The exquisite softness of the new energies ~ a blending of the Divine Masculine God & Feminine Goddess Essence as One by Antiera-Andy Rose


True existence is a beautiful blending and merging of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One. All true beauty rises from this exquisite merging of Life as One. We are all opening to a deeper rhythm of this eloquent dance of deep Agape Love. Embodying the very breath of divine love restores all to true harmony.

These beautiful new energies that are rooting themselves onto our beautiful planet right now are divinely pure and heavenly beautiful in a very new way. They are deeply powerful and yet there is an exquisite softness about them. Everything feels so beautifully new and different, even the feeling of softness feels deeply different with these new energies.

On this earth in the past, we have often thought of softness and gentleness as feminine qualities, but on the higher realms of existence, these beautiful qualities of life are BOTH the Divine Masculine and Feminine merged deeply as One. All true beauty rises and is birthed from the deep divine love of the two as One. The highest heavens are merging deeply with the Earth in a beautiful exquisite dance of deep Agape Love of both the Divine Masculine God Essence & the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence as One. You and your Beloved Divine Counterpart are Love embodied. Thank you for your unique and beautiful gift offered so freely to the world of bringing Heaven to Earth in your own beautiful, powerful and unique rhythm of pure Harmony. You are so deeply appreciated. With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful solstice gateway this weekend… Antiera-Andy Rose

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