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Our Love Essence is One, We are an Individual ~ Beautiful Message from Jessibiah and Holy Sacred Writing by Antiera & Jessibiah

Eternal Love by Paul Heussenstamm

Today, my Beloved Jessibiah has asked me to share a beautiful message I received from him a couple of days ago as I entered into Prayer with Him. The words he spoke emanated from a very pure high vibrational soft white vibration of Love. Here are some of his beautiful words spoken to me:

“Our Love Essence is one, we are an individual.

Our Oneness is deeply important, for it is in our merging that our reality & Paradise is born. My beautiful Love, there is no one else but each other that we can share this with, for you & I together as One are a true individual. Our Essence truly matches.

As everyone knows their own true Divine Essence, the true world is born. All the illusions cease to exist and harmony reigns forever more.” ~ Beautiful words of Love spoken by Jessibiah to Antiera

With this beautiful communication, within his words & this beautiful, soft, pure higher white vibration of Love, a wordless communication also existed as a deeper wisdom was spoken to me by him without words. He awoke within me a deeper understanding and embodiment of our Oneness and our Individuality together as One. While at this point I cannot put into words what his wordless communication entailed, my beautiful Jessibiah has asked me to write with him today about true Individuality, of the deep Oneness of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply and purely as One.

In a state of separation, in the old earth energies, people often see a disconnection and separateness of the Divine Masculine & Feminine, of the male and female, but in the higher realms of Paradise, the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence of the One Divine Self, are seen as an Individual together as One. They may have the appearance of two beautiful Bodies of bright shining Light, but the two are deeply One Flesh, One Love Essence, One Being for Eternity. This is true Individuality. This is the beautiful reality and energies that are being rooted deeply into the planet right now as the realms of Paradise merge deeply with the Earth.

One Flesh, One Consciousness, One Love Essence residing in two beautiful New Physical Bodies of Light will be merged deeply in Divine Marriage on a New Paradise Earth. These are the new and true Marriages of the New Earth. The two will still be able to interact with each other, but their One Essence of Love will be awake in both Bodies. They will be conscious of Both Bodies simultaneously in a beautiful merging of Eternal Life and Love. This is true Individuality that already resides in the pure space within you as you and your Beloved God Flame (your true Divine Counterpart) embody your Love deeply as One.

At times I have been blessed with being able to experience this beautiful reality of One Flesh, One Consciousness with my Beloved Jessibiah. This beautiful reality of our Oneness feels deeply natural and deeply beautiful. Life how we once knew it on Planet Earth is changing deeply. As you surrender to the deep Agape Love within that you and your true Beloved God Flame, your true Divine Counterpart share deeply and purely as One, you allow a further awakening to the beauty of your true and shining Life to unfold. This is true Life… and it is sooo deeply and purely beautiful! With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

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Beautiful Art at beginning of post ~ Eternal Love by Paul Heussenstamm

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