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Blossoming into Full Reunion by Antiera-Jessibiah

How can you even begin to describe the higher vibration of sensuality & Divine Sexuality that exists in deep union with your Beloved God Flame at the God/Goddess Consciousness Level of Creation.

As the new energies awaken on the earth and many dive into the depths of their being, we recognize the limitations that had been taught about the ideas of God. We begin to experience something so deeply different, so deeply pure, so radiantly alive and so deeply sensual in a new and higher vibration of sensuality and a deeply higher and more pure consciousness of Divine Sexuality. Who ever taught us that we are God Consciousness Beings, that we have our own unique God & Goddess Essence, our own unique Christ Essence. And that this, our God/Goddess Essence is in such a deep & beautiful sensual Holy Divine Marriage and Union.

Truly this is not even something that can be taught, but has to be lived and experienced as you delve deeply into your own beautiful and unique Heart of God.

For myself as these experiences in the God/Goddess Consciousness began to deepen, I would at times find myself doubting if I could have the courage to live this purpose on this earth plane, how could I embody and experience this Divine Marriage at the God Consciousness Level, as it is just so deeply different in a beautiful and profound way. These experiences were so deeply different than anything I had ever been taught, or even read about.

These new energies at the God/Goddess Consciousness Level of Creation (the New Earth energies) are growing slowly so we can prepare to embody such deeply powerful and beautifully sensuous heavenly energies. We have needed this time to adjust to these new vibrations. Full union is so much more than we all even imagined it to be. Like a beautiful eternal rose, we are all blossoming into full reunion with our Beloved God Flame… we are all becoming our own unique God/Goddess in form, in a true heavenly sensuous Divine Marriage that has lasted for Eternity, the appearance of two Bodies, but deeply One Flesh, One Consciousness for Eternity. We are each so blessed with the new consciousness of a New Dawn emerging ~ With Love for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah


Deeply beautiful artwork, Artist Unknown

“In total union, no separation is possible. The Soul remains perpetually in that center with her God” ~ Teresa of Avila, from The Interior Castle