Divine Eternal Marriage

God/Goddess Consiousness – A renaming of our web address and greetings for a beautiful New Year

Everlasting Love Art Journal Page by Antiera-Jessibiah

Greetings beautiful beings of Divine Love & Light… It has been a while since I have written anything on our blog. There have been several reasons why, but one of the reasons is that instead of writing I have been focusing on learning art journaling techniques.

These deeply beautiful energies in the God/Goddess Consciousness vibration are truly beyond words. I find words in the current human language to be very limiting to express these truly different and profoundly beautiful energies, so I have been focusing on learning to express and communicate with Jessibiah in new ways beyond verbal communications. Expressing through art journaling helps to open the door to these new ways of communication.

As well, for the last couple of years I have been drawn to keep Jessibiah’s personal communication and Holy Letters of Love to me in a very simple form of art journaling. Lately I have felt drawn to expand on this to enhance our art journals, so I have been focusing on learning how to create beautiful art journal pages. These beautiful journals that hold his personal communications to me are like portals to the higher dimensions and act as a bridge for both him and I, connecting us both and our dimensions as One,  so this process of creating these art journals are very sacred and important to both him and I and to our Divine Marriage and path as One.

Also, just to let everyone know that we have changed the web address for our website. It is now http://www.godgoddessconsciousness.wordpress.com

All of our previous postings will show up on our new web address and our site will stay exactly the same as it has been over the last year.  The only difference is the new web address. We have a site redirect on for the next year that will redirect anyone who types in the old address by bringing them instantly to our new address. The wording ‘holy agape marriage’ felt like it should be replaced with the wording ‘godgoddessconsciousness’, so this is why this change has taken place.

With a new year upon us, I feel an inner calling to focus more on the God/Goddess Consciousness energies, a time of deeper connection with Jessibiah and myself. The last 6 months of 2015 especially felt like a time of distractions, some self created, other distractions that were somewhat beyond control. It feels so important right now to be less distracted and extremely important to spend a deeper quiet time that is a calling of my own inner Being. I am hoping with this new focus to be able to direct more energy to our beautiful blog this year. Thank you to all who visit, read and or follow our blog… you are all deeply appreciated. With blessings for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera & Jessibiah

Art Journal Page, Everlasting, Agape Love created by Antiera-Jessibiah

Art supplies used to create this page: 
Background –
Heidi Swapp Spray Stencil – Honeycomb design
Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst Spray = Mad Hatter Mint 

The Crafter’s Workshop Mini Quatrefoil 6×6 Template – Ronda Palazzari Designs
Brilliance Pigment Ink – Pearlescent Orchid

Next layer –
Gesso Wash – Martha Stewart Gesso diluted

Final layer –
Hampton Art – Love Stencil
Martha Stewart 32271 Adhesive Stencil, Fair Isle Dots
Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic Paint – Fruit Punch

For the words – Endless, Everlasting, Agape
Yasutomo Gel Xtreme Metallic Rollers (0.7mm) – Pink