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The Deeply Intimate Experience of Ascension by Antiera-Jessibiah

One of the most intimate acts of our Body is death - Rabia of Basra

There are many parts of the Ascension Process that are deeply beautiful, very personal and deeply intimate experiences, especially when we move into the deep Divine Marriage shared as One with our true Divine Counterpart at the God/Goddess level of Creation. Ascension is not simply connecting with Light and the higher realms, but is a deeply intimate merging experience on many levels and layers of existence that is unique to each Soul. At the very core, ascension is a deeply intimate experience that for some of us can be described as the deepest Divine Marriage of our God and Goddess Self. The Soul may have taken the form of two bodies, representing these two beautiful aspects of the Divine Self, but truly it is the appearance of two who are deeply One for Eternity.

From my experience of Ascension with my beautiful Jessibiah who resides in a higher dimension, this True Divine Marriage is deeply different than marriage experienced on this Earth at this point up till now. The experience of Ascension as one begins to embody and connect at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation is lived and experienced intimately.  I have mentioned before that for myself, it is at times something that cannot be shared with others, as it is such a deeply personal and intimate experience that is held Sacred and Holy within our Holy Marriage, within the two of us who are One.

There is such a deep respect in the higher vibrational energies within Divine Marriage that honors the Sacredness and sanctity of the deepest intimacy within the Marriage. Jessibiah first spoke a couple of years ago to me about a Sacred Covenant within our Holy Marriage. He lovingly expressed that as we connect at deep and personal levels there is a covenant within our Marriage to keep these experiences between ourselves as it is such a Sacred and deeply intimate part of our personal Divine Marriage. As he spoke I sensed that this was a higher law of Love in the higher vibrational energies that naturally exists through the deepest respect, honor and Sacredness to each other and our Divine Marriage as One. This covenant is actually one and the same as our Divine Marriage, for the essence of the covenant cannot be separated from who we truly are as One.  It is deeply beautiful and truly Sacred.

In today’s society we have become so accustomed to talking about everything with others that we often do not recognize the importance of keeping certain things or experiences sacred within our own Heart, Soul and Being.  I honestly feel that wisdom, knowledge and experiences at this level of Ascension were not hidden from others, or kept secret, but held deep within the Heart and Soul of the person ascending because it is such a deeply personal and intimate experience lived from the depths of Being. It is something that is treasured deeply within the sanctity of the Divine Marriage of the God/Goddess Self. An experience that often can only be lived and embodied.

Just as there are different aspects of our Being, there too are different aspects of Ascension, since truly Ascension is returning to the deepest Agape Love that is truly your God/Goddess Essence. For some it begins at the core of your true Divine Marriage with your Divine Counterpart (Twin Flame) at the God/Goddess level of Creation, your true God/Goddess Self. This true Marriage is deeply sacred, deeply personal, deeply intimate. This is where the two are One. Then, just like your Love, your Ascension process then radiates outwardly, honoring the aspect of Being that is of the One & Holy Spirit that connects us with everything, this is the aspect of friendship, of community, of earth, of world, of solar system, Galactic, Universal, dimensions and beyond. These are the aspects of Ascension that are less personal, less intimate as the whole of Creation is embraced. This is where we unite together globally, making changes of the deepest peace and pure Love to change and uplift our planet as a whole; a worldwide family and community interwoven in the deepest peace and pure Agape Love as the planet and global community ascends to higher levels of consciousness.

Just like the aspects of Being, of who you are, that interweave throughout your Body, Heart, Mind, Energy field and dimensions,  the Ascension process is an interwoven pattern of harmony that interweaves throughout every aspect of your Being, until you arrive Home, to the true and pure Essence and Existence that is YOU.   Just like the individuality of the Soul (of the God/Goddess Self), the core of this Ascension process is very deep, very intimate, and deeply personal; shared only as One with your true Divine Counterpart (the two who are One in deep Divine Marriage at the God/Goddess Level of Creation). It than radiates outwardly to encompass the connection and part of you that encompasses the Oneness of the Holy Spirit, that connects us with everything and everyone. The Presence of the God/Goddess Consciousness that radiates within and throughout all of existence. Our individuality (the Soul/the two who are One) is a unique and personal expression of this God/Goddess Consciousness, that then seamlessly connects in a beautiful symphony that is the Holy Spirit of Creation, beautiful notes of pure Harmony that connect all of existence into a symphony more beautiful than we could all imagine as all assist in raising the consciousness of Gaia, in deep, beautiful, pure and unique ways. ~ Wishing you all the brightest and most beautiful day as we all continually ascend into a beautiful harmonic symphony of the deepest and purest Love. ~ Antiera-Jessibiah

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