The innate rhythmic harmonies at the core and power of Life by Antiera-Jessibiah

Beautiful Artwork by Autumn Skye (2)
Beautiful Artwork by Autumn Skye

There are natural rhythms to all of life that ebb and flow throughout all of existence. We have often lost touch with these innate rhythmic harmonies that are at the core and power of who we truly are. The current structures & systems on our earth are not built on these beautiful harmonic rhythms of true life and as a result we have been programmed to disconnect from these important rhythms of true life, of the beautiful states of compression and expansion that breathe through our very lives and our beautiful vast surrounding Universe.

Like the in and out breathe states of compression and expansion are the very life breath of existence. When in pure form we experience these in and out breaths of compression and expansion as very ecstatic, sensual bliss for these are the very rhythms and breaths of the Divine Masculine God & Divine Feminine Goddess Self merging and interacting deeply as One.

With the upcoming Spring Equinox my attention has been drawn to the state of compression and a deeper understanding of these natural rhythms of compression and expansion that breathes through our very being and life. Only if we have false beliefs still embedded in our being that conflict with our true beliefs and with our higher consciousness experiences does compression bring us into disconnected states of doubt or any fear based states. As we continue to release these conflicting false beliefs and strengthen our heart-centered beliefs and way of life, states of compression will be experienced as a beautiful ecstatic, sensual and blissful state of existence instead of a wave of disconnection from our divinity.

Compression is a deeply beautiful and important aspect of our lives along with expansion, for the true rhythms of Life are a beautiful harmonistic balance and merging of the Divine Masculine God & the Divine Feminine Goddess Self merged deeply and pure as One that births their own unique reality of Paradise through these natural rhythms and harmonies of true Life. ~ Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥

Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful love-filled day filled with the beauty of the harmonious rhythms of true life ♥ Blessings for a beautiful upcoming Spring Equinox (or Fall Equinox for some of you) ♥ Enjoy these beautiful and very powerful energies ♥


Compression is the birthing place of Life. Ultimately, from the perspective of God, compression is creating something from nothing and being in all times and spaces simultaneously so that perfection exists in its original state along with whatever is created. Compression and expansion are the great rhythm of the universe. Compressions that give birth to universal order eventually reverse to expansion, thereby releasing all the created potential. These pulsating rhythms alternate between silence and percussion, providing the origin of sound. The successive intervals of silence and percussion exist in all things as the unique tone and energy of each respective life force. Thus everything has its own song, its own sound imprint” ~ Jeshua – Love Without End by Glenda Green