In the deep Stillness of Winter ~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

The seasons & cycles of our beautiful planet interweave themselves into our very life patterns.  These seasons & cycles reside in our lives and in our ascension process as well. As we connect with and honour these cycles deeply we allow ourSelf to step more radiantly into our true shining God/Goddess Essence.

In the deep stillness of winter resides the deep, pure & nourishing Love of the Divine Masculine God Self. It is in this season of deep nourishing stillness & rest that His very Love penetrates deeply his Divine Feminine Goddess Self. The two are forever One and interweave beautifully together into the very fabric of existence. One cannot exist without the other, but are merged deeply as One for Eternity.

It is only from the deep & nourishing stillness of the Love of the Divine Masculine God Self that New Life & Growth is birthed by the Divine Feminine Goddess Self from this period of deep rest & nourishing stillness.  In these words that are being written, New Life does not necessarily mean the birthing of a baby, but refers to the New Life being birthed in this ascension process, as you birth yourSelf more deeply into your own unique God/Goddess Consciousness.

As we honour these rhythms, cycles & seasons within our own life and ascension process, we connect more deeply to our own Divine God & Goddess Essence.  This pure Essence of deep Agape Love is who you truly are.

The ascension process at times can be very tiring, but when we see this part of the ascension process as a signal of a period of deep, nourishing rest & stillness, the process becomes one of deep beauty.  If you carry the Divine Feminine Goddess Essence, and you experience times of exhaustion on this ascension process, begin to find within this period of tiredness the deep Agape Love that you are being penetrated with by your Divine Masculine God Essence. This is so deeply beautiful.  You are being prepared for New Growth and New Life as you rest in the Stillness of his Deep Agape Love. There is so much Love that resides within these periods of exhaustion and tiredness. When we recognize & feel the core of these deep and nourishing rest periods,  and recognize the deep & pure Agape Love of our own Divine Masculine God Essence that we are being deeply penetrated with, it makes this process one of deep & pure Beauty.  It becomes a deeply personal, intimate and beautiful ascension process.

I hope from these words you find within yourSelf more deeply, the deep connection to your own unique God/Goddess Essence and a deeper connection to Life Eternal.

With Divine Love & Blessings… Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

Zindy S.D. Nielson Peaceful

Beautiful Art by Zindy S.D. Nielson