Divine Eternal Marriage

The Depth & Pure Beauty of True Intimacy by Jessibiah & Antiera

There is a depth & pure beauty of true intimacy that is only experienced at the highest state of pure Being ~ of the Divine God & Goddess Self in true Holy Divine Marriage. Intimacy in Divine Marriage is deeply Sacred, a bond shared so deeply as One that it is shared only with each other. Deep intimacy exists on many levels & radiates throughout every aspect of this deeply beautiful & pure Eternal Marriage.

Marriage at the highest level of Eternal Paradise consists of a deep merging as One, an embodiment of Being where EVERYTHING is shared in Marriage as One. It is a blending & merging of your Divine God Essence & your Divine Goddess Essence at such deep & intimate levels that your entire Marriage & Life is lived on the deepest & purest levels of bonding, intimacy and pure Oneness.  It is in the depths of embodying & BEING your deep Agape Love that true & deep intimacy lives & breathes in the depths of your God & Goddess Self as One.

At the core of your Being, of your deep Agape Love, of your Divine Marriage as One with your Beloved God Flame you experience the depths of deep, true & pure intimacy… it is the bond of your life together as One embodying your God & Goddess Self merged deeply as One.  Two Bodies, but One Divine Essence, One Aura, One Being enveloped in the vibration of pure and deep Agape Love.   With Love, Jessibiah & Antiera

Mark Arian (2)

Beautiful Art by Mark Arian