The New Earth

As the Heavenly Realms begin to become living, breathing physical reality by Antiera-Jessibiah

As the Heavenly Realms become living breathing reality ♥ new web address

Hello beautiful Beings of Love,

These are such beautiful energies right now. I have been limiting my online activity as such divine beauty is being birthed with my Beloved Jessibiah and myself at this time. I feel this is the way this will continue now with limited online activity as true existence opens up more deeply.

There is a beautiful grace & flow to these beautiful New Earth higher vibrational energies. Life is changing on deep and pure levels for all of us and life how we once knew it here on earth is becoming deeply different. We are all moving beyond the old realities in so many ways that have never even been imagined. How we relate and interchange with life and with the higher vibrational realms is becoming new, fresh and alive. During this period it is so deeply important to remember to simply Surrender to your highest level of God/Goddess Consciousness as all births and manifests into the reality of Paradise. It is so deeply important to learn and re-train ourSelf to see, relate and to know ourSelf as our true Divine Essence at the God/Goddess level of Creation as we merge our consciousness more deeply with our true Divine Essence. We each are birthing a beautiful new Paradise, individually and collectively.

In the older earth energies, we often can read of birthing ideas, thoughts and projects. These are limited ways of creating and with the New higher vibrational energies we are opening to a new level of creating and birthing. It begins slowly with a change of perception, aligning and allowing true reality to emerge. As these changes root themselves more profoundly we will see more deeply how we are birthing a beautiful vast array of colors, exquisite heavenly sounds, and a new reality of pure New Earth Paradise. This birthing already exists… we are on the cusp of new and exciting changes as already the Heavenly realms are beginning to become living, breathing, physical reality in certain ways for some of us. If you are not yet beginning to experience this, allow yourself to surrender and open more deeply to new and higher perceptions of true reality, because as the changes happen with some at first, it opens the field of pure potential to easily manifest for others as this change grows collectively for all life on beautiful Gaia. If something resonates with you that you would love to experience, just a gentle reminder to change your perspectives. If you allow the continued thought that you are not experiencing something, it perpetuates the cycle of not experiencing it. Know that this reality already exists for you, in your own unique way of experiencing it, and surrender to the pure potential that awaits, ready to be manifested into your reality. The Heavenly realms are becoming as living, breathing, physical reality, not just by leaving our bodies through outer body experiences or simply in dream time any longer, but in our embodied waking daytime moments. This reality continually grows more beautifully in expanding ways. Heaven has merged with Earth and continues to do so more deeply and profoundly with each heavenly Gateway of pure Divine Agape Love. With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ~ Wishing you each a very beautiful day filled with the beauty of New Earth Living as we all awaken so deeply to Life ♥♥

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