Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

The beautiful flow & motion of our New Bodies, as Heaven merges deeply with Earth ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah

From the deep stillness of the Divine Masculine God Essence springs forth the beautiful motion and flow of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence, bringing to life their deep Paradise as One. 

This deep, beautiful flow & motion is deeply different from the movement experienced here on this Earth Realm at this current time.  From what I have experienced with my Beloved Jessibiah, his Body moves in a deep perfection and pure grace.  It is deeply beautiful & truly beyond words.

As the Heavenly realms of Paradise merge more deeply with earth, we will all experience a deep beauty & grace within the very movements of our New Bodies. Fully connected to Source, movement becomes fluid, graceful and in a state of pure perfection.  True motion springs forth from the deep well of Agape Love within. As Paradise emerges deeply from within, the grace, beauty, flow and motion of the Heavenly realms will be the true movement of our Bodies & Beings.  With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥ 

Upon Infinity Dorina Costras (2)Beautiful Artwork ~  Upon Infinity, A Heaven for Two by Dorina Costras