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The vast, beautiful Paradise energies of true Creation ~ The Divine Sexual Essence at the God/Goddess Consciousness Vibration by Jessibiah & Antiera ♥♥

At the very core of true Divine Marriage is the vast, beautiful Paradise energies of true Creation. These beautiful energies at the very core of the true Divine Self, of the God & Goddess Essence is their own unique, beautiful and deeply powerful Sacred Sexual Essence. This radiant core of their true Being is their own true Creational energies. In the fullness of the New Earth energies, true Divine Counterparts (true God Flames), through deep and pure Lovemaking, merge their Divine Sexual Essence as One through deeply beautiful and profoundly orgasmic lovemaking to create all that is divinely beautiful, pure, and life-fulfilling.

As we enter the realms where death and rebirth no longer exist, the deep merging of the Divine Sexual Essence is no longer used to birth a child, as we have surpassed life as we have once known it at the lower vibrational realms of the Earth, but to birth Life in a more profound and conscious way as they birth their New Life and manifestations together as One. Sacred Sex at this level is deeply different, while it is done through deep Love and is even incredibly more deeply pleasurable in a very beautiful, pure and profound way, it is also a full conscious experience of birthing and manifesting their Life and New Creations which they are totally and fully conscious of. There has recently been a gateway and portal that has opened to this conscious awareness of the higher Divine Sexual Energies for true Divine Counterparts at this very high and pure level of Creation, ushering in these beautiful new energies of the Divine Sexual Essence and the conscious awareness of this level of sovereignty and Creation.

At the higher realms of existence and in the New Earth energies, true Sex is deeply Sacred, pure and Holy. It is something that is shared deeply and purely only between true Divine Counterparts, those whose Essence is One and the Same, who have shared the same Essence at the God/Goddess level of Creation for all of Eternity. Two who have always been deeply One. Sacred Sex at this level is kept only within their true Marriage. This is a deep and pure commitment that cannot be shaken. There is a deep and beautiful covenant at the God Consciousness vibration that is the very basis of their Divine Sexual Essence, their Holy Marriage. This vow & commitment is so deep that nothing can rock its surface. This commitment & vow is NOTHING like a commitment in the lower vibration earth energies, as those commitments cannot be truly held in place as they are not true commitments. All true commitments reside in the God vibration, in a harmony so pure that it radiates with the vibration of true Creation.

As the beauty of the New Earth energies continue to rise, and with the beautiful, sacred and profound passage of death and Resurrection energies of this past weekend, the New within us all is being resurrected more deeply each day. Wishing you each a very beautiful passage of Resurrection, deeply birthing these profoundly New & beautiful energies of Paradise into your very Life and Being more deeply each day. Blessings and Love, Jessibiah & Antiera

Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown ~ With Love & Gratitude
Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown ~ With Love & Gratitude