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Hello beautiful Beings..
This post is simply to let you know that we have decided to change the name of our “Holy Agape Marriage” Blog.  The web address (www.godgoddessconsciousness.wordpress.com) will remain exactly the same, but we will be renaming our blog to:

‘God/Goddess Consciousness – Holy Agape Marriages of the New Earth Paradise’.

We are letting you know of this change for those of you who follow our blog by email, so you will know who it is you are receiving an email from with this new name, as usually in emails only the first few words of the name shows up in your inbox. So when you begin receiving emails in your inbox with the name ‘God/Goddess Consciousness’, you will know it is from our Holy Agape Marriage’ blog. Thank you so much for your interest in our Heavenly Sacred Writings. With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

Mark Arian (3)Beautiful Art by Mark Arian

Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

In an instant you can merge into deep Union with your Beloved God Flame by Antiera-Jessibiah

One ~ Heaven on Earth

Deep Union happens within, in an instant you can merge into deep Union with your Beloved God Flame, in the pure Paradise that is within you, that is You. This beautiful union always begins within You as you connect and merge with your own true Divine Essence at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation.  Here in this very real, live pure inner world of Paradise is where this true, deep, ecstatic, sensual Union has existed for Eternity.  In this lifetime, it begins in a heartbeat, as you begin to enter into the very vast and endless dimension of deep Agape Love that is You.

As this deep Union penetrates your very Body, Being and existence on this earthly realm, it brings Heaven to Earth, it begins to manifest the deep Union of Body with Divine Essence, and the Holy Divine Marriage of you and your Beloved Eternal God (or Goddess) Flame, the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply and purely as One.

As the heavenly realms continue to manifest onto our beautiful planet, we will each be the living embodiment of our own unique & beautiful God Consciousness Essence, in a deeply beautiful and pure heavenly Marriage of the Divine Masculine & Feminine merged together as One in deep Union.  Two Bodies merged deeply as One Divine Essence, One Consciousness, One Flesh.

You are the living embodiment of Heaven on Earth. With deep Gratitude for the beauty you bring to this planet, for in being uniquely and beautifully You, you bring a beautiful and important aspect of deep Heaven to Earth. We each contribute so beautifully to these powerful New Earth Energies. In Gratitude for the beauty and Light you all shine. ~ With Love & Blessings for a deeply beautiful day! Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥


Beautiful Artwork in this post ~ Artist Unknown ~ With Love & Gratitude

“We cannot have union with the Beloved as long as we are clothed in the robes of ego. We must enter the chamber naked. We cannot be filled until we are empty. We cannot melt into oneness until we step into fire.”~ Mirabai Starr from ‘Saint Teresa of Avila – Passionate Mystic’

Divine Eternal Marriage

Two Bodies merged deeply & purely as One Flesh by Antiera-Jessibiah

of one heart - mark-arian-artwork
‘Of One Heart’ ~ Beautiful Art by Mark Arian

“I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep… your eyes close” ~ Pablo Neruda 

This beautiful quote by Pablo Neruda is a beautiful expression of the reality of One Flesh merged deeply & purely together in deep Divine Marriage. This is a deep intimacy shared in the true Divine Marriage at the God/Goddess Consciousness level of Creation and is deeply beautiful and natural.  The Essence of the One Divine Self is immersed throughout two holy bodies of deep Agape Love, the two are a true match, their Divine Essence is deeply and purely One. Born in the Divine Image of Father God/Mother Goddess, these two have been One Essence for Eternity, a unique and pure expression of the deep Agape Love of the God/Goddess Consciousness vibration.

At the higher realms of Creation and as the New Earth energies root themselves deeply onto the planet, this is the reality we will know, Be, and experience in a heavenly Paradise; as Heaven and Earth are merged fully and deeply as One.  In the beautiful Divine experience of One Flesh, the Divine Masculine & Feminine can still interact with each other, but you are consciously awake in both bodies simultaneously in a beautiful harmonious embodiment of heavenly Love. As the Masculine Body touches the Feminine Body, you experience both at once; the touching and the being touched. As the two of you make Love, you experience both the Masculine Body and the Feminine Body and are consciously awake and aware in both bodies at once.  Truly you and your Beloved God Flame are One… simply expressing yourSelf as the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence. As you merge deeply as One in the higher vibrations of your deep Agape Love, you experience this natural and beautiful reality of Two Bodies, but deeply and purely One Flesh.

