Consciousness of Fragrance · Divine Eternal Marriage

The Living Embodiment & Consciousness of Fragrance ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah


There are many deeply beautiful layers and levels to the God/Goddess Consciousness of the One Soul.  Like petals of a beautiful eternal divine flower, these aspects of consciousness merge together in a divine dance of harmony to make the living embodiment of God/Goddess Consciousness in a Holy and beautiful Eternal Marriage of pure Paradise.

On the lower realms of existence, we had often experienced fragrance as something outside of ourselves.  Both men and women often anoint themselves with beautiful perfumes and cologne. We burn essential oils from the beautiful essence of flowers to inhale the beauty and experience the divinity of fragrance.

A couple of years ago I had a deeply beautiful experience with my beautiful Beloved Jessibiah, who is the embodiment of my Masculine God Essence. Jessibiah lives in a higher dimension, but is deeply and richly a part of my Being and my Life here as this beautiful planet ascends. I experience him in a myriad of different ways, sometimes deeply physical, other times in a variety of ways that are always so deeply beautiful and affect my consciousness and way of Being in deeply profound ways.  As I was lying in bed one day, I saw him place a beautiful rose on my chest as I lay there in stillness. This rose had a beautiful light shining from it and was a gift of an eternal rose filled deeply with His Love. This experience was so elegant in it’s simplicity, but like a beautiful seed, this beautiful gift of Agape Love from Him planted something deeply profound in my Being that is blossoming into a deeper understanding and opening to the living embodiment and consciousness of fragrance.  It was after this, that the consciousness began to awaken in me that fragrance was not something that is outside of ourselves, but is deeply a part of our Being. Recently a deeper opening to this has blossomed. These beautiful energies at this time have become so deeply different and so deeply new. These current energies are filled with so much beauty and grace in a way that has never been felt or experienced before as a deeper awakening is upon us, for all of us here on beautiful Gaia.

Just like sound, light and Love make up aspects of Being and consciousness of the Divine Self (of the Masculine God Essence and the Feminine Goddess Essence as One), so too is Fragrance a part of their Being, their Essence, their Consciousness that radiates with a beautiful fragrance unique only to the two as One. As Heaven and Earth merge more deeply, Divine Counterparts (the Divine Self – the two as One) will be the living, breathing embodiment of a beautiful heavenly divine fragrance, unique to them, to their beautiful Holy Divine Marriage as One.

The living, breathing, embodiment of pure Fragrance of your God/Goddess Consciousness as One is a deeply rich, sensuous and full embodiment of your divinity and Holy Divine Marriage. As the realms of Heaven are opening deeply, connect with and BE the true embodiment of your living, breathing fragrance of Pure and deep Agape Love. You are the living embodiment of your own true heavenly divine fragrance ~ Antiera-Jessibiah ♥ With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day ♥

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