Divine Eternal Marriage

Your Eternal Beloved lives & breathes deeply within you by Antiera-Jessibiah

Deep & intimate union is as close as your very breath. Do you recognize how much your Beloved God (or Goddess) Flame, your true Divine Counterpart, lives and breathes deeply within you. He (or she) lives within your very breath, your very heartbeat, the whole of your existence, for the two can never be separated but live eternally linked and forever as One in a glorious & beautiful merging of Life Eternal.

Your breath can powerfully and intimately bring you instantly into deep oneness with your Beloved Flame and can be a powerful source to take you Home to Paradise, to enter powerful states of God/Goddess Consciousness Being, where your Love & Life is Eternally One.  Even if your Eternal Flame resides in a higher dimension, through your breath you can Be with your Beloved deeply, beautifully, sensually and intimately in a beautiful and instantaneous connection of deep and pure Agape Love. This is only one of the many ways to connect in deep oneness with your Beloved Eternal Flame in a deeply beautiful and intimate way. For you live & breathe deeply forever as One. With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥ Wishing you a beautiful radiant day in the new earth vibration of Paradise ♥

Passion IV Edenart by Ines Honfi (2)Beautiful Eden Art by Ines Honfi

“His breath vibrates in yours, in your voice. It is the breath of God that you breath — and you are unaware of it” ~ Theophilus of Antioch ♥