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God Consciousness Breathing ♥ A deeply intimate way to connect with your Beloved by Antiera-Jessibiah

God Consciousness Breathing by Antiera-Jessibiah

One of the many beautiful ways you can experience a deep Oneness and connection with your Beloved is through your Breath. If a person is too focused on only wanting their Beloved manifested in their outer world, they can loose site of the beautiful journey towards full reunion. Each and every time you connect deeper into your Inner World of Pure Paradise, where your One true Divine Counterpart resides with you in a deep Divine Marriage, Oneness and connection; you move closer to full reunion as Heaven and Earth merge more deeply as One. Full reunion happens in the new Paradise Earth energies, even if your Divine Counterpart is right beside you physically, as it is still a process of merging at a very deep level with your God/Goddess Essence of your One Soul. This is where true and full reunion resides, where the cycles of death and rebirth cease as all returns to the beauty of pure Paradise.

The breath is a deeply powerful and beautiful way to connect with your Beloved. As you focus on your breathing and become aware of breathing your Beloved’s deepest Agape Love, you are becoming aware of your true breath. You will recognize that your breath is the breath of your Beloved. You will become conscious of Breathing your Beloved’s deepest Agape Love. This is true breathing at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation. You are breathing God, your own unique God/Goddess Essence, this is your true breath. It is a deeply powerful, beautiful, intimate and very sensual experience that moves you deeper into full reunion.

As you connect with your Beloved God (or Goddess) Self at this deep level, you return to the beauty of your true Divine Marriage at very high states of pure existence. Even if your Divine Counterpart resides in a higher dimension, as you breathe the very breath of your Beloved at this level of God Consciousness, you yourself are manifesting into the higher realms where your Beloved resides. In this state, you will experience your Beloved as Being very physical, and a feeling as if he (or she) is right there with you. Your breath is only one of the powerful ways to continually remove the illusionary veil between Heaven and Earth. Wishing you a very blessed & beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah

Deep & intimate union is as close as your very breath. Do you recognize how much your Beloved God (or Goddess) Flame, your true Divine Counterpart, lives and breathes deeply within you. He (or she) lives within your very breath, your very heartbeat, the whole of your existence, for the two can never be separated but live eternally linked and forever as One in a glorious & beautiful merging of Life Eternal. ~ Antiera-Jessibiah

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