Divine Eternal Marriage · The New Earth

As the beauty of the Heavenly Realms merge deeply with Earth by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥♥

In the depths of the Soul lives & breathes the beautiful Divine Masculine & Feminine aspects of deep Agape Love united as One.  The beautiful Divine Essence of the God & Goddess Self merged deeply together as One births the new reality of Heaven on Earth.  Each Soul embodies their own unique Essence of the Divine Masculine God & the Divine Feminine Goddess aspects of deep Agape Love as One. The appearance of two Bodies but merged deeply in Holy Agape Marriage for Eternity.   The depths of this beautiful Power of Deep Divine Love has already begun to awaken from WITHIN for many, beginning to merge the beautiful Eternal world of Heaven with Earth. The God/Goddess Flame of the Divine Self merged deeply in a Holy Agape Eternal Marriage is awakening from within, bringing the beauty of heavenly Paradise to the realms of Earth.  Wishing everyone beautiful Blessings of Re-birth as we all soar to the highest realms of Paradise and deep Agape Love, returning Home for Eternity, awakening to Heaven on Earth… In Gratitude for your beautiful contribution to the creation of Heaven on Earth, assisting to return our beautiful planet Gaia to a deep & beautiful Peace.  With Love & Blessings, Antiera- Jessibiah 

Ljubov Toscheva Artwork (2)