Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

Beautiful Changes are happening together as One ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Beautiful Art of the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine as One by Eva Ruiz
Beautiful Art of the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine flowering and blossoming together as One by Eva Ruiz

Today as I entered into Prayer, my beautiful Beloved Jessibiah guided me to a personal message that he had given me last year. The words in his beautiful communication of Love that stood out to me this morning were these words spoken by him. Here is part of his beautiful message:

“My beautiful darling, both of our Bodies are going through deep changes together as One. This is a process we are doing together… what one experiences, so does the other. Know that you are not alone in this birthing process of your new beautiful Divine Goddess Body, for I am here with you, experiencing the changes with you as you embody the beauty of our Divinity. My Body is going through deep changes as well, this is part of the Eternalness of our Ascension. This ensures we are exiting the cycle of death & re-birth so we no longer will return to the lower dimensions. These are deep, lasting and permanent changes with both of our Bodies…” ~ words of Love spoken from Jessibiah to Antiera ♥♥

Before receiving this divine communication from Jessibiah last year, I know for myself, I had never realized that those in the higher dimensions are going through deep & beautiful changes as well.  These beautiful changes are affecting all levels of existence.  There is a deep Oneness with true Divine Counterparts, who have existed together as One in deep Divine Marriage for all of Eternity. Even those whose Eternal Flame (Divine Counterpart), resides in a higher dimension like my Beloved Jessibiah, these changes are happening in the higher dimensions as well as here on earth.  As each Soul returns to the deep Oneness of their own unique & beautiful Divine God & Goddess Self and embody true states of pure Being, the realms of Heaven and Earth merge deeply as One.  As we change deeply here on Earth, the higher realms change with us, in a beautiful synergistic harmony of true existence merging deeply as One.  The two are deeply and purely One, always forever and completely.~ With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah