Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

The Heavenly Garden of deep Agape Love by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

On this earth plane, we often think of fragrances and scents as a part of the outside world around us. But truly, beautiful fragrances & scents are a part of who we truly are. In the depths of Eternal Paradise, each Divine Self (the God & Goddess Essence of the One Soul) radiates naturally with their own unique, beautiful & Holy fragrance.

There is a deep Agape Love beyond words that the Divine Masculine God Self holds deeply for his true Goddess Self, the Love that each holds for the other is deeply powerful & beautiful. Merged deeply as One in true Eternal Marriage, their Love births the beautiful Divine Garden of their Soul, a heavenly Garden of deep Agape Love that surrounds them Eternally in Paradise.

This heavenly Garden is not separate from who they truly are, but is a manifestation of the purity of their Divine & Heavenly Love as One. In the depths of Agape Love… Life & Love are Eternal & Everlasting, where Divine beauty emanates from their God & Goddess Essence surrounding them Eternally in the purity of Paradise.

You are God/Goddess in form, born in the Divine Image of Father God/Mother Goddess. You are returning Eternally to the depths & beauty of your own unique Heavenly Garden of deep & pure Love, where you and your true Divine Counterpart (your God Flame) are merged deeply in a Holy Agape Marriage that is Eternal & Everlasting. ~ Written with Love by Antiera-Jessibiah (previously known as Carolyn & Andy)

Beautiful Eden Art by Ines Honfi
Beautiful Eden Art by Ines Honfi