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The Vast & Beautiful Space of Infinite & Sacred Being ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Vast & Beautiful Space of Infinite & Sacred Being by Antiera-Jessibiah

Hello beautiful beings of Infinite Agape Love,

Once again it has been a while since we have written on our blog. With good intentions I started the New Year hoping to post and write more frequently, but with these new energies there is a flow that spontaneously brings life into a different rhythm than expected, yet there is a perfect grace to this divine rhythmic flow of Infinite Life.

As I have expressed before, these New Energies are so deeply different. We have and are continually going into new territory, into the vast and beautiful space of Infinite and Sacred Being, into a new dimension of true Reality.  Much of this true Reality at this point is still unveiled in the beauty mystery of the Unknown. This beautiful New Life and New Reality, that we have just barely touched upon at this point, can often not be expressed in our current human language and current way of communicating.

I also feel I have written at times articles on our blog about some topics or things that are meant to be kept quiet, personal and in the Sacred Shared space of Divine Marriage. Even though I have not worded the articles in a personal way, some of these articles may have to be removed after some deeper contemplation on this. In the higher dimensions and the New Energies, it is not that these experiences are kept secret due to shame, but due to a deep personal respect, intimacy and Holy Sacredness. As I have said before, in the higher dimensions, words are living, breathing energy. I have recently come to a deeper understanding that words actually have your own living, breathing Essence of Life in them and this is already beginning to awaken into our consciousness here with the New Energies. As you speak words, you are inviting others into that Essence of your own true Divine Marriage, which is why at times there are parts of this ascension process that are kept intimately between the two who are One. This is another reason why it is so difficult at times to write on a blog in these New Energies about True Divine Marriage. There are parts of our ascension process that are so deeply beautiful, so deeply intimate, so deeply personal, and so deeply sacred. There is a Sacred Covenant held in the deepest respect within the Divine Marriage of the God/Goddess Essence (true Divine Counterparts) that these intimate experiences, states of profound Being and Sacred Communions are kept only between the two as One, as it is a deeply personal, intimate and Sacred part of their own true Essence and Divine Marriage as One. This makes true Divine Marriage even more sacred and special.

With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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