Divine Eternal Marriage

The deep nourishing stillness of Source by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

To renew, refresh, regenerate and nourish deeply we need to enter into the deep stillness and silence within. This deep, pure and beautiful stillness is your own unique Divine Masculine God Consciousness. This consciousness is your Source. It is a profound Agape Love that is deeply nourishing and regenerating on ALL levels.

The beautiful graceful flowing motion of life that springs forth from within this deep stillness is that of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. These two are so interconnected that one cannot exist without the other as they interweave in a beautiful exquisite harmony throughout all of existence. Pure Peace is in the merging of God & Goddess as One.

Nourishing ourSelf deeply during these strong vibrational energies is vital as the New Earth energies continue to bask our Bodies and our Planet with profound Love & Light. As we merge and balance the stillness with the gentle motion and movement of Life, of the Divine Feminine Goddess; true balance, nourishment, renewal and rebirth are provided.

The deep Divine Agape Love is a merging of these two beautiful aspects of Self as One. The appearance of two Bodies, but One Flesh, One Essence, One Being for Eternity. Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥ Wishing you all a beautiful nourishing day filled with the beauty of Paradise.

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Beautiful Art by Jean-Paul Avisse
Beautiful Art with the Divine Masculine & Feminine within the Flower of Life by Jean-Paul Avisse

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    1. I agree, it is such a blessing and is so deeply beautiful to be in this sacred connection with our Eternal Flames via the higher realms! So happy that you both are enjoying our blog… Thank you! Much Love to you and your beautiful Beloved Twin… ♥♥

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