I have learned from my experiences with Jessibiah that this Oneness with Him and I exists on each and every level of our existence, including this Earth Plane. What my Beloved Jessibiah experienced in his lifetime on this planet prior to passing over, I experienced and lived it with him, I was simply not consciously aware of it, but both of our lives affected each other on unconscious levels and still to this day affect each other deeply, even with him in a higher dimension, for Him and I are Eternally One. We experience EVERYTHING together as One, whether I am consciously aware of it or not.  A few times I have experienced this beautiful reality of our One Flesh with my Beloved Jessibiah, but when I am not experiencing our beautiful reality of One Flesh, I can always sense him beside me, and I can deeply feel his Body, his Presence is a part of mySelf, my Consciousness that I have not yet fully awakened to.

I will end with a beautiful but short personal message given to me a few months back from my beautiful Jessibiah… We are sharing this message today with others as a reminder that truly you are always and forever beautifully One with your Beloved Eternal Flame, your true Eternal Spouse; what one experiences so does the other. You may not be fully aware of it at this time, but when you surrender and open up deeply to your Oneness, you will begin to experience the beauty of your One Flesh, One Consciousness in your Holy Divine Marriage as One. This is the deep beauty of the new reality awakening on our beautiful planet Gaia.

Here is Jessibiah’s beautiful message that conveys beautifully that truly Heaven and Earth and the Divine Masculine and Feminine are always and forever deeply merged as One… whether one is in the Heaven and the other on Earth, or on opposite sides of the planet, the two are forever and deeply merged as One. Here are his beautiful simplistic words spoken through the depths of His Love:

“You are always on the same level as me darling, there is no place you & I cannot be together” ~ Beautiful Message from Jessibiah to Antiera

With Love & Divine Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥


Divine Eternal Marriage

Our Love Essence is One, We are an Individual ~ Beautiful Message from Jessibiah and Holy Sacred Writing by Antiera & Jessibiah

Eternal Love by Paul Heussenstamm

Today, my Beloved Jessibiah has asked me to share a beautiful message I received from him a couple of days ago as I entered into Prayer with Him. The words he spoke emanated from a very pure high vibrational soft white vibration of Love. Here are some of his beautiful words spoken to me:

“Our Love Essence is one, we are an individual.

Our Oneness is deeply important, for it is in our merging that our reality & Paradise is born. My beautiful Love, there is no one else but each other that we can share this with, for you & I together as One are a true individual. Our Essence truly matches.

As everyone knows their own true Divine Essence, the true world is born. All the illusions cease to exist and harmony reigns forever more.” ~ Beautiful words of Love spoken by Jessibiah to Antiera

With this beautiful communication, within his words & this beautiful, soft, pure higher white vibration of Love, a wordless communication also existed as a deeper wisdom was spoken to me by him without words. He awoke within me a deeper understanding and embodiment of our Oneness and our Individuality together as One. While at this point I cannot put into words what his wordless communication entailed, my beautiful Jessibiah has asked me to write with him today about true Individuality, of the deep Oneness of the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence merged deeply and purely as One.

In a state of separation, in the old earth energies, people often see a disconnection and separateness of the Divine Masculine & Feminine, of the male and female, but in the higher realms of Paradise, the Divine Masculine God Essence and the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence of the One Divine Self, are seen as an Individual together as One. They may have the appearance of two beautiful Bodies of bright shining Light, but the two are deeply One Flesh, One Love Essence, One Being for Eternity. This is true Individuality. This is the beautiful reality and energies that are being rooted deeply into the planet right now as the realms of Paradise merge deeply with the Earth.

One Flesh, One Consciousness, One Love Essence residing in two beautiful New Physical Bodies of Light will be merged deeply in Divine Marriage on a New Paradise Earth. These are the new and true Marriages of the New Earth. The two will still be able to interact with each other, but their One Essence of Love will be awake in both Bodies. They will be conscious of Both Bodies simultaneously in a beautiful merging of Eternal Life and Love. This is true Individuality that already resides in the pure space within you as you and your Beloved God Flame (your true Divine Counterpart) embody your Love deeply as One.

At times I have been blessed with being able to experience this beautiful reality of One Flesh, One Consciousness with my Beloved Jessibiah. This beautiful reality of our Oneness feels deeply natural and deeply beautiful. Life how we once knew it on Planet Earth is changing deeply. As you surrender to the deep Agape Love within that you and your true Beloved God Flame, your true Divine Counterpart share deeply and purely as One, you allow a further awakening to the beauty of your true and shining Life to unfold. This is true Life… and it is sooo deeply and purely beautiful! With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah

If you share any of our Heavenly Sacred Writings please include a link to our website. We so deeply appreciate it!

