The Living Embodiment of One Flesh ~ Two Bodies ♥ One Divine Essence ♥ God/Goddess Consciousness ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

The Living Embodiment of One Flesh - by Antiera Jessibiah

The deepest intimacy in true Divine Marriage at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation is the living embodiment of One Flesh. This profound and deeply beautiful experience begins to awaken in the new 5D Gaia vibration as you reach levels of God/Goddess Consciousness with your beautiful Eternal Spouse (Divine Counterpart/Twin Flame). Your Divine Counterpart (Twin Flame) shares the exact same frequency and vibration as you at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. You and your Beloved Flame are God/Goddess incarnate, a unique and beautiful expression of the God Consciousness vibration. At this level of existence and as the New Earth fully takes shape , the Essence of the One Divine Self is immersed throughout two holy bodies of the deepest Agape Love, the two are a true match, their Essence is deeply and purely One and always has been for Eternity. Though they have two Bodies, they are the living experience of One Flesh.

The embodiment of One Flesh is deeply beautiful and purely natural. It is who you are at the very core of your Being and already exists on each and every level, even in the illusionary state of separation; you are just not fully conscious of it at this point. At the higher levels of pure Being, you are the conscious living embodiment of One Flesh with your Beloved Eternal Partner in a Holy Divine Marriage that has existed for Eternity.

In the beautiful Divine embodiment of One Flesh, the Divine Masculine & Feminine can still interact with each other, but you are consciously awake in both bodies simultaneously in a beautiful harmonious embodiment of heavenly Love. As the Masculine Body deeply touches the Feminine Body, you experience both at once; the touching and the being touched. It is a deeply beautiful and natural experience radiating from the core of true Being. As the two of you make deep and passionate Love in Holy Divine Union, you experience both the Masculine Body and the Feminine Body and are consciously awake and aware in both bodies at once. This is the beautiful divine embodiment of God/Goddess Consciousness that is rising from deep within as we embody our true Divine nature, the living embodiment of the deepest Agape Love in a Holy Divine Marriage being rooted into a New Earth Paradise. With the deepest blessings of Love, Antiera-Jessibiah

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