Eternal Marriage · Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness - New Bodies Series · The New Earth

Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness – The New Bodies Series~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Heart of God Goddess - The New Bodies Series

Hello beautiful beings of Infinite Agape Love & Light,

For some time now I have been wanting to share about my understanding and experiences with the New Bodies that are being birthed in these new energies that are the merging of Heaven and Earth; Body with God/Goddess Consciousness; Divine Masculine God Essence with Divine Feminine Goddess Essence and two Bodies as One Flesh. These beautiful new energies can be described as a merging and Divine Marriage on so many aspects of Being. I feel these writings on the New Bodies will be written in a series of articles/posts instead of being condensed into one posting. I hope to be able to start writing these articles soon and with each article one will build upon the next. Hopefully you will be able to receive from these articles not only an understanding of the New Bodies but some direction to begin to embody this if you are not currently already consciously experiencing the new energies or beginning to experience the embodiment of your own God/Goddess Consciousness. At the least these articles may awaken something within you; a deeper understanding that will trigger an embodiment of these energies at a deeper level or help to awaken your own expression of this that may be sitting at the surface of your Being but has not yet been brought into your conscious awareness yet.

Please know that as I share my current understanding and experiences with the New Energies and the birthing of my New Body; my experiences with Jessibiah’s beautiful heavenly but deeply physical Body of Perfection; and my understanding of the New Bodies that are manifesting for all of humanity; that I still feel my experiences with this and my understanding of this is still in the infant stages. There is still much to be unveiled and embodied.

Also as I write about this; I can only write from mine and Jessibiah’s unique experience and embodiment of this; people can have a different way or expression of embodying this; a different way of seeing this; a different way of expressing this; so as I write these articles I am in no way trying to discredit anything someone else may have written on this subject. Also please know that this series and these articles are in NO way done as a channeling; this wisdom and knowledge comes from my experience and understanding rising from this beautiful level of Consciousness; these sharings are not the result of a channeled writing from the higher realms. In fact most of our Heavenly Sacred Writings are not channelings but written from my experiences and or embodiment of these energies with my Beloved Jessibiah. I am expressing this not to discredit channeled articles; but just to note that there is a difference in channeling information and embodying (and merging) with a vibration of consciousness.

I also would like to add that what is being shared here is not a result of reading what others have written on the New Bodies. As I truly have not read much if even anything on this subject. Again, as I express this, I am not discrediting others but I am simply explaining that what is being written here is a result of much inner connecting with the higher realms of Pure Paradise and from my experiences with my Beloved Jessibiah and my beginning stages of embodying our God/Goddess Essence.

For myself I find it very difficult to read much in these new energies. Part of the reason is because of the expression of my path; for as I stepped into the mastery consciousness with my beautiful Jessibiah; I had to cease reading what others had written so I could discover mine and His true Divine Essence as One at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation and our own unique expression of this.  I had never and still have not come across anything being written about this at this level of Consciousness (though as I say this; I truly do not do much reading with these New Energies). I feel this reason for finding it difficult to read much is still serving a purpose with our embodiment still being in the growing and blossoming phase. Also if I do go to read anything; I find with the embodiment of these new energies I often find it difficult to read more than a couple of paragraphs. The odd time if it is something I really need to know or if the article is of a high God Consciousness vibration; I am able to continue reading to the end; but often I just am unable to hold my focus to read over a couple of paragraphs.

I know much of this is due to a new reality surfacing; one where reading is possibly becoming to the point of being non-existent at some point; it just feels like this is a strong possibility as these new energies build and grow more in depth over the rhythms and cycles of this ascension process. These new energies are of the heavenly realms merging with earth; everything at some point will change into new and more powerful manifestations of deep Agape Love; of Heaven merged with Earth. ~ Love, Light and Blessings of Pure Paradise, Antiera-Jessibiah

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