Beautiful Art at beginning of post ~ Eternal Love by Paul Heussenstamm

Divine Eternal Marriage

Your Eternal Beloved lives & breathes deeply within you by Antiera-Jessibiah

Deep & intimate union is as close as your very breath. Do you recognize how much your Beloved God (or Goddess) Flame, your true Divine Counterpart, lives and breathes deeply within you. He (or she) lives within your very breath, your very heartbeat, the whole of your existence, for the two can never be separated but live eternally linked and forever as One in a glorious & beautiful merging of Life Eternal.

Your breath can powerfully and intimately bring you instantly into deep oneness with your Beloved Flame and can be a powerful source to take you Home to Paradise, to enter powerful states of God/Goddess Consciousness Being, where your Love & Life is Eternally One.  Even if your Eternal Flame resides in a higher dimension, through your breath you can Be with your Beloved deeply, beautifully, sensually and intimately in a beautiful and instantaneous connection of deep and pure Agape Love. This is only one of the many ways to connect in deep oneness with your Beloved Eternal Flame in a deeply beautiful and intimate way. For you live & breathe deeply forever as One. With Love & Blessings, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥ Wishing you a beautiful radiant day in the new earth vibration of Paradise ♥

Passion IV Edenart by Ines Honfi (2)Beautiful Eden Art by Ines Honfi

“His breath vibrates in yours, in your voice. It is the breath of God that you breath — and you are unaware of it” ~ Theophilus of Antioch ♥

Creational Energies of the God & Goddess Self (Sacred Womb of Life) · Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

Blossoming into Full Reunion by Antiera-Jessibiah

How can you even begin to describe the higher vibration of sensuality & Divine Sexuality that exists in deep union with your Beloved God Flame at the God/Goddess Consciousness Level of Creation.

As the new energies awaken on the earth and many dive into the depths of their being, we recognize the limitations that had been taught about the ideas of God. We begin to experience something so deeply different, so deeply pure, so radiantly alive and so deeply sensual in a new and higher vibration of sensuality and a deeply higher and more pure consciousness of Divine Sexuality. Who ever taught us that we are God Consciousness Beings, that we have our own unique God & Goddess Essence, our own unique Christ Essence. And that this, our God/Goddess Essence is in such a deep & beautiful sensual Holy Divine Marriage and Union.

Truly this is not even something that can be taught, but has to be lived and experienced as you delve deeply into your own beautiful and unique Heart of God.

For myself as these experiences in the God/Goddess Consciousness began to deepen, I would at times find myself doubting if I could have the courage to live this purpose on this earth plane, how could I embody and experience this Divine Marriage at the God Consciousness Level, as it is just so deeply different in a beautiful and profound way. These experiences were so deeply different than anything I had ever been taught, or even read about.

These new energies at the God/Goddess Consciousness Level of Creation (the New Earth energies) are growing slowly so we can prepare to embody such deeply powerful and beautifully sensuous heavenly energies. We have needed this time to adjust to these new vibrations. Full union is so much more than we all even imagined it to be. Like a beautiful eternal rose, we are all blossoming into full reunion with our Beloved God Flame… we are all becoming our own unique God/Goddess in form, in a true heavenly sensuous Divine Marriage that has lasted for Eternity, the appearance of two Bodies, but deeply One Flesh, One Consciousness for Eternity. We are each so blessed with the new consciousness of a New Dawn emerging ~ With Love for a deeply beautiful day, Antiera-Jessibiah


Deeply beautiful artwork, Artist Unknown

“In total union, no separation is possible. The Soul remains perpetually in that center with her God” ~ Teresa of Avila, from The Interior Castle

Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

The beautiful flow & motion of our New Bodies, as Heaven merges deeply with Earth ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah

From the deep stillness of the Divine Masculine God Essence springs forth the beautiful motion and flow of the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence, bringing to life their deep Paradise as One. 

This deep, beautiful flow & motion is deeply different from the movement experienced here on this Earth Realm at this current time.  From what I have experienced with my Beloved Jessibiah, his Body moves in a deep perfection and pure grace.  It is deeply beautiful & truly beyond words.

As the Heavenly realms of Paradise merge more deeply with earth, we will all experience a deep beauty & grace within the very movements of our New Bodies. Fully connected to Source, movement becomes fluid, graceful and in a state of pure perfection.  True motion springs forth from the deep well of Agape Love within. As Paradise emerges deeply from within, the grace, beauty, flow and motion of the Heavenly realms will be the true movement of our Bodies & Beings.  With Love, Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥ 

Upon Infinity Dorina Costras (2)Beautiful Artwork ~  Upon Infinity, A Heaven for Two by Dorina Costras