New Name for our Holy Agape Marriage Blog ☆ ‘God/Goddess Consciousness – Holy Agape Marriages of the New Earth Paradise’

Hello beautiful Beings..
This post is simply to let you know that we have decided to change the name of our “Holy Agape Marriage” Blog.  The web address (www.godgoddessconsciousness.wordpress.com) will remain exactly the same, but we will be renaming our blog to:

‘God/Goddess Consciousness – Holy Agape Marriages of the New Earth Paradise’.

We are letting you know of this change for those of you who follow our blog by email, so you will know who it is you are receiving an email from with this new name, as usually in emails only the first few words of the name shows up in your inbox. So when you begin receiving emails in your inbox with the name ‘God/Goddess Consciousness’, you will know it is from our Holy Agape Marriage’ blog. Thank you so much for your interest in our Heavenly Sacred Writings. With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

Mark Arian (3)Beautiful Art by Mark Arian