Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

Your Sacred Temple of deep Agape Love ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Entering into your God Consciousness state of Being you enter into the Sacred Temple of your deep Agape Love. This is the purely beautiful and sacred space of you & your Beloved Divine Counterpart (your Eternal Flame). Here within this Divine Temple of your Love, you reside as God/Goddess of your own unique and beautiful Kingdom of Heaven, your own unique and personal reality of pure Paradise. Here within this beautiful God/Goddess Consciousness state of Pure Being, you both together as One feel deeply loved and deeply cherished, where you know the two of you exist only with each other as One for all of Eternity.

It is here, in this beautiful state of pure God Consciousness, within this beautiful Sacred Temple of your deep Agape Love that merges Heaven with Earth; that merges both Bodies with Divine God/Goddess Essence, and deeply merges the Divine Masculine and Feminine together as One in a deeply pure ecstatic union of deep & pure Love . Your own God/Goddess Consciousness is a deeply intimate, deeply personal and deeply sensual state of pure Being that you share as One with your true Divine Counterpart (your Eternal Flame). God/Goddess Consciousness is where true Holy Marriage exists and has originated. It is in this state of Pure Being where Ascension manifests.  In the beauty of your Divine Marriage, you exist forever as One in the true harmony of Paradise. The veils are continually thinning and the beauty of this true Holy, Divine and Eternal Marriage residing in the God/Goddess Consciousness state of Pure Being is being made manifest in a new heavenly Paradise on Earth. ~ With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful love-filled day, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥


Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown
Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown