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Re-birthing to Paradise ♥ Deep within the Sacred Womb of Life and the Ascension Process ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Beautiful Art - Artist Unknown
Beautiful Art – Artist Unknown

The deep beauty of Love and pure Sensuality lives and breathes within the deep Sacred Womb of your Divine Goddess Self. This deep beautiful Sacred Space of your Eternal Womb is shared deeply as One with your true Beloved God Self in deep Holy Devotional Marriage.

The Divine Masculine God Essence is not separate from the deep nourishing space of the Sacred Womb, for the Womb is the merging place of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence in a deep and pure merging as One.

On the higher realms of Paradise, everything divinely pure and deeply beautiful is manifested and birthed from within this Sacred Space of the Eternal Womb. It is a deep vast Sacred Space of pure potential, where Source (the Divine Masculine God Essence) and Life (the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence) merge deeply as One to birth their beautiful Paradise and Life as One. This is such a deep intimate space shared only ever with each other as One. This beautiful pure jet black vastness of their Eternal Womb is deeply nourishing as the seeds of their Life and Creations spring forth into manifestation and Being. This process of birth, re-birth, manifestation, is a very conscious process where the two as One are deeply involved in this beautiful Creation process as One.

Here within their Sacred Womb of Life, from their deep Love, new beginnings and infinite beautiful manifestations are birthed together as One. The Eternal Sacred Womb is the sacred space in which the Ascension process takes place. As this beautiful Ascension process continues, this re-birthing is done in a very conscious way as the two as One deeply consciously participate in this pure manifestation of re-birth to the realms of Paradise.

Your Life and Love as One is Everlasting, Eternal and Powerful. Heaven on Earth is birthed from the depths of your Divine God & Goddess Essence merged deeply and purely as One within the true Sacred Womb of your Life in a very conscious and pure way ~ Antiera-Jessibiah (previously known as Carolyn & Andy) ♥ Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day ♥

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2 thoughts on “Re-birthing to Paradise ♥ Deep within the Sacred Womb of Life and the Ascension Process ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah

  1. My heart beats in bliss reading and feeling into the divine consciousness you are bringing to earth. Thank you from the depth of my being! I am so grateful for your divine reflection.

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    1. Shelby thank you so much for your beautiful heart-felt comment! With so much Gratitude for your beautiful divine Presence and beautiful Light that you shine. Wishing you a deeply blessed & beautiful day! ♥♥


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