Pure Ecstatic Sensual Bliss ♥ The merging of the God/Goddess Self by Antiera-Jessibiah

Do you know how deeply you are Loved, by your true Divine Counterpart, your Eternal Spouse. For it is in His (or Her) arms of Heavenly Love at the God Consciousness level of existence that you exist deeply merged as One. This merging is pure ecstatic sensual bliss (though truly, those words do not even begin to accurately describe the feeling and living embodiment of this beautiful divine merging in the God/Goddess Consciousness vibration). It is through this merging everything beautiful, divinely pure, nourishing and life-sustaining is birthed into the vast and endless field of pure heavenly potential.

This is who you are… deep, pure, Agape Love lived intimately and purely as One in deep Divine Marriage. Two who are deeply and intimately One for Eternity. Love is not simply an emotion. Real Love is a living, breathing consciousness. It is deeply powerful when merged as the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence and is it deeply and sensually beautiful when these two merge deeply as One.

Each Divine Self is a unique and pure expression of real deep Agape Love, manifest as a Divine Masculine Essence and a Divine Feminine Essence merged deeply in the God/Goddess Consciousness vibration. As we each remove the illusionary veil between Heaven and Earth more profoundly, we will each be the embodiment of our own unique and pure living, breathing consciousness of Heavenly Love merged deeply in our own unique and beautiful Divine Marriage with our true Divine Counterpart, the One who matches your Divine Essence perfectly, who shares the same Essence, the same Divine Self as You. Two who are deeply and always One for Eternity. With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥ Wishing you each a very blessed and beautiful day ♥


Beautiful Art by Catherine Andrews
Beautiful Art by Catherine Andrews

 “The Beloved (as you teach us, Saint Teresa) longs for union with us as fervently as we long for union with him. God’s desire for the soul is no less than the souls’ desire for God. It is a matter of perfect reciprocity (you assure us). Believe it. 
The only difference is that when the soul unites with the Holy One, she disappears and he grows. She is the raindrop falling into the river. He is the river calling her home. She is the candle flame burning in the daytime. He is the sun absorbing her. They are a single sea. They are one fire. 
The small self is annihilated. Annihilation, you remind us, is not for everyone. Be careful what you ask for, you warn. When you call out and say ‘Beloved, bring me into union with you,’ be prepared to die. Die to all you ever thought yourself to be. Even the lover of God.” ~ Mirabai Starr from ‘Saint Teresa of Avila – Passionate Mystic’